With some haste in her step Chrissie-Girl ran through the streets of the city. Normally she would allow Remy Jr.-Pup to run along with her. However, this time he was sitting in a pocket on her dress as she knew that he wouldn't be able to keep up. His safety was her priority so because of this she was careful with how she moved and it seemed like he was enjoying himself. He barked every now and again as he knew that what was going to happen next would be eventful.

As she continued to run, she could see the aftermath of what had happened. There were the cries of some children who suddenly had their Easter eggs suddenly taken away from them and there were a few stores with shattered windows. The eggs that had been inside had flown out and smashed the windows in the process. With everything that she saw, it gave the superheroine even more motivation to get to the bottom of this. She wanted to see her best friend Remy happy with his Easter egg and this in turn would make her happy as well.

Meanwhile some distance away Mean-Man seemed to be very happy as he saw more and more Easter eggs flying towards a large area just outside of his hideout. Originally, he was going to activate the device inside but Mean-Girl had convinced him that it was a bad idea. He had been annoyed by this at first but with the fruits of his labour before him he didn't care about that at all.

Mean-Girl did stand there and watch, even she was surprised that Mean-Man's device was actually working. She would have suspected that something would have gone wrong by that point in time. Instead it continued to bring in all the Easter eggs in the city. She still thought that it could be used to attract all the gold in the city but the truth was that she didn't care too much for her. Unlike her employer she wasn't all into the business of being evil, all that mattered to her was the wages. Although she was still annoyed with being so tall and her employer's seeming inability to shrink her back to normal.

"Look at this my employee!" stated Mean-Man in a very happy tone. He watched as the Easter Eggs continued to land on the ground right in front of him. The device was in his hand and he was pointing it up in the air. He had considered that he might get struck by some of the eggs but he had altered the device so such a thing couldn't happen. If he hadn't, it was likely that he would have received some bruises. "My latest and greatest plan is coming to fruition. Now gaze upon my greatness."

"You stole a bunch of chocolate eggs," replied Mean-Girl who didn't seem to be too impressed with what she was seeing. "You could have used this to steal something of greater value."

"Hmm maybe, but this is exactly what I want. I'm going to eat these eggs every day until next Easter and then I'll steal them all again!"

"You know eating that much chocolate is going to make you sick, don't you?" Her arms were crossed and she watched as he turned her head towards her. He did have to look up as well but this was something that he had gotten used to.

"Of course, that's why you're going to help me. I'll allow you to have one egg a week as a bonus for your efforts."

"Yay me." There was sarcasm in her voice but as far as Mean-Man was concerned, he didn't care. Instead he seemed to be more than happy with what was happening. "And who knows, since I'm so happy with this, I might be able to restore you to your normal size. Although you'd lose your wrestling career."

"I'd be more than happy to lose that if it means I can go to a store and pick out clothing that actually fits me." She gave a sigh as she remembered the last time that she had to go to a tailor in order to be measured for clothing. All of it hadn't been cheap as everything she wore was specially made.

"Fine, have it your way."

"Also don't you think this is enough eggs? You won't be able to eat them all before they expire."

"There will never be enough eggs!" He raised one of his hands as if he was making a point. "They'll keep coming until there's no more."

"Right, whatever you want boss."

Mean-Girl continued to stand there as she expected Chrissie-Girl to turn up at some point. The giant superheroine knew where the headquarters were and it was only a matter of time before she arrived. Mean-Girl didn't know what was going to happen when she arrived but just as long as there was no extreme size change, she would be more than happy as it was something that she found annoying.

The truth was that Chrissie-Girl was on her way but for the moment had found herself distracted. It wasn't something cute that had drawn her attention but instead having to help someone in need. This came in the form of a little girl who had gotten her cat stuck up a tree. Chrissie-Girl was more than happy to help get the cat down although Remy Jr.-Pup barked the entire time as he was no fan of cats.

