Dearest Reader,

As you may have heard recently in the news that I, the supposed Vigilante, or as some as you call me, Terrorist, am apparently responsible for the destruction of the city of Featherston. I am simply taking a precaution of safety but forgot to consider the public's view on my actions. So, as my consequence, I have resorted to writing you this letter in hopes of alleviating your fears that I may someday return to "destroy" another city.

My given name is Talia Eckhart and I am an 18-year-old dancer. Some of you may, or had previously known me, as a dancer of the Blue Unicorn Night Club under a different name. I'm what some in previous lifetimes called Angels or Gods. But really, I'm none of those. I had known what I was from the very first time I woke up that morning on June 10th, 1946 in my apartment. I'm sure you may wonder why I seem to be over 80 years while still claiming to 18. This brings me to another topic.

I have this ability to see things for what they really are, no flesh nor metal clouds my vision on the underlying construction of our reality. Witnesses to my acts claim to see me fly or do impossible feats of strength that are not normal for any human and I agree with these observations. But, as I said, I see the underlying construction of the universe as it is and, as a result, ways to manipulate certain aspects of it to aid me. Flying, as some have called it, is simply me rapidly moving in space with no regards to any resistance. Super Human Strength is my ignorance to the concept of mass and energy. Also, to address the issue of people fainting at my very glance when I'm looking at the architecture of reality, I have found that the average human mind simply cannot handle that overload of information that my eyes offer while I'm observing. Hence, the need for the mask. Lastly, the reason why I seem much younger than I had specified, is simply because I chose to move to this time as in 1946, I had faced too much prejudice to live comfortably, simply due to my skin color, and all possible future timelines past 2009 are too clouded for me to see. Therefor, I chose to live in 2009 as this concept of clouded timelines piqued my interest and deserved my investigation.

What I found during my investigation is much harder for me to describe. With the help of a private investigator and my best friend, I had found there to be malevolent shadows behind the air that we breath, the ground that we walk on, and the sky that looms above us. It's something I haven't encountered before but what resulted in my finding of these shadows was the supposed "destruction" of Featherston. Featherston is fine and so are her residents. Due to the alleviating forces that the shadows had been congregating in Featherston, maybe because of my ability to see them or something to that matter, I simply deposited Featherston in a pocket of space and time that I had made myself. The residents may seem confused in this space, but they are fine nonetheless. This is simply a precaution as my plan is to find some other home for these shadows elsewhere in the universe as Featherston had become too much of a target. I plan to leave as soon as this letter is published.

I hope this brings some peace of mind to any concerned readers. My intentions are peaceful and I don't have any incentive to come back until these shadows are dealt with.

My best wishes to you, loyal reader, and hope you a safe life in time.


Talia Eckhart, C.D