D, for don't tread on me,

I, for I don't give a fuck for how you feel of me, if it's got to do with my irreligion,

S, for sorry I can't be perfect, but that's just how life goes,

E, for every human must make their way in life, and it shouldn't suck that I can't make yours with you,

S, for this drove King Solomon to his grave, because his subjects wouldn't let him worship foreign gods,

T, for trying to be a good person, despite the friction the public generates for me,

A, for anything but more crap about not sharing your religious convictions,

B, for boring are they who keep giving me the same critique, as if they can't remember that this is the 490 millionth time,

L, for Lazarus should've stayed dead, and helped his kin evolve, and get real,

I, for Israel should be secular,

S, for Satan doesn't exist any more than Jehovah doesn't,

H, for to hell with all of this bullshit, about how I'm evil just because I don't share your convictions,

M, for marriage was both invented and corrupted by religion,

E, for everyone please stop giving me crap about not believing in Jehovah,

N, for never will I go back to the vain religious path that never paid me a cent, material or otherwise, for my trouble,

T, for tolerance of every aspect of the public, no matter how much they disgust me,

A, for Absalom should've revolted against his father to destroy the Israeli monarchy, and save Israel the trouble of getting conquered by Babylon,

R, for Rahab was an angel, end of argument,

I, for is the church dead yet?

A, for as the deer pants for the water, I long to see all Christians commit suicide, and spare me the burden of having to tolerate them for one more decade,

N, for not a chance in hell will the circle be unbroken, if it means going back to old ways,

I, for itching for a break from Jehovah's tyranny,

S, for someday soon, religion will be dead, before its founders even know it...if they're even still alive,

M, for murder to all who try to re-convert me!