For a moment the giantess had considered simply ignoring the girl so that she could confront Mean-Man but she couldn't simply ignore a citizen in need. Because of this she had stopped and helped. Even with the great Easter egg robbery she still could help everyone that she came across.

Remy Jr.-Pup more or less had the same mentality but continued to bark at the cat that was currently in Chrissie-Girl's hand. He had been taught that he should be willing to help anyone but his dog nature caused him to bark at it constantly. It was a rivalry that had existed since both species had come to being.

Eventually Chrissie-Girl did hand the cat back to the girl who thanked her before walking away. When the cat was out of sight Remy Jr.-Pup did eventually stop barking and he got a small stroke on his head. This made him happy again as he bobbed his tongue out and began to wag his tail.

"Another person is helped," said Chrissie-Girl. There were a couple of barks from her sidekick in response to this. "You're right, we were doing something, but I can't remember what it is right now." She stood there with some thought as she tried to remember why they had been on their way to. The silence was broken when she heard Remy Jr.-Pup beginning to bark again. "That was it, Mean-Man stole all of the Easter eggs and make Remy sad. We have to stop him, but there's one thing... Do you remember the way to his hideout, I can't remember right now?"

Remy Jr.-Pup couldn't help but sigh at this and he began to bark at Chrissie-Girl again. It sounded like he was giving directions and she did listen to him. She changed direction whenever she hears him bark a particular amount of times. For the moment it seemed like the heroic puppy was the one who was actually in charge of the pairing although he would give it up in an instant for a belly rub.

Eventually Mean-Man's base of operations could be spotted as it was the large almost castle like structure. This wasn't the first time that she had seen it and she remembered when she was caught by Mean-Bot and held captive there. It was likely that she didn't realise the gravity of the situation that she was in.

As the pair looked over to it, they could see the Easter Eggs flying towards it and they knew instantly that Mean-Man was definitely the one behind it. Before there had been some doubts but now it was staring them right in the face and there was no debating exactly what was taking place there.

"Look Remy Jr.-Pup," said Chrissie-Girl as she pointed to where all the eggs were. "That's were Remy's Easter eggs went," There were some barks from the puppy who seemed to be responding back to her. "You're right, only Mean-Man would be so mean to do something like that, we have to stop him and return the eggs to everyone."

With that Chrissie-Girl ran towards the castle like building with some haste. She was determined to succeed in this little adventure and return the Easter egg that she had bought for Remy. She had seen how happy he was when he received it and that was something that she wanted for him.

Unfortunately for her, her approach had not gone unnoticed as both Mean-Man and Mean-Girl had noticed the giant superheroine approaching. It was hard to miss someone of Chrissie-Girl's size and her appearance was something that the supervillain duo had been expecting.

Eventually Chrissie-Girl did reach the grounds where the Easter eggs had been gathering and since it was outside, she didn't have to worry about having to fit into anywhere. Instead she stood relatively close to where Mean-Man was standing and she also allowed Remy Jr.-Pup down to the ground. They both stood with a heroic pose and she looked down at the supervillain and his larger employee.

"Mean-Man," said Chrissie-Girl. She pointed down at him while he stood there with a confident look on his face. "What you're doing here is very mean, you made my bestest friend cry. So, me and Remy Jr.-Pup are here to stop you and return the eggs to their rightful owners."

"Ah Chrissie-Girl," replied Mean-Man with confidence in his voice. "I've been expecting you and I already devised a devious countermeasure to your appearance." His smile only grew as for the moment he only placed his latest device away and took out another one that looked similar to a laser gun. "Behold one of my newest and most revolutionary inventions, I call it the Bubble Destroyer."

"You made something that destroys bubbles?" She seemed genuinely sad about that as she liked bubbles and also liked for them to land on her hand before they popped. "Why would you do something like that?"

"Wait, what? It doesn't destroy bubbles. No, it does something much greater than that. Just watch and see what happens."

