Two years have passed since Linda's first transformation that cast her off to the Nightmare Realm. She has held quite a grudge at Jeremiah ever since he abandoned her to wither away in the Nightmare Realm. She hopes to one day cross over to the real world to get her revenge. A dark, sinister version of Jeremiah walked up to her.

"Hey there, beautiful," greeted Dark Jeremiah.

"Hello. What are they serving for dinner, tonight?" asked Linda.

"Pickles, as usual," answered Dark Jeremiah.

"Yuck, I hate pickles," stated Linda.

"That's why they keep serving it," said Dark Jeremiah.

"I just wish that I could leave the Nightmare Realm and punch Jeremiah in the face. After all, I just don't belong here."

"I wholeheartedly agree. So what if you transform into a big, scary, and hirsute carnivore during nights of the full moon? You're still too pretty to be here."

"Thanks. But, that still doesn't help me."

"I can't help you escape. However, I can help you get revenge at Jeremiah."

"I'm listening."

"Just go to Devil's Maze tonight. The path will adjust itself so you can get to the very center. Afterwards, just wait there and you will be able to get your revenge."

"Alright, then. But, if he's not there, I'll make you plummet to your doom."

"Don't worry I'm no buffoon. Besides, I can't fly or levitate. So, I would be spelling out my own doom if I did that."

"Well, it's a good thing for you that you're smart enough to realize that."

"Well, see you tonight, baby."

Linda's hand transformed into a hand of a werewolf (claws included) and she slashed at Dark Jeremiah with it. She held the claws up to Dark Jeremiah's throat.

"Don't ever call me baby, again," warned Linda.


Her hand turned back to normal and she walked away.

Meanwhile in Sector 17 of the real world,

Jeremiah is currently training in the Superheroes simulator. He just beat Lv. 70. That level really took it out of him. The Simulator deactivated.

"Ok, Tech Boy. Load up the next level. I'm ready for it," faltered Jeremiah.

A screen appeared which showed Tech Boy's face and he spoke, "I don't think so, Jeremiah. You're getting too haughty for your good. Heck, you had to use Turbo Form to get through that level."

Turbo Form is a form where Jeremiah turns into a big blob of blue slime giving him maximum flexibility plus a massive power increase.

"Tech Boy, have you been reading the dictionary, again?" asked Jeremiah.

"Isn't the dictionary great? They should make it into a movie," babbled Tech Boy.

"Oh sure. I can see it now. Dictionary A-K the Movie," joked Jeremiah.

"Oh har har har. That was so funny I forgot to laugh," said Tech Boy.

"Will you two stop kidding around? Besides Jeremiah, you have no room to talk. I see you reading the dictionary all the time," asserted Tech Girl.

"However, my dictionary is different. It's the Standard Superhero dictionary written completely in superhero code. So far I'm on demure," stated Jeremiah as he got out the Standard Superhero Dictionary.

"You already know which word I'm on," bragged Tech Boy.

"Well, it looks like I beat you both. I'm on orange in my dictionary," bragged Tech Girl.

"Will you two just load up the next level before you beat each other up?" whined Jeremiah.

"Fine. Fine. Just give us a minute."

Tech Boy got out a file labeled "Linda the Werewolf", dragged it over to the simulator files, and converted it into a new level called Lv. Nightmare.

"What are you doing?" whispered Tech Girl.

"Getting rid of his haughty attitude. You see, I hacked his nightmare files, which had the hardest firewall ever to crack. He's definitely no novice anymore at programming. Plus, he put a different password for each individual file. Which is complete overkill. Anyway, this will scarce the living daylights out of him," whispered Tech Boy.

"And he'll kill you for it, later," whispered Tech Girl.

"Oh, be quiet. Besides, I got that covered," whispered Tech Boy.

The computer started booting up the level.

"Loading Level Nightmare," said the computer.

"Level Nightmare? I never heard of that level," said Jeremiah.

"It's a bonus level you unlocked for completing levels 50-70 without taking a break," said Tech Boy.

"Oh. Ok. Bring it on!" said Jeremiah.

The level got done loading. Jeremiah was suddenly in some sort of foreboding playground in the middle of the night.

