The car park of Sacred Heart Secondary School was filled to the brim with students and teachers alike milling about. The teachers, both male and female where dressed smartly. All the male teachers, wore white button down shirts with the first button undone, the shirts were tucked into the waistline of dark, woolen dress trousers. Brown penny loafers seemed to be the normal. Dark, navy coats completed each outfit. The female staff, all wore pastel colored blouses and skirts. The older teachers wore white, cotton stocking and black dress shoes. With the younger ones going for boots with a slight heel.

The students milling around the car park all wore their school uniforms. For the males that was a white button down shirt, tucked into tan colored trousers. Many of them wore sneakers, with a few choosing to go with dress shoes. The females wore simple white peter pan style blouses, with red and gray checkered jumpers over the blouse. All wore white stocking and black Mary-Janes.

In the center of the gaggle of students, one would find three stools all lined up, and behind the stools a card table, sitting upon the top of the tables where a dozen or so small sand buckets. Written upon each bucket was a number. The numbers started with '1' and ended with '5'.

"Step right up!" Called a young teacher with bleach blonde hair. "Just one half sovereign." She called out as she clapped her hands together. "Just one half sovereign and you can dump a topping of your choice over one of Sacred Heart Secondary School prefect's." She shouted again, in a vain attempt to carry her voice over the tumult.

"And don't forget! We have one, twenty sovereign bucket here too! Give the prefect of your choice the messing of her life. Just twenty quid!" She called out as she clapped her hands in a vain hope of drumming up business.;Behind the women, one would see three young ladies. All dressed smartly in there school uniforms. Like there fellow students who where milling around, enjoying the free day and the sunny weather. They too were dressed in their school uniforms. Though there was key difference. Pinned to the breast pocket of each uniform was a silver plated badge, with a capital 'P' engraved upon it.

One of those girls, a blonde haired blue eyed girl by the name of Sunflower took a deep breath as she heard the teacher calling for their doom. The thrill of being appointed prefect by the headmaster was quickly wearing off. In fact she felt the women had pulled the wool over her eyes this time. Nobody told her being a perfect would entail being the subject for some dumb charity fair.

Her brooding came to a sudden halt, the minute she heard a loud slopping sound. Quickly shifting her head around, she noticed the girl to her right was totally covered in gray looking oatmeal. The grayish looking mush had totally coated her once pretty brown hair. Her once spotless uniform, not looked like something had smeared a brick of clay over every inch of it!

"And Tiffany takes the first bucket!" The women shouted. "And from the looks of things. She got off a little light." She joked.

Tiffany was blushing like a mad woman as she flicked some of the oatmeal down upon the payment. She had totally not expected to be the first one to get it. She fully expected one of the other two girls to get it. Now, she was covered in oatmeal.. Cold, slimy oatmeal from the way it felt. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her hair. A cold shiver ran through her whole spin as she felt the oatmeal running through her finger tips and through the strains of her hair.

"Lovely." She muttered as she watched another student from the crowd reach into the pocket of their blazer. Smiling like a cat who had the mouse cornered, he walked over and placed a hand full of small silver coins down upon the make-shift counter where the money was being counted and kept. Still smiling he walked over and picked up one of the four remaining buckets. Finally, after switching from one to the other he settled on number ten.

After a minute of mentally judging his options he firmly set his eyes on Amy, the lovely raven haired girl who was new to the parish. Amy was known as being something of a bitch to younger and less popular girls. In fact it had been him, who had first tasted her bitty attitude. So smiling a little smile, he moved toward Amy, holding the bucket high above his head. Once he was standing over her, he tipped the bucket up. Seconds later, a flood of sour, strong smelling mustard came flooding down upon Amy head!

Amy was caught totally by surprise as the mustard rolled down over her head, pouring down over her shoulders and soaking through her white blouse. The thick yellow paste coated her hair. As it rolled from the bucket, it dropped huge chunks of mustered. Leaving poor Amy, a whimpering mess under the coating of bright neon yellow.

"And it seems, little miss perfect gets the mustard." Cried the teacher as she pointed and laughed at Amy, who was trying her hardest to get the mustered out of her eyes. "Somebody quick give us some more! We still have tomato sauce and mayo!" She shouted as she held up a few cards. A loud cheer rose from the throats of the gathered students, who were quite happy at watching the prefects get their just deserts.

Sunflower took a deep breath as she watched Amy getting the slop. Two down, three to go. Maybe, just maybe she'll get one of those lucky buckets, the one rare bucket that held nothing but water. Maybe.. Maybe nobody would choose to slop her? After all.. She was one of the good ones. And that had to count for something. Then out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of something that chilled her to the bone. The most popular girl in school. Cindy Sue was pointing at her, flanking her, where her two main henchwomen Elizabeth Burns and Marry Apple. With an evil smirk, Cindy pointed first to the twenty quid bucket, then to Sunflower. Her two yes women nodded their heads quickly in silent agreement.

