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"I can't believe you're almost done here Jie. I'm going to miss you when you are in Britain." Zan said, holding Jay's hand as the two walked through the gate of the school. This had become normal for them to do in the mornings. It was Jay's last school day in China and they weren't looking forward to saying goodbye. Zan had walked them to school everyday for the past week. They weren't afraid of their relationship since Jay could easily pass as male as long as no one checked down there. In fact, most students were certain they were male because of Jay's appearance but there was still a few that suspected Jay of being female.

"I'll have to find a social media our countries have in common." Jay wrote on their whiteboard and showed it to Zan, who let out a giggle in response. The aura surrounding the two quickly changed once they reached the floor where the classroom was. Haydn and Aeron were outside which was odd because the two normally arrived around fifteen minutes before Jay and Zan. It seemed as though the two were having an argument which was also out of the ordinary since they seemed quite content with each other when Jay left the apartment that morning.

"Something wrong?" Zan asked, curious as to why Aeron and Haydn were standing outside the classroom arguing. Whatever it was, Haydn seemed to be angry about it. While Aeron tried to tell Zan that it was nothing, Haydn suddenly snapped at her.

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ZAN!" He yelled, breathing heavily afterwards because of his breathing problems. Zan stumbled back in shock. She wasn't used to being yelled at - especially not by another student. She started trembling on the verge of tears. Haydn sighed, rubbing his neck in embarrassment after he realized what he had done.

"I'm sorry. I just...don't want to talk about it right now. We can talk later." He apologized.

"Méi guān xi, (It's okay (or literally, don't lose face.)) Haydn. Just be careful of your temper. You're lucky I'm not a teacher. Let's just go into the classroom." Zan said, trying her best to be humble. Aeron nodded, opening the door for everyone. Once they entered, students started whispering. Jay chose to ignore it since they were used to people whispering and spreading rumors - especially about them. They sat down in their usual spot and class started shortly after.

Second period had started - which consisted of biology - and a strange noise came from the hallway. Bai entered the room on crutches. Jay assumed that was what everyone was whispering about since Bai hadn't been at school for a whole week after the incident. The only people that reportedly visited him were Zan and his parents. Bai swiftly apologized and hobbled over to his seat. He mainly had injuries on his right side, where the car had hit him. His leg appeared to be broken as well as his left arm. He also appeared to have sustained an injury to his neck since he was in a neck brace. Overall, his body was in bad shape and he had some bruises and scars to go along with his broken bones. Jay wanted to say something to him but they didn't know what.

Should I apologize? No, I did nothing wrong, right? Do I tell him what Zan told me? I mean, it's possible he overheard so would it change anything? Jay started thinking, hoping to make Bai see them as a friend and not the person who took his best friend/crush away from him. Zan noticed the look on Jay's face and put her hand on their shoulder. Zan gave them a nod before shifting her focus back onto the teacher.

Break time came about and Zan quickly pulled both Bai and Jay to one side in the yard. Jay was still panicking over what to say to Bai. Bai, on the other hand, didn't hesitate to ask Zan what was going on.

"I love you both very much - you as a friend and Jay as a lover - and I want you two to get along. So talk." Zan explained, pulling out her phone and leaning on a nearby tree. There was a few minutes of silence that went by with Zan looking up every minute as though she was sending a signal for the two to speak to each other. Bai eventually cleared his throat and began speaking in his usual broken English.

"I am...sorry to make you two worry. I was selfish and arrogant. I am very sorry." Bai explained, looking down towards the ground in shame. Jay took out their whiteboard and was about to write an apology themself when Bai suddenly grabbed the whiteboard.

"Talk...please...I want to hear your voice." Bai said, looking Jay in the eyes. Zan took her eyes off her phone and stared at the two in shock. Jay wasn't sure what to say themself and instead just stood there, silent. Eventually, Jay had the courage to say one thing.

"I'm sorry." Jay cried before running away. They felt intense anxiety. Their heart was racing, their limbs trembling and their head was dizzy as ever. Jay wasn't sure if they were going to pass out, vomit or both. I want to go home, I want- Jay train of thought came to a halt when they felt themself being pulled with two familiar arms. Jay burst out crying when Zan pulled them close into a hug, trying to soothe them as best as she could.

