I wonder if others have looked through the looking glass as I have. If others have seen the Fae, or that the Fae interact with the common man. The fact they can disguise themselves to look as humans, yet cause us misfortune. Stealing children or turning straw rotten, they seem to be a curse that God...

"Jesus, fuck all!" was loudly exclaimed in the large renovated school bus as the book sailed across the room before hitting the wall and falling back onto the bed. Much to the dismay of the young woman sitting on the bed.

She gave a weary sigh and shifted slowly. Making her way to the window, the show looked out at the magic particulates that were floating around the RV, subconsciously reminding the woman of her task. Find some missing object for a person who couldn't be otherwise contacted without this unknown item that had no other description than the woman would know it by sight.

"Elves and Fae are still up to their usual games," she sighed and moved forward, sliding off her bed and opening the washer that was just beneath is to toss in her day's dirty clothing.

Naked, she walked to the bathroom and started a hot shower. Ignoring any of the particles that had floated through the walls toward the shower head as the water heated. She sat on the toilet and flipped through the various texts that she had received within the past few hours. As soon as the mirror started to fog, she climbed in. She resisted moaning at the heat of the water. It had been a long day and she had driven approximately one hundred fifty miles throughout the day. She had not stopped except to cook a brief meal or to step back to use the restroom.

But after 2 days of driving, she had reached the target location that had been given to her by the circle that hired her this time. Death Valley National Park in California supposedly had the stolen item. So the woman found herself parked at Stovepipe Wells.

"OK, Eielore, tomorrow, I am going out and finding that... I dunno what it's called..." she trailed off... attempting to give herself a pep talk that left her more depressed.

She looked at her silver hair that stuck around her shoulders down to her waist. The color gave her the urge to dye it, something that she had never done. Eielore had been playing with the idea to dye her natural hair; however, she reminded herself again that if she wanted to change her hair color, then she could just shapeshift. But she also recognized that using her magic and skills was a fast way to get herself kicked out of a Human-only park.

That is how it worked in this world now. Since the realization of the Fae, the world had separated into human and non-human. Laws had been placed to make the separation, and people were required to declare where they stood between the two. Books were written on how to torture and kill. Others of the Fae had been kidnapped by scientists to study their anatomy and abilities so that humans could 'protect themselves.' Even though the Fae had lived alongside them for thousands of years. The Fair Folk had existed before humanity, as it currently existed.

Eielore had watched the exposure of the Fae as it happened in the year 2004. Since then, in the 16 years since the incident, watched as laws were formed to prevent the Fae from certain areas or keep from what the humans called human rights.

Luckily, the United States had not gone back to the way it had been shortly before Eielore's birth. When humans enslaved other humans, and unbeknownst to them, some Elven kind. That blood had mixed down, however, as Elves came to have other children, some mixed and some not.

Eielore had watched all the changes quietly, and her family hid and saved. Gaining the money to live quite well. Then the government created Non-human housing areas. They were the only areas that non-humans could live in. Her family and parents had to move from their pleasant home to a small one-bedroom house, with a little bit of land.

Her parents had since remodeled the home for them to all have their own spaces. Eielore had already moved out, 34 years before the accident. When Fae were still unnoticed. In 2017 she had bought this school bus with money that she made in some test trial for an Elf repellent, and her parents helped her remodel it so that it looked like a home and how she envisioned it.

However, her thoughts turned to that accident...

In 2004, a world outrage as a Fae creature revealed their power in public. They were part of a group that had rebelled against the higher council the Fae in the US had formed to hide their identities. This was to promote peace among the Fae and Humans. After the years of watching humans, it was known that the Fae would never be accepted. Humans were not quick to take others that were different. Then a younger group had gotten in bad with people that pushed for others to accept people equally.

This was not the issue.

The issue was the group attempted to push others to accept people by being aggressive or other forms of assault. Their assault was how they found out that some of the people that they had attacked were younger Fae. Ones that had not reached adulthood yet. The human extremists had accused them of something or other, and they attacked the young ones. One had used their powers. Over time the two groups after that incident became friends, and the young ones had become more violent. They had started a rebellion against the council.