With that he fired the device and several fairly large bubbles fired out from it. Chrissie-Girl looked at them with confusion for a moment and she couldn't help but giggle. She wanted to catch some of these bubbles and feel them on her hand. However, there was something about them that Remy Jr.-Pup didn't like about them.

The heroic puppy's nose was sending him some bad vibes and something inside of him was telling him that these bubbles were very dangerous. He couldn't say what it was exactly but one thing that he was sure about was that Chrissie-Girl shouldn't be touching them at all. Because of this he began to aggressively bark up to her and even had to growl for a few moments.

"What is it Remy Jr.-Pup?" asked Chrissie-Girl as she looked down at him. It was about this time that she noticed one of the bubbles lands on the ground just away from the mountain of Easter eggs.

Suddenly the bubble popped and when it did it completely destroyed the ground around it. The crater that it had created was around a metre wide and half a metre deep. If something like that were to strike a person it would be very bad news for them. Although Chrissie-Girl was much larger than a normal person it would still cause a lot of damage to her.

That hadn't been the only bubble as there were several more that were floating towards the giant woman. Now that she could see how dangerous they were she quickly tried to dodge out of the way of the ones that she could see. Many of them were landing on the ground and crating large craters whenever they popped.

Unfortunately, due to Chrissie-Girl's size it was difficult for her to dodge them all and a couple of times she was close to being struck. Thankfully she was able to keep it up and all Mean-Man had to do was continue to stand there and fire his weapon. He knew that eventually the superheroine's luck would run out and his victory would be absolute. In his mind, no one else would be able to stop him.

However, Remy Jr.-Pup was still in the fight as he could see what the supervillain was doing. Because of this he barked loudly and began to run towards where Mean-Man was standing. He knew that the only way to save his favourite person was to stop him from firing his bubble themed weapon.

"Mean-Girl stop that annoying puppy!" commanded Mean-Man who noticed what Remy Jr.-Pup was doing. He considered him to be the most dangerous of the two, even though he was a cute puppy.

"Right," replied Mean-Girl who knew that she had to earn her keep. She stepped right in front of the path of the puppy and she prepared to grab him when he tried to go around her. In her mind this would be a simple capture.

Unfortunately for her, rather than trying to go around her like she had expected he instead went through her legs. Thanks to her great height it was more difficult for her to lower her hands quickly and grab him. For a moment her large fingers were able to brush against his golden fur but that was about it.

Now that he was out of reach from the super tall woman Remy Jr.-Pup continued to run towards Mean-Man. He continued to run quite aggressively and when he felt like he was close enough he jumped into the air. Rather than trying to bite Mean-Man he instead was able to knock the bubble device out of his hand.

There was a small shout of shock from the supervillain as he realised that he had been disarmed. He went to pick it back up but Remy Jr.-Pup quickly got between them and began to bark again as it was clear that he wouldn't allow him to get his hands on it again. This was something that he was annoyed by.

"Nice puppy," said Mean-Man as he tried to reach the bubble gun. However, each time he tried Remy Jr.-Pup would growl aggressively. But before anything else could happen, the puppy felt two large hands grab him and suddenly pick him up. It was easy to see that it was Mean-Girl who was behind this as heroic puppy had stayed still for a short time. This was long enough to be grabbed.

"You're not stopping anything little puppy," replied Mean-Girl. Remy Jr.-Pup continued to bark and he wiggled his legs in an attempt to free himself. This was useless however as he was powerless to free himself.

"Good job my employee!" He smiled for a moment as he thought that they had won. "Now to finish this off."

Just before he could grab onto the bubble ray, he suddenly noticed a shadow above her. He had to stop for a moment and he looked up. Much to his horror he could see Chrissie-Girl standing before him, without the need to dodge the bubbles for the time being she was able to reduce the distance between them.

Before he could grab onto it, he saw her stomp her foot down onto the bubble ray and there was a crunching sound. It was something that Mean-Man hadn't expected from her and he could see that she looked somewhat annoyed. It was one of the few times that he had ever seen her life this.

