The Children's Play Garden or just The Garden for short was a open air amphitheater located in the heart of downtown Somerset. The location had once been the Main Street Theater before a sudden fire some years ago had gutted it. While the surrounding building where spared due to quick thinking and acting on behalf of the fire department, the playhouse itself had been totally gutted. The property was then sold to a guild of amateur actors who then turned the building into an open air theater.

Molly took a deep breath as she peered toward the gathered crowds. The long, wooden benches could seat at least two hundred people. And from the looks of things, they were filled the max, with more standing at the very back. Slowly she released her breath as she spotted her sister and her best friend peering up at her from the front row. Blushing a little she offered both girls a little wave of the hand.

"The two girls returned the wave. And Molly turned her attention toward the center of the stage. In the center of their stage there stood tall, blonde hair blue eyed women. Her golden blonde hair was pulled back and French braided. She wore a simple, baby blue dress with white gloves and circlet of silver rested easily upon her head.

"Welcome Princesses and Princes. Kings and Queens." She said in a loud, booming tone of voice. "Welcome to the Children's Play Garden first, and hopefully not last, Disney Trivial Quiz." She said pausing for a few token applauds. Once the sound of clapping had died down she nodded her head and spoke.

"This afternoon, we have Wendy Darling," She nodded toward Molly who was dressed as Wendy Darling. Molly smiled in turn and offered everybody a little bow. Molly was dressed in a simple, light blue dress and her long blonde hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail that was held in place with a deep, blue hair ribbon.

"Taking on Belle!" She nodded toward Katherine Jean who's blonde hair hung loose around her shoulders. Katherine Jean then offered the crowd a little bow as she flicked her eyelashes at them. She wore a simple, yellow dress trimmed with white lace around the hemline. Matching yellow gloves brought her outfit into completion.

"It's a pleasure to be here!" Katherine Jean said as she folded her hands in her center. She then slowly turned her head toward Molly. Slowly a little grin appeared upon her face. "After all, France is a very long ways away. But the trip was totally worth it to see everybody!" She said, smiling a big smile as she tilted her head to the right.

"Were glad to have you Bella." She said as she gently clapped her hand. "Thank you so very much for braving the vogue over here to see us." Cheesy as it was, all those taking part in the game had to keep in 'Character' as much as possible. Both to create the image that the girls on stage where who they claimed to be and to create an illusion.

"Totally!" Katherine Jean said. "Anything for my lovely fans." She said winking toward a group of girls and boys. Every member of the group was dressed to the nines. The girls wore light cotton summer dresses in the latest style. All the boys wore white button down shirts and slacks. Some, despite the heat wore ties and woolen blue blazers.

"Thank you my darling." The older woman said, taking a deep breath as she walked over to Molly. Smiling a little she cleared her throat and started to speak.

"Now, Wendy." She said in a very refined lady like tone of voice. "I know Somerset is not London. And we lack the excitement of the empire's capital." She said, eyeing the crow who laughed a little. Some even smirked. "But, how are you finding everything?"

Molly could not help but to blush. She had rarely traveled beyond the boundaries of parish. The furthest she had ever gone was Liverpool. A booming town that lay on the other side of the Mutton Mountain rang. Biting down upon her lip she turned toward the crowds.

"I'm loving it here." She said in a honest, down to earth tone of voice. "The people are nice. Your downtown area is so charming, I just adore the cobblestone streets and those gas powered street lamps. The trolley is charming too." She tried to sound thoughtful and impressed as she listed each item.

"Good." The woman said smiling as she closed her eyes. "I'm glad to see that you're enjoying your stay." She then turned upon her heel. The only sound to hear was the heel of her shoe clicking upon the weather worn boards. After going a few feet, she turned around and stepped behind a table top podium that bore the chest of the Somerset Academy. The crest was a sword behind a shield. The Latin Motto of A Deo rex, a rege lex or "From God the King, From the King the Law''

All eyes soon centered on the women who reached down and picked out a stack of small index cards. Taking another deep breath she peered toward Molly before switching her gaze toward Katherine Jean. With a little grin upon her face, she said.

"Now." She said holding up a stack of cards. "I'm going to ask a series of trivial questions." She said holding up the small deck of white cards. If you think you know the answer. Please raise your hand, I would then call on you. If you get the question correct you win a point. Get six points and you're the winner. Sounds simply enough yes?

Both Molly and Katherine Jean needed there head. It sounded pretty straight forward enough.

