Promises of freedom broken, freedom from kenopsia

Remembering that which was golden, post-apocalyptica

Shattered windows, wilted roses, city streets painted in red

Deadly air and torn-up clothes and the quietude of death

Broken places, empty faces, everything that I regret

Erase all of the crossed-out spaces, try my hardest to forget

Seething leaders, raging fires, warriors are all that's left

Screaming seizures, cut the wires, lose what I try to protect

It's all for one and one for all, except when your life's on the line

Listen to the wasteland's call of life where it's all eye-for-eye

We try to shelter what we can, the last shreds of humanity

We the protectors, heavensent, the angels of calamity

Distant gunshot, flash of lightning, you said it wasn't worth your life

You insist that you're enlightened, but eureka has a price.