"Put my puppy down!" stated Chrissie-Girl in a serious tone. It was obvious that she wasn't playing around and Mean-Girl couldn't help but chuckle nervously as she placed Remy Jr.-Pup on the ground. He then quickly ran towards her and stood by her foot before barking at the villains again.

"Now can we talk about this?" replied Mean-Man who was also quite nervous at this point. He could see that Chrissie-Girl wasn't in her usually cheerful mood and he saw her place a hand on her hip and then point down at them.

"I'm very cross with the both of you. I'm going to count to ten and by then you better start returning the eggs that you stole."

Mean-Man and Mean-Girl began look up with a small amount of fear and confusion as they didn't know exactly what they were going to do. All they could see was Chrissie-Girl with her hands on her hips and counting up. Normally counting would be quite difficult for her but counting up to ten was something that she was fairly competent at.

"Tell me you have some kind of plan," said Mean-Girl who didn't want to see what would happen once the superheroine reached the number ten.

"I might have one," replied Mean-Man. Quickly he reached into his pocket and pulled out another ray gun. "I just hope that it works."

With that Mean-Man fired the ray gun straight into Chrissie-Girl's chest. She didn't have chance to dodge out of the way and it struck her. This caused her to stop counting as she seemed to disappear in an instant. Mean-Girl looked in some amazement as the gigantic superheroine was now gone.

Out of all of them Remy Jr.-Pup seemed to be the one in the most distress as he had just seen the most important person in his life disappear into thin air. He looked around and tried to smell her but besides her scent that had been there, he couldn't smell her at all. This caused the puppy to experience a great amount of stress.

"W-What happened to her?" asked Mean-Girl. She couldn't help but feel amazed and somewhat horrified as well. "What does that thing you have do?"

"Ah this is my instant teleportation ray gun," replied Mean-Man. "It's able to instantly teleport a person no matter how big they are."

"And you only decided to use it now and not before?"

"To tell you the truth I forgot that I had this thing with me. I create so many inventions and devices that it is sometimes hard to keep track of them. But at least now we've won this battle."

"Yeah but where did you send her?"

"What's that?" He seemed to be confused by her question as he looked at her. It was as if she had just asked a very difficult question.

"When you hit her with that ray gun where exactly did it send her?"

"Hmm, actually I'm not sure. Whenever I struck anything with this, I would never find it again. She could have ended up anywhere." He chuckled nervously as he began to think about it more. "I guess that's why I didn't find much of a use for it."

During this time Remy Jr.-Pup continued to look around to attempt to find Chrissie-Girl. Much to his distress he couldn't find her at all. This caused the puppy a great amount of stress as he feared that the worst had happened to her. He looked over to Mean-Man and began to bark at him angrily. If he could speak, right now the puppy would be telling the supervillain to bring her back.

Eventually it came to Remy Jr.-Pup jumping up at Mean-Man and being able to grab it out of his hand with his mouth. This caught the supervillain by surprise who tried to grab it back from the puppy. Unfortunately, his paw had already pressed the trigger as he was trying to figure out how to bring Chrissie-Girl back.

Instantly another ray shouts out of the ray gun but this time it struck Mean-Man and like Chrissie-Girl before him, he disappeared in an instant. This left Mean-Girl to look on in shock as he didn't know exactly how to react to what had just happened. Not only was Chrissie-Girl gone but so was her employer.

Both Remy Jr.-Pup and Mean-Girl stood there as neither of them knew what to do at that moment in time. Their will to fight had completely disappeared and the eight-foot woman even stepped towards the puppy. Rather than trying to grab him like she had done previously she instead crouched to him and in his shock over everything that had happened he let go of the ray gun.

Even though there was some puppy saliva on it, Mean-Girl still picked up the ray gun and she began to examine it. She didn't want to be the one blamed for the Easter egg theft and she wanted to bring both Mean-Man and Chrissie-Girl back. Unlike her employer she didn't have a hatred towards the giant superheroine and had simply been doing the job that she had been paid to do.

