'Why are we even here?'

'It's too hot to be doing this!'

'Can we go now?'

The complaints from both his girlfriend and Tyler continued, until the others were ready to rip them apart.

Luka had to admit though, it was hot. He was used to the heat of his own country, but it was nothing like this.

However, something was changing inside him.

When he had walked out of the hotel that morning, he had been slapped in the face by the heat.

But now, the feeling was slowly leaving him. It was like he had been in heat such as this thousands of times before, and was used to it.

And the feeling scared him.

They had left the comfort of the hotel later than Luka had wanted to, but they had moved quickly; covering a few miles in a short amount of time. The others had followed Luka without hesitation, trusting that he knew where to go.

But he was following an instinct he didn't know he possessed. This instinct grew stronger and stronger the further they moved into the African desert.

It wasn't just his instinct that grew stronger though. All his senses were strengthening. He could hear things easier. He could look around without needing to squint and he could smell the smells that were becoming familiar.

But it was getting too hot for the rest of them. Luka realised they needed to stop when Marcus grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

'Dude,' Marcus panted, brushing his dark hair off his face and squinting at the glare of the sun. 'We need to stop. It's way too hot and if we keep going like this, we'll all die of heat stroke or dehydration.'

Luka rolled his eyes but looked at the girls and Tyler. They were nodding and agreeing with Marcus.

'Fine. But-' he stilled as something caught his hearing.

'Get up,' he hissed at Melanie who had just sat down.

'What,' she began to say, not moving.

'We're not alone!'

He had hardly finished his sentence when there was a snarl, a sound that he knew all too well, even though he had never heard it before.

They were surrounded and they were going to die.

The lions must have been following them for a while, but now let their presence be known to the unsuspecting humans.

Their tails lashed their sides angrily as they crept closer, baring their fangs and letting forth paralysing snarls.

'Don't move,' Luka hissed, knowing that they had to stay still if they were to survive and that instinct and nerves had to be kept under control.

The lions crept closer. It was only a matter of time before one of them lost their cool. That person was Melanie.

She couldn't take anymore and whimpered as she grabbed her boyfriend. Whether she meant to throw Luka to the lions or move him in front of her wasn't clear, but the movement was enough for the lions.

They attacked.

But then, through the shrub that surrounded them, burst out creatures. Creatures that shone with light and brilliance.

They too attacked.

But it wasn't the humans they attacked.

The screams of the animals were too much for any of the teenagers and they too, screamed as they ran.

Except Luka.

He stood, mesmerised as he watched the beasts of light as they fought.

And then, the battle was over. It was over as quickly as it had begun. Luka braced himself for the lions that would surely tear him apart and internally cursed for not fleeing whilst he had the chance.

But it wasn't the lions that remained.

All that were left was the creatures of light.


Unharmed, cool and calm.

They looked at him, drawing a peculiar feeling out of him.

Then they bowed.