Closing her eyes and whimpering a little, she knew her chances of escaping clean had just dropped to zero. Placing her hand up to her face, she sighed. Three of the most powerful students in the school, where now coming for them, and all she could do was sit here, sandwiched between one mustered cover girl and one girl covered in cold oatmeal.

"Okay, two buckets down, two more to go! Step right up guys and gals and get your sweet revenge!"

From the gathered crows, a young woman appeared as a member of the staff. Smirking a little she placed her coins down upon the table and went to pick up a bucket. Since, there were only two buckets left, her choices were kind of slim. Rolling the mental dice, she picked a random bucket. Smirking a little, she moved toward the mustard covered student.

"Dear Amy," The young woman said as she started to switch her bottom back and forth. "Let this be a lesson to you. Just because you're popular, cute and smart. Does not give you the right to be a jackass to me, or your fellow students." And with that she tipped the bucket over the girls head. A split second later a small landslide of thick, snow white mayonnaise started to slop down upon the girls head. The strong, oily smell filled the air.

For a very long minute, Amy stood there speechless. Too shocked to really do anything, then the smell of the yellow mustard mixed with the white mayonnaise hit her like a ton of bricks. Frowning, she could only try to remove some of the mess, while her classmates and fellow prefects looked on. Somewhere opening laughing, others where pointing and laughing, others where tactfully hiding there smirks behind raised hands. One thing was clear, the rule of "Queen Amy '' was over. The once loud mouth prefect who had walked the halls of the school. Had now been silenced by two buckets of mess.

"And poor little Amy gets the forth bucket of slops!" Loudly called the staff member who was hosting the event. "Come on boys and girls! Just one more buckets remains and little Sunflowers here is mighty clean!" She cried out, bringing some attention to Sunflower, who happen to be the only one without any mess on her.

"Mrs. Blackstone." Cindy Sue said, smiling as she strolled up and tapped the host upon the shoulder. "I would like to buy the big bucket please!" And with that she handed the women four neatly folded fivers. The crisp, large bills with the face of the queen upon them seemed like a king's ransom for most of the students.

Mrs. Blackstone blinked and blinked again. Carefully she bite down upon her lip before rolling her shoulders. As she rolled her shoulders she happened to look around. The grounds keeper was already getting the watering hose ready. And a quick look down at her watch, told her that school was about to be out. She was really pushed for time now.

"Sure Miss. Cloth." She said, smirking a little. "And since we're running out of time, I think it's best you go ahead and use the remaining bucket too!" She nodded her head in the direction of the grounds keeper, who was still struggling to get the big, heavy, hose untangled.

A sudden twinkle passed over Cindy Sue's eyes as she peered toward two buckets. Smirking a little she walked over and took the small bucket first. Holding the bucket high above her head, she started to inch warm her way toward Sunflower, who could only wiggle around in her seat. Once she was standing above the girl, she started to slowly tip the bucket over.

As the bucket was tipped, its contents spilled slowly out. A thick, cream colored sauce, poured out and splattered down upon Sunflowers head. Grinning like a cat, Cindy Sue moved the bucket back and forth as waves of slop rolled down upon Sunflower, soaking her blouse and coating her head. The vinery smell of ketchup, mayo and tartar sauce filled the air around her causing her to wrinkle up her nose at the smell.

"And it looks like Sunny, gets a good helping of Comeback Sauce, that tangy mixture of ketchup, mayo and tartar sauce that's all the rage in the downtown restaurants." With a broad smirk upon her face, Mrs. Blackstone reached over and placed her mike in front of sunflowers, slop covered face.

"So how does it taste Sunny?" She said smiling as she watched the girl wiggle about. But being the good sport she was, Sunflower did get a little on her tongue to taste. After a brief pause, she looked up and said in something of a cheeky tone of voice.

"Pretty good, don't really like ketchup, mayo and tartar sauce!" She said sticking her pink tongue out. "Smells kind of funny." She said grinning.

"We'll." Mrs. Blackstone said, taking a deep breath. "You're about to get something else dumped over your head.. I would suggest you take a deep breath and hold it for a good minute." She said stepping out as she watched Cindy Sue moving toward her, holding the bucket high above her head.

Sunflower took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, the bucket of slop came rolling down upon her head. Brown, oily gravely mixed with thick, yellow mustard, greens specks of crushed pickles. Traces of white mayo and salad dressing added a little of color to the gunge. And the smell, the smell hit Sunflower like a ton of bricks!

"Wow!" Mrs. Blackstone said standing back a little. "It looks like our little flower got the sloping of her life! Sunflower, I'm sorry to say, but you look like a modern art piece. And man you smell like yesterdays trash." She said sticking her tongue out at Sunflower. She then strolled away from the girls. Once she was around six feet away from the three girls, she held up her mike again.

"We hope you all liked this little show." She called out. "Be sure to stay safe as you make your way home, remember to obey all traffic rules and such." She called out as she gathered crowds started to thin.

The End.