I just wanna talk

But I don't think that you'll let me

I don't mind though

I can't make you

So I'll shut up babe

Promise I'll listen good

But you don't want that either

So, okay...

What should I


To help you move

To let you breath


Just want you

To be happy

But happy probably means

No me

So I can go

If that is what you feel is best

I'm still here love

Don't pass me by

I know I'm selfish

I'm trying not to be

But if you could trust me

You'd probably know

That I'd...


Anything for you

Just say the word

But if


Want me

To leave

I'll go...

I'll still care

Even if it hurts me

I was never good

At letting go...

So what should I


To make you move

To make you breath

It seems that


Want me to leave

So I'll go,

With love...