Inside her mansion the superheroine known as Chrissie-Girl was sitting in her room and humming happily. Rather than being the superheroine that the city knew and loved, she was instead the sweet gigantic civilian known as Chrissie.

This sweet giantess was happily just adjusting something on her faithful friend and superhero companion Remy Jr.-Pup although the puppy for the moment was just Remy Jr. He didn't mind what was happening to him just as long as he was with his favourite person and every now and again, he would bark happily. This always made her giggle but just as he finished his last bark she was finished.

Rather than looking over him just yet, Chrissie picked up the puppy and took her out of her room. Quickly she made her way down the stairs and into one of the back rooms where her older and much larger half-sister Claire was sitting at a table and looking over some of the bills that had been sent to them. Like most people, she didn't like paying for them but she did anyway as she had the money and also, she didn't want to cause any major problems down the line.

It was a nice reaction seeing her younger sister entering the room with a smile on her face and her hands cupped around something. She turned to face her and even took off her reading glasses so that she could interact with her properly. A smile was on her face and she could see just how excited her sister was. Even though Chrissie was around twenty years old she still had the mindset of a small child. To many this would be a detriment to them, but for the sweet giantess it was a blessing.

"Claire, look what I did," said Chrissie in a very excited voice. It seemed like she couldn't contain her excitement anymore.

"What did you do Chrissie?" replied Claire. She was somewhat concerned as she thought that her sister might have done something wrong and not realised it. This happened every now and again as there were many things about the world and life in general that she simply didn't understand.

"I made this." She then uncapped her hand revealing her puppy Remy Jr. However, he was wearing an outfit that was grey and furry. He even had a pair on bunny ears attached to his head, rather than looking like he was in discomfort, the puppy seemed to be happy as usual. "I made Remy Jr. a bunny outfit for Easter."

"Oh, he looks so adorable." Her face lit up as she lowered her finger and gently rubbed Remy Jr. on his head. The puppy seemed to like it and although he wasn't as familiar with Claire as he was with Chrissie, he still knew that she was someone that he could trust and so he barked happily. "You made this all by yourself?"

"Yep, I thought that he would look super cute in a bunny outfit and he likes it so much." She giggled for a moment before taking another bunny outfit from her pocket. This one was much too large for the puppy to wear and instead looked like it was made for a normal size person. "I even made one for Remy as well. I can't wait for him to put it on."

"That's lovely Chrissie, I'm sure that he'll like it."

"Oh, Remy!" Chrissie's voice was louder than usual as it seemed like she was calling out. A few seconds later the butler of the household stepped into the room. He had been trying to finish some errands when he had heard Chrissie call him. He knew better than to ignore it as he walked in and gave a small sigh.

"What is it Chrissie?" asked Remy. He knew almost immediately that something was going to happen that he wouldn't like.

"I made a bunny outfit for you; you're going to look so cute when you wear it." She remained excited and it almost seemed like she was going to jump up and down on the spot like a bunny rabbit.

"I'll pass thank you."

"What?" Her excitement seemed to fade away quickly as she became quite sad. "But I made it just for you." She began to tear up at the notion that her best friend didn't like the costume that she had made for him.

"Of course, he'll wear it sweetie," interjected Claire as she could see what was happening. "Because if he doesn't, he's fired!" There was some sternness in her last two words which was a clear indication to Remy that the head of the household was not joking around. All that he could do was sigh as he knew that he would have to do what Chrissie wanted if he wanted to keep his job.

Several minutes later Remy found himself standing in the same room but this time wearing a white bunny outfit. Remy Jr. was standing near his feet with his tongue out and tail wagging as he seemed to be happy. Out of everyone there Chrissie looked to be the happiest as she could see her best friend and beloved puppy dressed up as bunny rabbits. To her it was the greatest thing that she had ever seen and even Claire found it to be cute as well. She was also happy to see that her younger sister was so filled with joy. For now, she hadn't had the heart to tell her that she was going to have to leave again for a while. She knew how upset Chrissie would get whenever she had to go away and it always broke her heart a little, but if she wanted to maintain the household, she would have to do that.

Remy couldn't help but feel humiliated and he was just glad that they weren't in public or else he would have likely died of embarrassment. Instead he just had to endure it for now although what he was mostly hearing was the sound of the sweet giantess giggling at the spectacle that she was seeing.

Meanwhile some distance away in his castle like lair Mean Man was laughing as he worked in his lab. His latest plan was not far from completion and he knew that this time it would be successful. Even though his previous plans had all been foiled by Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup he was still confident of victory. He was making the last adjustments to his plan and his chuckling was growing louder and louder.

