The French Vanilla Fantasy




6pm in the Rosebud house was the time when everyone returned from their daily missions and retired to their rooms. Considering that during this time, the house was almost dead silent, Sonya preferred to use this opportunity to hang out in the common area and listen to her music. Sonya has just returned from a mission in Amsterdam, to which she had to commercial. Her body always felt sore after the mission and flying back on coach did not help.

Earlier this morning, Sonya had a clear day to which she was going to dedicate learning new Bee Boo (Tik Tok) dance moves. She set up a filming location, an outfit and introduction to the video she was going to record. It was when she hit play, her turquoise-colored iPhone buzzed to which it fell to the ground. She immediately answered as her phone only buzzed in time of an emergency. "Sonya."

"Darling, I know I promised you a day off but I need you to do me a little favor." Pussy Galore shrieked with a thick German accent on the other end of the phone.

Sonya sighed. "Yes, mother. What is it?"

"We have an incident in Amsterdam. It's not a small one, but rather catastrophic. There's a Lagerfeld show, you see, and the SSPB have infiltrated the building and holding the people hostage. Including my dear friend Karl as well. I need you to stop those illegitimate fighting squad and save the people."

Sonya had always hated the SSPB (Super Sassy Pink Bureau) as they had been the main antagonists throughout the existence of the French Vanilla Fantasy Corporation.

"What about Chrissy? Can't she do it?"

"Chrissy is recruiting, my darling. I need you. You must do the job. The fate of Chanel, Fendi and Lagerfeld lies in your hands!"

Sonya always knew the laws of the Rosebud House; the moment you sat down for rest, is the moment mother called you for a mission. "Okay, what about transportation?"

"Ah, you see, Chrissy is using the Rose-Mobile, so you will fly." Pussy said in a dramatic tone.

"Fly? We have gadgets for that?"

"No, child. Commercial airline. I took the liberty to booking you tickets. Auf wiedersehen!" The call was disconnected and Sonya proceeded to get into gear.