Every summer, dozens upon dozens of guides, report seeing the figure of a lonely scout, walking along the banks of the Willow River. Some have reported her walking along the rocky stream bed of Trout Brook, others have seen her swimming under a full moon. Yet others have spotted her at dust, walking along the sandy shoreline of Lake Pocahontas.

Though the location varies, a few key facts remain the same. For one the girl is always a blonde hair, blue eyed scout. Two, she always appears wearing an old, outdated scouts uniform. Three, she appears soaked to the bone. And four, she always seems to help people in need.

Many who counter her, never give her a passing glance. It's not till later, sometimes years later that the truth dawns on them, they happen upon the lost spirit of Crystal Mary Shelly. The fabled "Lost Scout" of Camp Pocahontas.

She often appears during the "Fishing Rodeo". A yearly event that has become a much cherished tradition among the scouts. As it happens, she reported more and more in the days leading up to the event. Her phantom form is often seen, wondering one of the many streams and brooks that lead to the source of the River Willow, a deep, perfect circle of ice cold water called "Fairy Pool" on the official government sponsored maps. But also called "Crystal's Pool" to all the scouts and staff.

The legend behind "Crystal's Pool" and the appearance of the phantom walking along the streambeds and sandy shores lays in the tragic life of a young girl called Crystal Mary Shelly. Crystal as she was called, had just finished everything required for her "Fishing Badge" and was finally allowed to take part in the "Fishing Rodeo".

The morning of that day broke clear and cool. Twenty three scouts, where heading toward the various brooks, creeks, rivers and such that were marked for fishing. Crystal, feeling bold, thought that the biggest fish would be found, not in many waterways, but in a hidden pool. This hidden pool was the source of the Willow River and was hidden deep in the woods.

And with that thought in mind, she started down the long, winding trail that would take her to the pool. Along the way she tried her luck, despite a dozen or so bites, and a dozen or so strikes, she only managed to land one, tiny little trout. Signing, she pocket the trout in her wicker basket and started toward the pool, hoping to catch a bigger fish.

The day thus far had been some kind of hot. When she finally reached the pool, her light cotton blouse had stuck to her chest, and her hair hung down loose around her eyes. Tiny dots of sweat dotted her forehead. Tire, worn down and slightly depressed, she ventured toward the pool, the cool, deep blue water looked so inviting that before she could catch herself, she found herself discarding her fishing gear and wadding into the pool.

Crystal did not appear that night for the results. Some less charitable scouts thought she might have chickened out, since the one who caught the smallest fish was normally given a good gunging. Others thought that maybe, just maybe she got herself lost and was still in the woods. Nobody really worried about her, till the roll call the next morning revealed that Crystal was AWOL.

The scoutmaster at the time, Elizabeth "Dragon" Grace Jailer, quickly organized a search party. From end of the camp to the other, girls in pairs of threes and fours searched the brush. They covered every inch of the commonly traveled trails and footpaths. From sun up to sun down they searched, calling her name. Through nobody answered. As the sun set on the first day, the scouts retired to their cabins to rest and regroup.

Morning brought tragic news. A local woodsmen who had been employed to help with the search, had found Crystal's lifeless body washed ashore at Fairy Pool. The girl's body was recovered. A burial service was performed at the camp's chapel. Fr. Owen Joy performed the mass in honor and a small plague was placed by the pool to serve as a warning to all. Shortly after she was laid to rest.

A few months after she was laid to rest. Scouts started to report seeing a phantom girl, walking along the stream beds and along the rivers. The phantom was once spotted strolling along the sandy shores of the lake, and so the Legend of Crystal was born. And though the rule of the "Dragon" has passed, Crystal still remains. And shall remain for all times. Till the end of time, for as long as there scouts, there shall be a Crystal.

The End