In another room not far away Mean-Girl was trying to read a book that she had been reading for several weeks. It was slightly difficult for her to handle properly as her large hands made it more awkward than what she was used to before she was enlarged. She was enjoying the book but the chuckles of her employer were quite a big distraction for her. Too big for her to simply ignore and she grunted with annoyance as she put the book down and walked into the lab.

She didn't need to be reminded of her extreme height as she had to duck to get through a couple of doorways before she finally reached the lab. There she saw her employer sitting at a workstation and chuckling to himself. She stood there for several moments but it didn't seem like he noticed her. It wasn't until she cleared her throat that he even realised that she was standing there.

"Ah Mean-Girl my loyal minion," said Mean-Man. His words were quickly met with a more aggressive clearing of the throat from the towering woman. "I mean employee. I have come up with a plan that will guarantee us victory."

"Is this another one of your schemes to take over to city because as far as I'm concerned none of them work," replied Mean-Girl. If it wasn't for the money, she would have walked away from his employment a long time ago.

"No, not this time. I have something much sweeter in mind. You see, Easter is right around the corner and you know what people do on Easter?"

"Go to church?" She didn't seem to be too impressed with this and continued to look at him with some annoyance.

"Well that, but they also buy chocolate eggs for one another. With this new plan of mine all of those eggs are going to belong to us. And best of all we won't be sharing it with anyone else."

"And why would we want all those chocolate eggs? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of chocolate as much as the next person but even I don't think that we need that many. Besides, isn't it a lot easier and legal to just go buy some ourselves."

"No, it's not the same. You see it all started many years ago..." Mean-Girl rolled her eyes as she knew that she was going to have some ridiculous backstory about why they had to steal all of these eggs. "When I was just a boy there was nothing that I wanted more than to simply wanted one Easter egg, just one!" He raised his right index finger to indicate the number even though his very tall employee knew what he was talking about. "But my mother wouldn't allow me to have any, she told me that it would rot my teeth so instead she gave me bran muffins. BRAN MUFFINS!" The anger inside of him seemed to be rising. "But no more, now all of the Easter eggs are going to be mine and there's nothing that those two heroic buffoons can to stop me."

"And how do you plan to do that? I'm guessing that it is a massive undertaking if you were to try it."

"Not so my very tall friend." He chuckled for a moment before moving away from his desk for a moment so that Mean-Girl could see the device that he had created was relatively flat with a small keyboard and screen attached to it. From what she could see, it wasn't anything that seemed too impressive. "Behold, my latest creation, The Attractor!"

"The Attractor? What does it help get you a date or something?"

"Oh no, it is much better than that. All I need to do is to type in something and then it will draw whatever I typed in from within a fifty-foot radius. But if I were connected it to a high-power source, I could increase the range to several miles. Then all I need to do is type in chocolate Easter eggs and then every single one of them in the city will be drawn to this. Then all the eggs will belong to us." He began to laugh manically as to him his plan was fool proof.

"So does that thing only work for Easter eggs?" She seemed curious although she was still standing there with her arms crossed.

"Nope, it can work on any inanimate object. That is the true value of my genius." He was basking in his own greatness but his employee didn't seem to be too thrilled with all of this. She stared at him as she thought that he was a bit of an idiot.

"How about this for a suggestion? Rather than using this to steal Easter eggs, why don't you set it to something like gold? Or better still, money. That way we can be super rich and your device will actually be useful."

"For someone who is so big, you have a very small mind. Doing it like that would take all the fun away. No, this device is made purely for stealing Easter eggs and later tonight we will connect the power source and then steal all of the eggs. I'd say the local power plant should do, we'll sneak into there and then use all the power that the plant has to make this plan go without a hitch."

"Err, no can-do boss." She didn't appreciate being called small minded but she did have a valid excuse for not wanting to do it that day.

"You work for me, aren't you supposed to do what I tell you? That's what I'm paying you for."

"I told you, I have a title match tonight and you promised that you would go and watch me." She continued to stand there as she couldn't believe that he had forgotten. Her wrestling career was really taking off thanks to her extreme size and she thought tonight would be the first of many great achievements.

"I don't remember promising such a thing." Without saying a word Mean-Girl took out a small device from her pocket. When she pressed a button, they heard Mean-Man's voice promising to go and watch her wrestling match. It only lasted a few moments but when it was done it seemed like the supervillain didn't have a leg to stand on. "Oh, it was that promise, well you see..." He was trying to think of an excuse but none was coming to him. He could see the angry giant standing before him, he had seen what she had been able to do in the ring and he didn't want it to happen to him. He knew that it was all predetermined but seeing a giant woman throwing opponents across the ring like a ragdoll was still a daunting thought in his mind. "I'd love to come and watch you my dear, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Or several thousand Easter eggs."