"Good, because." She said smiling as she nodded her head toward a sheet in the center. With a wink of the eye as a signal. The stagehand walked over, reached out, took the sheet into his hands and yanked it off. Revealing a strange machine. In the center there sat a pump-up chair that looked like an old barber chair. Poking out from the chair were four, large pipes. At the end of each pipe was a cradle. Resting upon the cradle was a thick, custard cream pie baked into a yellow cookie crumbled crust.;Above the chair, there was a clear, plastic container. The container held a thick, creamy, pink mixture that looked like yogurt. A simple, yellow crown had been wrapped around the outside of the container.

"The winner will get a small crash prize." She said nodding toward the machine. "And the chance to send themselves or somebody else to the Pie Pod." She said with a wink.

"Okay, does everybody understand?" The woman said, looking down at the first question. "Because I'm about to read the first question, now's the time to speak up dear hearts."

Neither Molly or Katherine said anything, they only locked eyes with each other and nodded their head in mutual understanding. There was no holding back, in the world of middle school politics there could no change of heart or holding back. Even a simple quiz, could make or break you.

"Good." The women said smiling

"Now, before we begin. I would like to say this, all questions will be Disney related in nature. Including but not limited to, origin of the character, inspiration behind the film, art director, sound director, characters names and supporting characters roles." She paused, and looked Molly and Katherine both dead center in the eyes. "Do we have an understanding Ladies?" She asked politely. "Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am will do."

"Yes ma'am." Molly and Katherine said in unison.

"Very good." The woman cleared her throat and picked out a card. "And the first question is." She paused to build the tension. She turned toward Molly and smirked a little, she was loving this, this question allowed her to take another jab at Molly. A little payback for some of her little pranks she pulled in her classroom.

"Wendy, I would be very disappointed if you happen to miss this question. Since it's about your movie!" She said clearing her throat before saying. "Name, the name given to the collection of boys, that Peter Pan leads."

Molly blinked and blinked again. She cursed silently under her breath as she peered toward Katherine, who's hand was quickly in the air. Without giving it a second thought, Katherine shouted out.

"The Lost Boys!" She shouted as she gave the women a hopeful smile.

The woman took a brief pause to look down at her card. And slowly a little smile grew upon her face as she nodded her approval toward Katherine. Who signed a long sigh of relief.

"Correct." She said smiling as she set the card to the side. "The first point goes to Belle." She said with a proud smile, before turning toward Molly. "I must say, Wendy. I'm a tad disappointed in you. Since that question was from your own movie. Better luck with the next question.

"Next question." The women said taking a deep breath as she peered toward both girls. Smiling a little she looked down at the card. Clearing her throat she started to read aloud.

"In the original stage production of 'Peter Pan' there is a part of the play that Tinker Bell the fair is slowly dying and the people must do what in order to bring her back to life?" She said peering toward Both Molly and Katherine. Once more it was Katherine who quickly raised her hand.

"In the original production. People had to clap their hands in order to show they believe in fairies. Normally everybody played along, for the really young children it was kind of magical." Katherine sang like a songbird.

"And you've scored another victory there Belle." She said smiling as she set the card to the side.

"Wendy Darling, I must say, as things stand right now, your going to hand Belle a very impressive victory." she said, smirking a little as she peered toward Molly, who was blushing deeply as ears soaked in the teasing remarks of the older women.

"It seems like it ma'am." Molly responded with a little smile. Putting on a brave face, she stepped back up and locked eyes with her rival, who was standing there, smiling the most smug looking princess in front of her.

"Now, moving on to our next question." The women said reaching down and taking another card from the top of the deck, clearing her throat she started to read aloud the question.

"Now, In 'Beauty and the Beast' the beast is transformed when he refuses to give what to a lonely stranger that happens upon his door."

"Food and shelter!" Cried Molly.

The women blinked and blinked again. Quickly she rolled her shoulders a little as she held up her hands.;It was close enough for her, and Molly was losing by two points, She figured she could give her this one question.

"And it seems Wendy is back in the game!" The woman said with a small smile as she peered toward Molly. "Very good! Very good!" She said setting another card down as she started to reach the question.

"Now, moving on to the next question." She said smiling a little as she peered toward Molly and Katherine again. Smiling a little, she cleared her throat and started to read the next question.

"In 'Sleeping Beauty' the main princess is given the name 'Aurora', what does 'Aurora' mean in Latin?" She said. She cast an expecting eye on Katherine.

"Dawn." Molly said smiling as she peered toward the women.

"Correct!" She said smiling as she peered toward Wendy. "That means where even right now. And since where even. I think we should let this last question settle the you agree with that girl?"