"It's okay Jie...but...if you can talk, why not sooner?" Zan asked, pushing Jay away to look them in the eyes.

Jay trembled as they spluttered out "P...T...S...D". It was unbearable to talk. It was like they were back it that moment when they were hit with that motorcycle. Jay fell forwards into Zan's chest as they sobbed. Bai looked to Zan in confusion even though she was obviously confused herself since she took out her phone to look up what Jay was talking about. Zan's eyes widened and she showed the phone to Bai with the Chinese translation of what Jay had just said.

"It's okay, Jie. I'm here if you need me. We will talk about it more later but we have to go back in now." Zan said, stroking Jay's hair as she spoke. Jay nodded and pulled away from their girlfriend. The group headed to the classroom where they were met with a surprise.

Haydn and Aeron had been standing outside the classroom for a while, as though they were waiting to be the last ones in. There was no teacher since it was study time and the students were usually trusted to study on their own. Aeron and Haydn walked in doing something that shocked everyone, holding hands in front of the entire class. Students started whispering again and that's when Jay copped on - something must have happened that morning that exposed the relationship between the two. The suspence was killing everyone but Aeron and Haydn waited until the whispers had died down before either of them spoke.

"Alright, since you're all quiet now. It has become public knowledge to some of you that we are in a relationship. That is true." Haydn announced. The other students started whispering more with no clue whether or not they were about positive or negative things. Once the whispers died down, Aeron started speaking, taking out a piece of paper.

"This note here was given to me by another student this morning. I wanted to just say I have a boyfriend and make a small joke about it at the same time. My dumbass ended up outing both me and Haydn. So here's your explanation. We met in the Chinese class that sent us over here and I have always had a crush on him. One day, while we were alone in this classroom, I told him about it and we became a couple." Aeron explained.

"We know some of you may be against this. We decided since this is our last day that, we would be okay. I'm sor-" Haydn was in the middle of trying to tell everyone something when he started crying. He was trying his best to hide it but he had never felt so ashamed and humiliated. Jay knew they had to do something to reassure their friend. Jay gently got up and walked to the front of the classroom. They took out their whiteboard and with that in one hand and Haydn's hand in the other, Jay held the whiteboard up to reveal that the whiteboard said "I stand with them." to the whole class.

Zan soon joined, walking to the other side to hold Aeron's hand to show her support. Bai also got up and grabbed onto Jay's whiteboard. He was followed by more and more students who stood on either side of the couple. Haydn started crying again. Not because of shame or humiliation, but because he had never received this much love and support from anyone in his life before. A couple of students had their own whiteboards like Jay. Some wrote that the same message Jay wrote on their whiteboard while other gay and lesbian couples held them up together to show that they were the same as Aeron and Haydn. It was a beautiful moment that lasted from the beginning to the end of study time.

Aeron, Haydn and even Jay made a few more permanent friends that day. Haydn and Aeron made the most new friends while Jay was only really asked by a few people about Haydn and Aeron. Jay did have a few students asking what their gender was and when Jay told them that they were nonbinary, some asked for pronouns while others told them about their own gender identities.

At the end of the day, Jay was socially exhausted and their hand was hurting from all the writing. Jay was still nervous about talking but agreed to meet Zan at the hospital the next day but not for their usual classes. It was instead for something much bigger.

"I'm sure you're excited to go back to Britain Jie. Bai wanted me to give this to you. I told him your favourite colour is yellow. He made these for Haydn and Aeron as well." Zan said, handing three boxes to Jay. Jay opened the one with their name on it to reveal a paintbrush that was painted yellow with purple spots on it. The tag also had a small note written for Jay.

"Wǒmen kěyǐ zuò péngyǒu" (We can be friends (I don't know if this is correct - I used google translate. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)) was written in Bai normal cursive handwriting. Jay then opened the other two boxes to reveal rainbow painted paintbrushes that were for Haydn and Aeron. Jay told Zan that they were sure Haydn and Aeron would love them and place them in their backpack for safekeeping.

"Before you go, Jie, I want to know more about you. Can you please tell me about your childhood?" Zan asked, holding Jay's hand in hers.


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