"Good!" It seemed like she was satisfied for the time being so Mean-Man gave a sigh. He was just glad that he had dodged this bullet, but he was also disappointed that he would have to postpone his master plan for another day. Only after that would he be able to get what he felt that he rightfully deserved.

Not realising what was going on Chrissie continued to play with Remy Jr. in the house and also hug Remy for how cute he looked in his bunny costume. He just wanted to take it off as soon as he could but with Claire watching on, he dared not do that if he valued his job. The only thing that was keeping him going was the knowledge that he got a good wage out of it plus benefits.

However, the time eventually came when Chrissie felt that she should go out on patrol. This was a point of the day that Claire always dreaded but she knew that her sister was doing great things for the city and that it did need Chrissie-Girl. Already the sweet giantess had put on her cape and mask and had done the same for her beloved puppy. Now the crime fighting duo were ready to go on patrol.

"Claire, I'm going now," said Chrissie-Girl as she stepped towards the front door. She had her faithful puppy right next to her but no sooner had she spoke, she noticed Claire stepping toward her.

"Wait a minute Chrissie," replied Claire. Chrissie did turn towards her as the larger giantess knelt down so that she was more at level with her. Then Claire began to adjust Chrissie-Girl's mask so that it fit on her head better. "There we go, now you're all ready to go." She then embraced Chrissie in a hug. After the passing of their mother, Chrissie was all the family that Claire had and she always worried about her when she was on patrol. "Just be careful out there won't you."

"Of course, I'm always careful. Especially when I have Remy Jr.-Pup alongside me." This got a few barks from the superhero puppy was standing close to the gigantic foot of Chrissie-Girl. The hug did break off and she did make her way to the door and opened it. She did turn to her older sister and gave her a smile and wave. "Bye Claire, I love you."

"I love you too Sweetie." Claire smiled back and waved as she watched Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup leave the house. She gave a sigh as she stood up to her full height and looked at the door. She hadn't noticed that Remy was still standing there although he was still wearing the bunny outfit. He was glad that he would be able to take it off in a few moments but there was an elephant in the room that needed to be addressed.

"So, when are you going to tell her?" asked Remy. It wouldn't look too out of place if he had a carrot in his hand.

"When I'm good and ready." She gave a sigh as she remembered the last time that she had to leave. Chrissie clung onto her dress and cried as she didn't want her to leave. This was something that always broke the heart of Claire but if she wanted money to keep the lifestyle that they had she would have to leave again.

Remy would have liked to push the matter but he knew what Claire was like in these instances and because of this he left it at this. If the worst came to the worst, he knew that he would have to tell her instead. It was never an easy task as Chrissie loved her older sister dearly and being parted from her for a long period of time was difficult for her. In a way it was like she was losing a parent; they might have been sisters but their bond was closer than that. More like mother and daughter.

Not knowing the inner turmoil of her sister Chrissie-Girl went on her usual patrol with her partner in crimefighting Remy Jr.-Pup. She was somewhat expecting to have to deal with Mean-Man again as it had been a while since she had heard from her archnemesis and she thought that he might be up to something. Even though she knew where he lived, she didn't go there as he hadn't done anything wrong.

The duo was more than occupied with the crime that was taking place. A couple of purse snatchers were taken down by Remy Jr.-Pup and each time he caught one he would get a pat on his head for his trouble. This always made him happy and also was what he felt was his payment for his efforts. Being with his favourite person and seeing her happy made it all worthwhile for him, although it didn't hurt that he got some belly rubs out of it.

Although Remy Jr.-Pup didn't really agree with it, Chrissie-Girl did save one cat that had gotten stuck up a tree. The heroic puppy barked up at it as the superheroine easily grabbed onto it and placed it gently on the ground. No sooner did this happen it ran away as it wanted to get away from anything related to a dog.

Normally Chrissie would be upset with seeing her puppy not getting along with someone or something but even she knew about the rivalry between cats and dogs. Since no one was getting hurt she didn't mind it too much although she thought that maybe a few hugs would make Remy Jr.-Pup feel better.

Other activities that they took part including helping an old woman cross a road. Lifting up a motorist's car so that they could replace a tyre and helping a pregnant woman to the hospital. One thing that Chrissie-Girl did notice while they were on patrol was the fact that there were chocolate eggs in the windows of some stores. She looked forward to Easter so that she could have a few for herself although she was more than willing to share them with her sister and butler.

Not long-ago Chrissie-Girl had stated that she intended to share them with Remy Jr.-Pup as well but was quickly stopped by Claire informed her about the fact that dogs couldn't eat chocolate. This upset the sweet giantess but she was informed that he would be given something else instead, this did make her feel happier in the end as she didn't want him to be left out.