"Sounds good to me." Molly said blushing as she peered toward Katherine. She felt the tide of battle switching in her favor. Taking a deep breath she peered toward the women. Who then nodded her head toward Molly, showing that she understood.

"Sure." Katherine said in a chirping tone of voice. "Saves us a bit of time." She then peered toward Molly, a smirk formed upon her lips as she peered toward her. "After all, just one more question. And I can send little Wendy Darling over there to the pie pod!"

"Okay next question, and maybe one of the hardest questions too." She said looking down at the cue card. She cleared her throat and in a dramatic tone of voice read aloud.

"For the win, please give the names of all seven of Disney's Dwarfs." She said peering toward Molly and then toward Katherine for a minute both stood there dumbfounded till Molly's hand shot into the air.

"Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey." Molly said, she shouted each name at the top of her lungs and strung them all together. She was quite red in the face as she yepped the last one.

"That is correct.." The women said totally dumbfounded, the sudden outburst of emotion had totally taken her back. Still looking a little confused, she quickly stepped out and motioned for the two girls to stand beside her. Molly stood to her left and Katherine stood to her right. "That mean's Ms. Darling is our winner!"

Soon both girls took their places beside the women, Katherine looked down, blushing deeply she was quite sure that she would soon be sent to the pie pod. On the other side stood Molly, who was waving toward the gathered crowds. She kept waving and waving.

"So Molly." She said women took a deep breath as she wrapped her arms around her shoulder. "You know you have a choice to make, who are going to send to the Pie Pod. Yourself or are you going to choose Katherine, the choice is yours and yours alone."

Katherine took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and tried to settle her beating heart.

Molly drew a deep breath and peered toward Katherine, then she peered toward the Pie Pod, releasing her held in breath she pointed toward her heart and in a loud, firm tone of voice she said.

"Me!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

That one world, blew everybody away. A hushed silent hung heavy over the gathered crowds. Taking a deep breath she peered toward Katherine and offered the classic peace sign. Then from the back stage, Sunflower appeared, followed closely behind by Rachel, both had risen from there seats quietly after Molly loudly sent herself to her messy fate.

"That's quite noble of you." The women said smiling. "A shining display of noblesse oblige no doubt." She said as she nodded toward Rachel who was smiling like a cat who had the mouse cornered.

"Anyway." The women said peering toward Molly as she took a deep breath. "Your older sister here." She said nodding toward Rachel. "Will guide you toward the pie pod.

Molly was blushing like a bride as she slid her hand down into her sister's hand. Rachel quickly wrapped her fingers around Mollies as she guided her toward the Pie Pod. Exchanging smiles, that only a sister can do, she guided her sister into the seat. Once she was seated, she quickly secured her with two thick, leather straps.

Once she was strapped, Rachel stepped to the side. Taking a deep breath, she then wrapped her fingers around the cord that would release the massive twelve gallons of filling.

"Okay, Wendy Darling. One the count of three, where going to release those pies and your sisters going to pull the cord, releasing that pie filling!" She said smiling softly as she started the countdown.

"One! Two! Three!" Cried the voices of two hundred people shouting at the top of their lungs. Once they reached the final number. The first pie was set off, the thick creamy pie sailed through the air and smashed into Molly's face! Molly gruffer as the first pie came smashing into her face. A few seconds later another one came sailing through the air. This pie struck a little high and gave the top of her hair a good dosage of cream. The third pie smacked her left side of the head and the fourth and final pie smacked her left side of the head, sandwiching her head between two creamy layers of cream.

"Wow." The woman said, smirking a little as she peered toward the totally creamed Molly. A little smile graced her face as she peered toward the vat hanging above her head.

"Now, Molly." She said smiling a little. "Above your head we have something called the 'Crowning Glory'. Where giving your sisters permission to pull that cord and send all that slime down upon your head." The woman said grinning as she peered toward the vat above Molly head and then toward Molly. Before peering toward Rachel. Smirking a little she nodded her head and Rachel grinning from ear to ear, tugged hard upon the cord and released the slimed.

A series of giggles escaped Molly's lips as she felt the cold, thick slime rained down in thick droplets upon her head. Her nose wrinkled up at the smell of the slime. The smell confirmed her theory, the fabled Crowning Glory was nothing more than strawberry yogurt. Falling into another fit of giggles, she stuck her pink tongue out and licked some of the cream and yogurt mixture that had fallen around her mouth. After a few thoughtful seconds smiled once more and said.


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