- 1 -

Susan took a deep breath as she checked herself again the mirror of the girls bathroom. A small smile formed upon her face admired her reflection. Everything seemed perfect. A bit of blush to make her face glow. Strawberry flavored gloss to make her lips shimmer. Her chestnut brown hair brushed out with the required one hundred strokes with a horse hair brush and divided down the middle and tied back in two neat pigtails. A cord of ribbon tied around each bundle added a flare of girlish charm.

"Okay." Susan said smiling a little as she gave herself a look over once more. "Its show time Sue girl." She gave herself a nod of approval. Running her hands down her side to smooth the wrinkles of her uniform. She stepped away from the wash basin. She then paused, drew a deep breath and pushed opened the bathroom door and into the hallway she stepped.

The corridors where silent as the grave. As she walked she peered into the classrooms. All the students where bent over there desk, scratching away at there worksheets. Some where napping as the old professor lectured on. A wry smile formed upon her lips as she pressed on. Slowly she reached out and touched the metal surface of the half-dollar size badge pinned to her breast pocket.

The word 'Prefect' was engraved upon the silvery badge. The badge was a symbol of pride for Susan. It made her stand out among her peers and marked her was one of the chosen students, hand picked by the headmaster to keep order in the hallways and at school functions. Becoming a prefect was also one of the ways a student could move up the social ladder. The other was to join a club.

Soon Susan found herself standing in front of a old wooden door. Taking a deep breath she raised her balled up fist and started to knock. But the door was pulled open and in the doorway a young women stood. She was dressed in a apple red blouse and a black pencil skirt. White stocking and shiny black pumps completed her outfit. Her long auburn hung lose.

"You must be.." She paused and closed her eyes. "Susan, female prefect of the sophomore class. Girl Scout Seniors.. Cheerleader. All around American Girl.." She smirked a little as she held out her hand.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she reached out and took the hand and gave it a little squeeze. She felt a blush forming upon her face. All those thing she listed where just small things to her.

"Yes ma'am." She said meekly. "And you must.. Mrs. Flint."

"You are correct. But please, call me Rebecca." She said smiling softy. She then stepped to the side and motioned for Susan to step into the small office.

Susan stepped into the office and then watched Rebecca close the door. Her pale pink eyes watched the women step behind the desk and take a seat. Smiling softy she motioned for Susan for Susan to take the chair that set in front of the office. Susan quickly took the offered chair, smoothing out her skirt as she did so.

"So, I'm sure your wondering why I called you here today." She said as she reached down and pulled open the door to the small mini fridge she had hidden down behind her desk.

"Yes," Susan said taking a deep breath. "I mean Mrs. Flint.. I mean Rebecca. You are after all the 'Head of Student affaires' like in the social circle of things.. Your above the Head Boy, Head Girl and team captains." Susan said as a blush formed upon her face.

"My predecessor, told me you where something of a keen observer." She said chuckling a little as she pulled out two can's of coke cola. She placed both cans down on the table and smiled as she slide one of the bright red cans toward Susan. "Comes with being born into high society I take it?"

"Hardy." Susan said folding her hands in her lap. "We are hardly high society.." She said shifting her eyes down at the ground.

"As you say. Anyway as you know this coming weekend we'll be holding a school wide carnival. With the objective to raise money to fund some projects around campus. Like fixing those brick paved walkways. Also, the rector would wish to see a shrine built to honor the Blessed Virgin." She said as she pushed the coke toward Susan. A small smile formed upon her lips.

Susan nodded her head along with the teachers words. She was still quite lost. She had heard of the carnival, all the freshmen where talking about it. The football players where doing something, and varsity cheerleaders, a class of cheerleader above her were talking about doing some kind of cheer clinic or something.

"To raise the required funds. Each student organization is putting on a booth. The Anime-Club lead by Mrs. P. For example will be hosting a tea room with some of the upperclassmen dressed as maids. The varsity cheerleaders are doing a little cheer clinic. The JROTC program is doing rifle range thing. And we'll.. The Prefect's are doing a dunking booth."

