(Really, just a big author's note but does contain important stuff.)

The tales and world of Dosjorya, a four-year long project that finished in 2018, came about years ago as my next long story, and really my first real story (and the first story that I wrote that I have kept). From these long years my writing skills evolved to the point where I feel confident in sharing them with others. As such these tales hold a lot of meaning to me.

However, as my writing evolved, the plot of Dosjorya also evolved and twisted and no longer makes sense in places. Inconsistencies abound, some elements seem placed for the sake of writer convenience (and they were, in part), the quality of the work is poor in the beginning, and gaps rear their ugly heads as I decided to skip boring parts so that I did not lose my motivation to write. I told myself I will fill them in when I begin to rewrite. Yeah, as I write this almost two years after finishing, that still has not happened.

Throughout I ignored the story for great lengths, not writing or in the latter stages choosing instead to write the roots of my current long-winded project, The Prophecy of Shadow series. After some time, I started referring to my book of notes, jotting down important stuff as I write to try to minimize inconsistencies as well as put down ideas for the plot. Little by little, until the end where I wrote large amounts at a time out of excitement, the story got written and completed.

Four long years of work, thought, and emotion. Now merely sitting in two 2-inch binders, handwritten, away from the spotlight.

What a shame.

I have other things I wish to work on, not just writing. And in writing I have turned my full focus on the Prophecy of Shadow books. But because of that, the much needed Dosjorya rewrite will be delayed yet more, perhaps indefinitely.

One day though, I decided I will type up little chunks of it. Give you, the reader, a taste of this long project. Perhaps one day I will return to this vast, complex world I built, sift through my notes, gaze at my halfway decent drawings and maps, read through the plot and take notes for where I need to edit and for what. Then one day begin to write the second draft. Or maybe call it the first real draft, and call this current one a proto draft, or something. But until then these tiny glimpses are all I will work on.

My hope is that you will enjoy reading of the world of Dosjorya as much as I enjoyed writing about it. I hope that my writing this world will not be in vain, that enough of this content is posted that I no longer feel sad about not yet rewriting it. I hope that a world my mind has spent so much time in can come to life for others to enjoy.

Because all these short stories will be out of context from the plot as a whole, I will add extra information not found in the original scene in author's notes so that you will not be so lost. I will also note which of the three sections of the plot each story belongs to, as the plot is long enough and easily broken into three pieces, three as yet unnamed books.

As much as I want to write these tales in order to their relative places in the original story, the last half of the work is what I might focus on the most and earliest. The beginning and middle sections, though important, are proof of my once atrocious writing ability and do not drive the story forward quite as much as they merely set things up for the primary conflict. In a true rewrite I may skip them entirely, adding only bits as needed for world building. But that is later on. For now, I will post new tales at the end, regardless of order, then after a week or so rearrange them to their relative position. This will lead to spoilers being revealed earlier than intended, but the only way to prevent that is to rewrite this the proper way.

I want to note that a vast majority of these pieces shall be suitable for most typical readers of the fantasy genre; however the original work does include some extra violent scenes that could be considered mature (no love scenes, though; I do not write those). If I choose to include any of these, the whole work will be marked as mature, but I will also label the chapters that deserve this mark, so that readers may choose to skip them but still enjoy the rest of the work.

And so, I welcome you to Dosjorya.