i stretch my hands out to you,

as if you could save me from drowning, as if
you could pull me free from quicksand.

i stumble, often, and need such caretaking,
reminders of medicine and brushing teeth,
your hands wrinkled from washing my hair
while you sneeze at the smell of coconuts.

as if you are my hero, i call to you,

my voice insistent in its need,
i wait for your decisions as mine are suspect
and prone to selfishness. i aim my thoughts
your way and wait, wait, until you are wrapped
entirely around me, every thorn of my heart
caught in your skin, so that distance only
results in painful separation.

desperate, i whisper your name,

you come to me with concern, do

i need something? am i hurt? i have
always yearned to be the center of
someones universe, and here i am,
the center of yours, spinning rapidly
spitting out appeals to your strength,
love me, i demand, love me, i plead

my fingers tip-toe across yours,

feeling each line in your palm and
telling you the story they lay out,

i have captured your attention and
cannot give it up, so i make myself
unusual, complicated, a mess, because
you need someone to take care of-

it might as well be me.