Susan blinked and reached over and took her coke. Slowly she took a sip, savoring the taste of the caffeine beverage. Hmm a dunking booth.. Who would in the hot seat she wondered. Would it be Margaret Barry the Head Girl.. Or Linda Howls the deputy Head Girl and the batman to Margaret.. The two where thick as thief's. Both where school royalty.

"As you know. Ms. Barry will be accompanying her father and mother as both have business dealing in Memphis. Likewise, Ms. Howls would attending a four day 'Daughters of the Confederacy' convention with her mother and grandmother starting Monday." She let her voice trail for a few seconds. "So that means.. You'll be covering the whole four hour shift by yourself.. Since I'm going to be the one staffing the booth and handling the money."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward the women. Slowly a blush started to form on her cheeks.

"I believe you can count on me." Susan said smiling softy as she nodded her head firmly.

"Wonderful. Full uniform will be required, school skirt, blouse, badge, stocking and shoes. Yes I know, dull and boring. But Fr. Brown was firm about this. Are rector seems to trapped in time I'm afraid."

Susan only nodded her head as she peered space above Rebecca. A dunking booth.. Hmm that should be fun. If anything she could have some of the cute boys at school dunk her. Another heat wave crossed her face as the mental image of her sitting up on the tank, in a soaking wet uniform.


The asphalt covered courtyard behind the school was filled to the brim with pavilions and booths. All manner of country fair games where on offer. From the classic throw the ball at a stack of plastic bottles, too a petting zoo run by the 4H club. Toward the far side of the square, there could be seen a make-shift food court like thing. Though the food being offered was the classic fairground types.

Charcoal grills where filled to the brim with hamburger patties and hot dogs. Deep fryers baskets held battered pieces of catfish and thick cut fries. The smell of frying fish and grill meats filled the air. In front of these make-shift kitchens there could be seen a dozen wooden picnic tables. Between these tables, large, thirty gallon trashcan's could be seen. Discard paper plates and plastic Dixie cups threaten to spill out from the lips of the containers.

And in front of this, stood the dunking booth. Manning the booth was the stunning Rebecca, who was dressed in a light pink sundress and snow white sandals with a heel in the back. A broad seed hat provided cover from the heat of the midday sun. Taking the dunking booth was Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell. The sixteen year old wore her school uniform, a dark blue blouse tucked into the waistline of a pleated dark blue skirt. White stocking. Her brown dress shoes where kicked to the side. A shy little smile formed upon the bow of her lips. She was only.. Twelve feet in the air.. Six feed upon from the ice cold water that waited her.

"Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. This is your chance to give one of the Prefect's a nice cold bath. Don't let this chance pass you buy, three dollars for three balls. Four dollars for five. Every penny goes to support beautification projects around school." Rebecca called out to the passing crowds.

Susan blushed a little and took a deep breath. She was about to roll the mental dice, and with luck the dice would favor her. They often did.. Or so they did when she played tabletop games with her band of geekette.

"Come on! Step right up and drench me!" She eyed one of the star baseball players. "Hey you! Mr. Varsity Baseball! I bet you can't hit the blind side of a barn with that throwing arm of yours. Come on, step right up and hit the target and send this loud mouth brat to the cleaners!"

The player stopped, peered toward Susan and slowly a little smirk formed upon his lips. Walking slow, he approached the counter and placed down two five dollar bills. He was reward with eight hard leather balls.

"I hope the water is extra cold for you!" He teased as he reared back and let the first brown, leather ball fly.

Susan took a deep breath as she watched the ball sail over the edge of the target and smash into the padding behind her. A grin spread from one corner of her mouth to the other. There had been a certain thrill of watching the ball travel through the air and the way her heart stopped as it almost smashed into the target made her hold her breath. It was a high she had only experiences once in her life, it was like catching her first Pokemon when she was eleven or beating her first Zelda boss when she was twelve!

"Come on big boy!" She shouted as she wiggled her body a little, teasing the boy. Her wiggling caused him to blush and turn to the side. Slowly he drew back and tossed his second ball. This time the projectile fell flat, and just rolled under the target. Muttering something he tossed another ball, and another and another. Both flew too high and too low.

