Dark is the Night, as Strong as Flight

Sing to me beyond control, little SHENNA

I need me some wings of flight

Where did you go?

I must paste them on you…

Everyone I know!


I love you beyond control

That's something that show

Not just by the words I speak

But by actions that glow!


I have material possessions

Too many to name

They don't last too long, although

I have me something extraordinary.

Too good it seems wrong, of course

To feel happy in this life

On this messed up Earth

I lead like a sheath of bows

Rain will fall on those


That clip me from beyond

Barely from here

Here, to hear, this world I know

So sweet that makes me sick

Sick, so sick, it hurts me


To be from home, from home

Away from this world I conceive

Truth, the truth, I know because

It sings to me the blues, the blues

As bright as raven's wings

Skin that sparkles, too.


Beautiful, beautiful creation

Fight, and breathe, for me.