Towards the Gate


Don't want to wait forever

Must move towards the gate

Of heaven, to work tirelessly unbinding those

Unfairly being punished by the painful cord of fate.

Tangled in the wires of those who shun and torture their children

Evildoers who will get their just desserts.

Their innocent cries are heard by the powers that be

Stronger than you are alone, this is no fantasy.

No make-believe fairy tale, no aliens are among men.

We are the Guardians of the Galaxy, and I consider you a friend.


No patience to wait forever, because forever never comes

We are living in an endless loop

Of constantly recycled souls.

Karma bound to those you know, yours could be

Beautiful or trash

But one thing's for sure, no one can help you except

Yourself, to make choices, based on what has been told -

Gifts by those you respect.

If you're not learning quick enough, then

Hop back in the bath

I'll remind you why you're here in no time

The fact that you're trapped inside your crystal ball makes me laugh.


Make it last the journey, this path of light

Right, keep us on the good side, with my team in tow

Guiding us together every day, towards greater insight.

Make it bold, make it better, every day's another brick

That I lay upon my mother's home, a new creation she can be proud

To call her own, her tongue in mine, evolving as we speak


I listen to the needs that must be met

For us to all live in compassion, and in perfect harmony

With nature, is what I seek.

I made you for a reason, but you are more than porcelain dolls.

You do your bidding and I do mine

And keep fighting against all odds


That one day I'll come swoop you up

Let you make your own decisions

About the next place you end up

Within the entirety of your next existence

High up here, you can see you're never too far from home

And I'll let you drop bombs that don't make a sound

Peaceful signs, clues to remind you of your voyage

The next time you set off to sea.


My voice is your light, my heartbeat your drum, I send you off on your own

You'll make me so happy to watch

Just for the thrill of a new book, a new story, or some other amazing