"Odd place for the simulator to put a fight at. I'm guessing this is to show how fights can happen in the most unexpected of places. But, this place seems so familiar. Where have I seen this place before?" wondered Jeremiah.

Suddenly, a little girl walked out of nowhere. She said, "Be afraid. Be very afraid." Jeremiah recognized the little girl.

"No. It can't be. Linda? Is that you?" shivered Jeremiah.

"Be afraid. Be very afraid," echoed Virtual Linda.

The full moon revealed itself in the simulation. She started transforming. She grew big enough that her clothes ripped. Fur grew on her entire body. Her face changed. She completed her transformation into a werewolf. She started her attack on Jeremiah. Jeremiah screamed. His Sonic Scream overloaded the simulator causing the control pad and part of the simulator to explode. The simulation was terminated.

"That was no bonus level. Tech Boy!"

Tech Boy was gone and there was writing on the wall that read, "Tech Girl did it. Not Tech Boy, who clearly didn't write this on the wall."

"Tech Girl!" exclaimed Jeremiah.

"It was clearly Tech Boy who wrote that on the wall," pointed Tech Girl.

"It couldn't have possibly been Tech Boy. The wall says that he didn't write it on the wall," said Jeremiah.

"Did I mention that he's stealing your money right now so he can get on the next plane to Canada?"

"Why would he do that? He's clearly not guilty."

Tech Girl thought, "I can't believe this kid. Is he really that much of an idiot? Well, I better go and fetch him before he makes it to Canada. Besides if I stay here, Jeremiah will kill me."

"I better go and get Tech Boy before he makes it to Canada. See you later," said Tech Girl.

"Bye. You're still dead when you get back," waved Jeremiah.

Tech Girl left.

Later in the Nightmare Realm,

Linda is making her way to Devil's Maze just as Dark Jeremiah instructed. She just made it there. As Dark Jeremiah said, the maze formed a straight path to the center. She walked into the very center of the maze. When she got there, she saw Dark Jeremiah talking to some freaky doll. Dark Jeremiah saw that his client was here and asked the freaky doll to leave. Which he did.

"I'm glad you could make it, Linda. I was just discussing other matters with another one of my clients. That doll you saw is another one of my clients," explained Dark Jeremiah.

"Cut the chit-chat and skip to the part where I get my revenge," said Linda while cracking her knuckles.

"In due time, my dear. In due time. Now, here is the rest of the plan. Wait here for Jeremiah to show up. When he falls asleep in the real world, I'll fling him over here to the Nightmare Realm in the center of Devil's Maze. Right when he gets there, start talking. A minute later, the full moon will reveal itself invoking a transformation. Afterwards, you can do whatever you want to him. Just make sure that you scare him so much that he pees his pants," explained Dark Jeremiah.

Linda laughed and agreed, "Will do."

"I must get going. Jeremiah will fall asleep any moment, now, and I got to do my part. Have fun getting your revenge."

"Oh, I will."

Meanwhile in the real world,

All the training he did earlier on the simulator has really worn him out. Tech Boy and Tech Girl haven't returned yet from the airport. Jeremiah thinks that they are trying to kill each other, again, because they got into a really big argument over there. Jeremiah decided to just go to sleep because there is no telling when they'll get back. He went to sleep.

In his dream, he was in the center of Devil's Maze. He had no idea where he was or why he was there.

"Where am I? What am I doing here?" cried Jeremiah.

"You're here to pay for casting me off to the Nightmare Realm to rot," stated Linda who came out of the shadows.

"Linda? Is that you?"

"I see that you remember me. That's good. It will make this a whole lot more entertaining."

"Make what more entertaining? What are you going to do?"

"Get my well-deserved revenge on you. Don't you know? Today is the anniversary of when I transformed into that horrible monster. I was hoping you would understand and would still love me anyway. Apparently, I was wrong. You deserted me after that night, and I could never forgive you for that."

"What this love stuff you keep talking about? Aren't we just friends or something?"

"Of course, this is so typically of you. You were always slow when it came to these kinds of concepts."

"Can you talk English?"

