"A guy who bought a old house he was exited to have a new home. He arrived at his house and said "I love this new home and put his objects and furniture there" but that night there was a scream. He was haivng a nice dream about flowers and hot sexy women so he was awoke with a fright. So he whent up staris investigate because this were scream came from but than he was attacked by ghouls, ghosts and goblins who tried to take him away. "OH MY HOD NOOOO" he yelled and ran out into the night and into his car and drove of. He never returned to that house and he dyed a mouth later. He dyed when he wwas taken to a hospital compaling about bad dream and not sleeping well they treid to get him to well but they cold not and he was the dead. Than A photo was taken of his body at the point of deaf while there was nobody in the room and it showed a figure over his body. The hospital staff were shocked at this so anyalised it and with some cleaning up of the photo it was shown that the figure was of the SAME MAN! This was cause a huge shock and it was reported to profical expret pepole to try and find the meaning of this mystery so it could be solved. But that night The hospital he dyed at later burned to the

"Later My freinds have they had a photo taken infront of an old house they were doing this for hallowen because it is a scary old house and pepole dont go there and if you ask for direction to it noone will tell you. They used an old camera cause they wanted to set the mood and make more creepy they lined up against the house near a darkened window. They tired to take photo but the camare broke and there was a blood curdling cream and more screams. They tried to revoered the photos by printing them but The only file that was recovered was of the photo infont of the house and in the house there was glowing blood red eyes that chills the soul. Pepole did like to look at the photo and those that loked at whould have nightmares. One of mah freinds even got a monk to come and bles tere house and he sayed that he had never seen such evil. Evil wispers would come from the photo at night and it had to be locked in a room so that none could be bothered by it. THan The photo later caught fire and was destasroyed.

"We think that house was the same house that man went to and was chased out by those monsterous creatures and none of my friends will go back there incase they might see those eyese agains and heard that cream that haunts the mind and sole. We should have listerned to that crasy old man who told us not to go near there cause it is a bad house and is not very good.