Eventually the crime fighting duo found themselves sitting down near a park and both of them had a hotdog. They hadn't paid for them but instead had been given them by a hotdog vendor. The week before they had stopped someone from stealing the money that he made so this was his way of saying thank you.

Both chomped into their hotdogs and although Chrissie-Girl could more than easily eat hers in a single bite she chose not to so that she could savour it more. The one that Remy Jr. had was almost as long as his entire body but this didn't seem to bother him as he ate it with a small amount of haste.

It didn't take too long for him to finish and when he was done, he lay on his back and rubbed his paws over his now bloated belly. A small belch came from the puppy and this got a giggle out of the giantess as she gave his belly a gentle rub which only caused him to bark even happier.

"You better not eat too many of those Remy Jr.-Pup or else you won't be able to fight crime anymore," said Chrissie-Girl. The puppy barked back at her as if he was responding to what she was saying. She giggled at this and even lay back a little. "We've done well tonight; Claire is going to be so happy with us." There were another series of barks that came from Remy Jr.-Pup. "You're right, normally Mean-Man would have done something mean by now, I wonder where he is."

She didn't realise that no more than half a mile away that Mean-Man was sitting within the crowd of wrestling fans as they watched Mean-Girl taking part in her title match. Known as the Great Wall, the crowd booed her as they saw her as the villain and cheered for the


There were plenty of loud boos as Mean-Girl seemed to dominate the Champion in the ring. However, there was a very loud cheer when the Champion began to make a comeback as after a series of kicks and even one clothesline, they were able to get Mean-Girl down to one knee.

The crowd for a moment thought that she was going to get the win but as she attempting her finishing manoeuvre Mean-Girl was able to power out of it with ease. This was followed by what looked to be a powerful kick to the face that downed the Champion like a sack of potatoes.

It seemed that this would be enough to pin the Champion for the win. However, Mean-Girl was able to lift her over her head and then drop her straight to the ground. Thanks to the great height of Mean-Girl and the general length of her arms it was a drop of roughly eleven or twelve feet.

Using her foot Mean-Girl was able to turn the Champion onto her back and then placed the foot on her chest. This was the same as pinning her so the referee quickly went down right next to the Champion and counted to three. Since she didn't get her shoulder up, he called for the bell and thus ending the match.

A chorus of boos could be heard as Mean-Girl under her ring name was declared the new champion. Her manage quickly got into the ring and he was jumping up and down as if he was the one who had just won a championship rather than her. This only got the crowd more riled up as a great number of them wanted to kick him where the sun didn't shine.

The referee did quickly leave the ring and pick up the title belt and take it back into the ring. It seemed like he was very intimidated and he watched as she glared at him. Rather than taking the title off of him, she lowered her hand as if to demand that he place it there. With some fear he did before hurrying back out of the ring. There were already a couple of medical professionals who had run down so that they could treat the now former champion.

With her newly won title in her hands Mean-Girl rose it up above her head and began to shout something in Cantonese. The sections of the crowd who could hear her had no idea what she was saying. There were likely only a few people in the entire crowd who were able to understand the language.

Now that the match was over Mean-Girl went to step out of the ring but just as she lifted her first leg over the ropes, she stopped. Slowly turning her head, she looked at the former champion before handing her manager her title belt and then stepping back into the ring. With little effort she was able to throw the medical professionals to one side as if they were simple ragdolls.

With them out of the way Mean-Girl grabbed the former champion by the throat and then lifted her up into the air. She kept her raised for several seconds so that the crowd could really boo her and then she slammed her defeated opponent into the ground. The boos had become even louder and yet the super tall woman didn't seem to be bothered by them. She seemed to be absorbing the boos and for a moment it seemed like the punishment for the former champion wasn't finished.

Quickly the manager had to grab onto Mean-Girl's arm and say something to her in Cantonese. This was when Mean-Girl finally stepped out of the ring and began to make her way to the back. There were boos and some people even began to throw popcorn at her, despite this there was an evil smile on her face as she disappeared around the back. In her mind, everything had gone perfect.

Mean-Man had watched everything and he was surprised with the reaction that the crowd was giving his employee. Although he knew that she was trained to do all of her moves safely it still looked like the former champion had taken an absolute beating. The fact that she was seen walking back up the ramp did cause the crowd to applaud her. She did receive help from a couple of medical professionals but the crowd appreciated her toughness and determination.

Now that the match was over Mean-Man was glad as now it meant that he could now focus his mind on his new evil plan. He was almost certain of its success but he did worry about Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup. On more occasions than he had cared to count he had thought that victory was assured, only for the heroes to defeat him once again. This was something that he found incredibly annoying but he thought that he had a plan to get around this.

All he could do for the time being was continue to plan as he was sure that he had something that could stop them. An idea did pop into his mind and it caused him to begin to smile at what he saw as his ultimate victory.