in the center of the city there stood a plum tree whose flowers were in bloom; white and rose that day they attracted the attention of whoever walked by; that day in the morning a girl that was walking by the tree took her camera and began to make photos; later on a mother with her child was passing by and her child was pointing at the tree; the mother took the child in her arms and he began taking some flowers from the plum tree; any passerby that passed by the plum tree turned their heads and looked at its white and rose flowers; in the middle of the day a young couple stopped and sat by the plum tree; the boy took some little flowers from the tree with care not to harm the tree and gave the flowers to the girl who admired the beauty of the plum tree; time after time would be heard voices of the people who seeing the plum tree would say to each other 'oh this plum tree is in bloom now' 'oh look isn't it beautiful'/p