"Man.." Susan said as she folded her arms across her breast. "Don't throw so hard now, you need to save your strength for the big game or something. Like.. With a arm like that, where going to need some help or something." She said hanging her head down and sighing. Just then it happen a loud ringing filled the air and the seat she was seating under gave way causing her to drop like a stone into the ice cold water below. For a minute all she could hear was the sound of laughter as she felt rear touch the bottom of the tank. Quickly she pushed her way to the surface and then regaining her footing she smiled as she bundled her hair back.

"Okay good throw!" She said as she pushed the seat back up and smiled as she started to climb back up the ladder and onto the seat. Once she was seated she smoothed out her skirt and folded her legs together and placed her hands on her lap.

"There plenty more where that came from." He said taking a deep breath as he started to pitch again. His third ball missed and so did his fourth. Though he was rewarded with a little squeal and a jump with each ball that flew way to high or way too low.

Finally on his fifth ball. He hit paid dirt and struck the target again. Sending Susan down into the vat, soaking her once more. Clouds where starting to gather now over the fairgrounds and warmth of the sun was blocked out and a gentle breeze was blowing. Susan shivered a little as she stood up and blew a kiss to boy who dunked her before once more resetting the chair and climbing back up.

"Having a little too much fun our we?" Rebecca said as she raised a eyebrow at Susan. The boy just stood there, blushing and looking down at the tarmac. "Might want to cool your heels. He's taken you know." She added in a flat tone of voice.

"Oh.." Susan said taking a deep breath as she climbed back on the seat." Quickly she climbed back up and took a seat. She drew in a deep breath to calm her racing heart before peering back at the boy, who had placed his remaining balls on the counter and was starting to back away.

"So, you might have scared off the poor boy. I bet he running to find Fr. Brown and confess his sins and do eighteen 'Hail Maries' and twenty seven 'Our Fathers'. Good going Susie." Rebecca said as she rolled her eyes.

"What ever.." Susan smiling a little as she peered toward the clouded sky.


The hours ticked by, the sun was hidden behind a bank of gray clouds. Susan was dunked a few times. But most of those who passed by the booth emptied there pockets and purses of lose coins. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and gold dollars where all tossed into the water jug that Rebecca had placed in front of the booth, once it became clear more people felt if they simply donated money, instead of subjecting the girl in the booth to a ice cold bath.

"Okay Susie." Rebecca said taking a deep breath. "Its getting cold, and everything about to close now. I think where going to call it a day." She said smiling as she peered toward the shivering girl. Who looked more like a drowned rat than a proud prefect that inspired feared and caused even the stoutest heart to tremble. "Thanks for being a good sport."

Susan smiled a little and nodded her head.

"It was pretty fun.. Thanks for letting me be part of it." She said smiling a little. She was just about to climb down, when she spotted Rebecca walking over and picking up a ball. She smiled and tossed the ball up in the air before catching it and tossing it back.

"Not so fast. I'm going to give you one more dunk.." She said smiling as she gripped the ball and narrowed her eyes toward Susan. "You've been teasing the students and acting a brat. And despite my warnings and my scolding's you've been very flirty and bratty. Such behavior is unbecoming of a lady." She said smirking as she locked eyes with Susan.

Susan took a deep breath and rolled her eyes.

"Okay Becky.. Don't go and break and nail please. We don't need to send you to A & A Ward because you chipped one of your nails." Susan said grinning a buck tooth grin as she gripped the board and peered toward the women who had first sighed her up for this.

"You little.." Rebecca blushed and peered toward Susan. Slowly she released the ball, but many years had passed since her time as the star pitcher for the 'Dixie Darlings' and the ball sailed right over the target.

"Wow.. For a minute there you had me worried." Susan said sticking her pink tongue out.

Rebecca felt her cheeks flush with color as she peered toward Susan, once more she wrapped her fingers around the ball, giving it a tight squeeze she drew it back and let it sail from her fingers. This time the ball sailed smoothly through the air and within seconds the bell ranged and the seat Susan was seating on gave way, sending Susan down into the ice cold water.

Susan quickly resurfaced and with a pout a mile wide she peered toward Rebecca who was standing there whistling a little.

"Okay.. Okay.. Maybe.. I had that coming."

Rebecca only giggled and so the day drew to a close.