Prologue 1 - It's Not the Beginning

" SHHH-Ouch," Millie cries, as she struggles to prevent herself from saying the s-word. An ach arose on the side of her rib when she fell down. Millie flings herself towards the wall for support. She attempts to get up by clenching the book shelf to her right, she tries to resist the strong wind that was flowing to her side, but she fails not much later, she lets it go and falls onto the thin, rocky wall.

Just about an hour ago, Milie never ever had expected this to happen. All she wanted to do was to sit on her couch afterschool and eat some chocolate ice cream with maybe a cherry or two. But everything started to change when Millie heard her little brother scream from his bedroom.

Millie sprinted up the stairs and flung open the door and ran in to see what was going on, she instantly regretted the choice that she made. Her brother was getting sucked into the wall, no kidding, like, literally being absorbed into the wall. She pushed herself towards him and pulled him away from the wall with all her strength. She fails. Before her own eyes her brother had disappeared and been sucked into the wall.

Her eyes couldn't believe it, she told herself it was just Santa and her little brother was just being a bad kid, or it was all a nightmare. Millie backs away in disbelief, she grasps onto the handle and focuses on her breathing, because she was going to faint out if she didn't.

Not that long later she realises that it's not a nightmare and she needs to get him as soon as possible. She glanced at all the possible places

that her brother could have gone to and started wondering where he went. Candyland, the park, neighbour's house, Walmart or literally just

the wall. She thought it would be best to not let her parents know that their son had just been sucked into a wall. But she had no idea where to find him. So she decided her best shot was to cut the wall. She instantly regretted the decision when she cut the wall and all she could see was her neighbours house and Walmart from across the park. Just then, the wall recovered itself. Neighbours stared at her and the wall in shock. All they could do was to just stare at me until the wall was fully repaired. Millie locked her eyes on the wall, she really couldn't believe what just happened.

Just about then, the wind started coming from beside. She turned back to see where the wind was coming, but there was a wall. Then the wind got stronger and stronger, she was slowly pushed toward the wall.

"No, no,no… this isn't real.." Millie whispered to herself.

But just the cold wind welcomed her, she was just being pushed, pushed, and pushed. Just then, Millie grabbed onto the shelf, but just like I told you, she was absorbed into the wall.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH" Millie shouted, but she couldn't see anything. Just like her unpredictable future that's awaiting her.

She moved her shoulders back and forth but it felt like she was swimming in the darkness. She faintly heard her brother's voice echoing from somewhere, but it was pitch black and she was unable to see

anything. Then she felt pain from her feet that was spreading to her arm. She lost consciousness and infinitely fell into the dark.

That's when she realized in her thoughts, she was DEAD