"Forget it. You're not going to get this anytime soon. Right now, let's just focus on getting my revenge."

The full moon revealed itself thus triggering Linda's transformation. Her clothes started ripping off due to her increase in size. Fur started growing all around her body. Lastly, her face changed. Her transformation into a full-fledged werewolf was complete.

"Oh no. Not again. It's happening again. Somebody, HELP!" screamed Jeremiah.

His scream activated his Sonic Scream, which knocked Linda back. At that moment, Jeremiah flashbacked back to Linda's first transformation. He remembered specifically that he never even tried his powers during that time. He tested out his theory with Fire Strike. Fire Strike is a power where a fiery whip that he can hit his opponents with appears. It worked.

"Oh yeah, baby. It looks like this time around, I can defend myself," stated Jeremiah.

"What the heck. How can you do stuff like that?"

"That is a secret on a need-to-know basis only. And you don't need to know."

He attacked with Fire Strike. Linda ducked which caused him to miss by three inches. Linda slashed him in the chest. Now, his shirt has claw marks on it. He attacked with Light Water Sphere. Light Water Sphere is where Jeremiah makes a sphere of water. Then, he infuses light into it. After that, he rolls it like a bowling ball at his enemies. He got a strike. Linda tried sinking her teeth into Jeremiah. He dodged to the side and Fire Punched her. Fire Punch is a power where Jeremiah's hand gets engulfed in flames and he throws a really mean punch at his opponents. It's also good for melting ice off your hand. She got knocked into the wall. Jeremiah closed in with Gale Force Tornado. Gale Force Tornado is where Jeremiah spins at super high speed creating a huge tornado. Linda got caught in the strong wind. She used the wall to rebound off the tornado to hit Jeremiah with her claws. This disrupted the tornado. Jeremiah stomped into the ground causing an earthquake right when Linda landed. The name of this power is actually Earthquake. The ground split itself into two. Linda jumped and kicked him in the gut. Then, she punched him in the face. He lost a tooth in that punch. Dark Jeremiah is watching the whole thing on the top of the maze. The freaky doll is also there with him.

"I believe it's time we end this," said Dark Jeremiah.

He used a trident to puncture a hole in a can of gasoline. It dripped onto the battlefield. Jeremiah attacked with Fire Strike. Linda ducked and it hit the gasoline. Since gasoline is highly combustible, there was a huge explosion. Both Jeremiah and Linda were injured in the explosion. The smoke cleared revealing Linda was back in her human form. She was trembling trying to grasp what happened.

"What happened? That wasn't part of the plan. What the heck happened?"

Clothing appeared in Jeremiah's hand and he walked up to Linda. He handed her the clothing.

"Here, you might need this."

She put it on.

"Why the heck did you do that? After I tried to kill you?"

"Technically, this is a dream. You couldn't have killed me here no matter how hard you tried. The reason being, you can't get hurt in dreams. Besides, your rage was definitely earned. You got nobody to blame for it but me. It was my fault that you're like this," explained Jeremiah.

"Then, why don't you get me out of this place? We could start over from the beginning."

"I don't know how. Besides, you might have gotten too involved with some of the other nightmares for me to even have an impact on that choice. It looks like I'm starting to awaken. I guess I'll see you around."

Jeremiah disappeared.

"Jeremiah! Come back! Don't leave me here!" shouted Linda.

"So, why did you call me here?" asked the freaky doll.

"Oh, I just wanted to show you the effect that your little visit two years ago had on Jeremiah. You turned one of his best dreams into a total nightmare. I also wanted to tell you a bit of your future," explained Dark Jeremiah.

"My future?"

"That's right. You see, the Dream World and the Nightmare Realm are connected to all points in time. Using that connection, I took a little peak into the future. I saw a time where you worked together with Jeremiah. Plus, Linda does succeed in crossing over into the real world. I know because I also saw her attacking Jeremiah in the real world. And guess who made it all of it, possible?"


"That's right. You."

"What else did you see?"

"Jeremiah's future credit card bill. But, that's entirely unrelated. Anyway, consider yourself warned."

Dark Jeremiah left on that note.