"Kaede, are you going to finish your chicken?" Mom asks.

I look down at the Popeyes my mom picked up for my sister and mouth is still hot from the barbecue sauce I used to dip my food in, I'm in a mood to eat some ice cream and go to bed.

"No, I'm full." I reply, "Touko can have my leftovers."

I moved my box of food to my sister sitting next to me. I got up from my seat to open the fridge to get a Klondike Bar, one of the only American Foods I like.

"Kaede! No Ice Cream!" Mom scolds me, "Ice Cream is for people who finished their dinner!" Great. More of my mom's bullshit.

"I'm sorry but I really don't like Popeyes, their food is way too greasy for me." I trample up the stairs to my room "Bitch." I mutter under my breath.

I open the door to my room which is mostly empty except for a sleeping bag,more of my junk, an old dresser filled with some of my clothes and my fortune-telling set including my signature crystal ball sitting dead center in the middle of the room.

The moving truck won't arrive within a week, which my so-called foresight predicted correctly, so this will do for now. I sit down in front of the crystal ball and do some meditating on how disastrous my first day of school will be. Oh yeah, my personal hobby is fortune-telling and we even had a small family business back in Japan where I tell people's futures and read palms. The only predictions of mine that come true are the ones that led to disaster. My family keeps telling me that I'm a psychic and my gift should be celebrated but I just think I get a lot of hunches but if it was true that I was psychic, I would be tested on by the government.

It was a warm September night and I had the window open to get a fresh breeze while suddenly, "Hey! Hey!" A voice shouts from next door. I stop meditating and look over to my window to see my cousin Jolene getting my attention.

"KAEDE MIDORIKAWA! LISTEN TO ME WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME!" I cup my hands over my mouth and shout back to her.

"Alright, I have your attention now! What do you wish to speak to me about?"

"I know you have school tomorrow while I'm still stuck in primary school. I want you to tell me at the family dinner tomorrow all about the Secondary School experience!"

"Wait, we're heading next door to eat with Aunt Nao and Uncle Issac tomorrow?"

"Yeah, didn't your mom tell you about this?"Jolene says as she pulls her blonde curls over her ears.

"No, as I said, she's super stressed out from the move and registering ourselves as American Citizens. You know what, I'll remind her in the morning."

"Alright,I have to go now. Make sure to get lots of rest before your big day tomorrow! Toodles!"

She closes the window and turns off the lights in her room.

Ugh,I always hated it when she said that before leaving but this is her last year of being an annoying primary school student.

Well,I didn't know that the 8th would be approaching this soon.I look at my closet door with my clothes for tomorrow hanging up on the door handle plus my famous fortune-telling robe that 8 times too big my grandmother got for me before she passed away. The long sleeves are cuffed so my hands can be visible when holding my stuff. I might want to wear it tomorrow but I have doubts that people might mistake me as a Dungeons and Dragons Nerd. Touko and I will be going to the same secondary school since it costs less to send us to two different schools and my mom didn't want to waste more time going to two open houses. She always makes stupid decisions.

I wonder if anyone wants to be friends with the weird new girl who does nothing but tell peoples' misfortunes, most of my friends back in Kyoto were huge jerks behind my back and they were mostly boys who don't stereo typically gossip! Maybe Americans are much kinder and more interested in this kind of stuff like me since they are so into astrology, another aspect of the art of fortune-telling.

I change into my sleepwear and I lie down on my inflatable mattress getting ready to go to sleep. Before I do so, I check my phone to read today's horoscope for Sagittarius, apparently, it says that my day will be life-changing. Well, surely that wasn't correct for me but will it be so in the future?