"W-Where did they go?" asked Mean-Girl as she looked around for a moment. The ray gun looked to be quite small in her hands and it would be difficult for her to use. "Maybe we can use this thing to bring them back. It can't be that hard." She then looked at the device further and couldn't see any return button.

Mean-Girl even resorted to opening a panel that was located on the ray gun and she saw a series of what looked to be complicated wiring. This left her completely clueless as she had no idea where she was going to start. It was more than she could comprehend and this made her fear that not only had she lost her employer but she would also be out of a job. She still had her wrestling career but she preferred to have something more stable as well.

During this time Remy Jr.-Pup seemed to be as confused as the super tall woman as he too had no idea how he was going to get Chrissie-Girl back. He couldn't help but whimper in sadness as the thought of never seeing his beloved friend was beginning to cross his mind. He knew the love that she had for him and although there were others who could give him hugs as well as belly rubs. Deep down he knew that none of them would be the same to her and for the time being, he had to accept that she was gone.

Suddenly he felt the large hand of Mean-Girl come down towards him, rather than trying to pick him up like before, she merely stroked his head. She knew how important Chrissie-Girl was to him and she hoped that they could bring them back but at that moment in time she didn't know how they were going to do it.

Meanwhile in a place that was completely unknown to him, Mean-Man found himself in this unfamiliar environment. From what he could see he was on some kind of rocky surface that stretched for practically as far as the eye could see. There did seem to be something just beyond that but he couldn't tell at all.

Rather than having the sun above him, instead the atmosphere seemed more of a grey colour. It wasn't anywhere that he had been before and there was some fear that radiated from his body. He constantly looked around for anything that could be of use or indication of where he was.

Suddenly several metres away Mean-Man noticed something that looked to be fairly large. Seeing this as an opportunity to try and find a way home he quickly ran towards it. Within seconds he had reached his destination but rather than finding anything useful he instead found a box.

The box itself was around three feet tall and it seemed to be something that he did recognise. As he looked at the marks and writing on the side of it, he recognised it as one of the test subjects that he had used some time before. When he had been testing out the teleportation ray, this was one of the objects that he had used. It made sense that it would be here but to him it was completely useless.

There had been nothing inside of the box before he had sent it here and after a quick check there was still nothing in there. This was disheartening for him but he was simply glad to be alive. Worse still was the fact that when he had disappeared, he didn't have chance to grab to grab any of the Easter Eggs which meant that even though he had stolen every single one in the city he now didn't have any for himself.

Just as he was about to shout out in annoyance, he heard a loud thud behind him. This caught him somewhat by surprise and quickly he turned around to try and spot where the sound was coming from. He was soon confronted by a gigantic pair of feet and as he looked up, he saw the familiar figure of Chrissie-Girl standing there before him.

Almost instantly he became afraid as he didn't know how he was going to get out of this situation. He had none of his trusty devices or weapons on his person which meant he had no defence against the gigantic superheroine. Almost instantly he tried to run but he quickly felt her hands reach down and grab onto him without much issue. He soon found himself staring face to face with her and he was afraid with what she was going to do or say.

Rather than seeing an angry expression on Chrissie-Girl's face he instead could see that she seemed very worried. There were even a couple of tears that were rolling down her face as she continued to hold him. Her grip was tight enough that he wouldn't fall but it didn't cause him any discomfort.

"W-Where are we?" asked Chrissie-Girl with concern in her voice. "I can't see my Remy Jr.-Pup."

"I-I'm not sure where we are," replied Mean-Man. Some of his fear was melting away but there was still the fact that he and his archnemesis were stuck in a place that they had no idea about.

"I wanna go home!"

By this point Chrissie-Girl began to cry as she was still holding onto Mean-Man. The supervillain could do nothing but wait for an opportunity to speak again. It did give him more time to think about some kind of plan but with the tiny amount of information that he had it was impossible to think of anything decent. For the time being he had to accept that he was stuck here with Chrissie-Girl for the foreseeable future.