One Eielore almost joined. Till she saw the violence.

Then a youngling killed a human... publicly. On national news.

Then it quickly became international, and all of the Fae were exposed. But since they had been betrayed by violent extremists...

All Fae were considered violent.

This meant that when humans wanted something not entirely legal, they went to Eielore. She gathered the information for the rich if they wanted it on others. Sometimes she took assassination jobs if they paid well enough. But that also meant that Eielore almost exclusively worked for wealthy humans.

Sometimes, if the person was in great need, she helped them also. Whether they were of her kind or not. Sometimes humans who were poor or being abused needed help. Eielore couldn't stand and watch. None of her family could either.

"Jeez, if I knew my thoughts were going to get so dark, I would have just looked at the news reports from then." She mumbled as she turned off the water, having finished her shower and ran the hot water well and truly cold by that point. Stepping out, she wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and walked back to her bedroom area and shut the door behind her. She had noticed some guy peeking through her window, someone who was probably out to smoke a cigarette. Eielore also blamed that on her leaving her blinds up.

She hadn't disguised herself that well that day. Her ears poked slightly out of her hair, but he didn't seem close enough to notice. And she passed by so quickly that the chances he saw were slim, but that did not stop her worry. She grabbed a pair of ripped jeans and a black lace bralette with a corseted front. Drying her hair, she threw it into a ponytail and hid them. Using her shifting magic, she blunted the tops so that were there any questions she could blame the lighting.

Stepping out, the man was still standing there, smoking another cigarette.

"You're an elf bitch. What are you doing here? This is a human-only area," he spat, pulling an object from his pocket, something she suspected was a knife lined with one of the poisons meant for elves. Maybe even the one that she helped develop.

"I'm human. Sorry for the confusion, my windows and lights tend to cause that," Eielore smiled and lifted her hair to show a blunted tip.

"I know what I saw. You are one of them Fae bitches. Now get the fuck back into your little bus and drive off, or I will make sure you're not driving anywhere ever again," he had pulled out a knife. It looked to be iron and definitely coated.

Eielore sighed. There weren't many options to prove that she was human. She had a fake ID, and that would work in a pinch. She also had it for the reservation. Holding out one hand as a peace treaty, she reached around and grabbed her wallet, and pulled out the fake ID before passing it on to the man. Proof she was human. He snatched it and looked it over before shoving it back at her. Eielore pushed it back into her wallet and gave him a polite nod before heading off in the direction that had roughly been given to her. He had grumbled about her being some type of whore.

Maybe he was right; she was a whore. But at least she was a damn good one that did her job.

Not that it mattered to him, she would make sure to never see him. She figured it would be that easy. After she found this item, she would be gone and leave California far behind in her rearview mirror and move on to bigger and better things.

After she visited New York to make sure her parents were OK. Tensions there had been rising between the two, and they had been worried. Neither of them learned shaping powers. This made the area dangerous, and they relied on hiding all their marks. Pretending to be younger than they were as they moved around and only coming out with their ID's if they had to.

A plan that her mother felt would assure their safety.

All the thoughts of what could go wrong swirled in Eielore's head. And before she knew it, she stood in front of a sword that Eielore had seen in books and guides when she was a child. A weapon of the protector of the Annwfn, King of the Tylwyth Teg and Lord of Underworld... Gwynn ap Nudd.

"Well fuck," she grumbled as she gently grabbed the stolen weapon. Turning around, she headed back to the bus and took her hike back, not enjoying the next part of her task. A visit with the king of the fair folk meant a long trek. But she would be leaving California.

She'd never see the man in the

RV next to her again, and she would see her family.

It was almost a dream come true... almost.

She just hoped it would stay that way till her next job. Not worry about some rich asshole or new whack job that was out to make her life hell. She had seen a lot of them. There was a police officer that hated non-humans so much that he chased and framed non-humans for crimes they never committed. That had been 10 years ago, though, and last she heard, he died in a shootout shortly after her renovation of the bus. A family of one of the framed had enough.

Eielore shook her head of the thoughts. She had to start the vehicle and get moving. Enough was enough of this state, and she was ready to go.