Mean-Man looked up in sheer terror at what he was seeing before him. Even Chrissie-Girl backed away in fear as she too could see the same creature as him. It was a gigantic monster with red scaly skin with sharp teeth and horns. Saliva dripped from its mouth as it looked down at Mean-Man and the first thing that it could imagine was eating the evil mad scientist in one gulp.

The creature itself was roughly the same height as Chrissie-Girl who seemed to be too terrified for the moment to be able to do anything. Following another film that he had seen, Mean-Man stood absolutely still in the hopes that it wouldn't be able to see him. Instead the creature swung its long tail and roared at him. This caused him to scream in terror and begin to run away.

Normally he would have ran towards the portal and hopefully to home but the creature had quickly been able to get between him and the portal. With his escape cut off, instead he ran towards the only protection that he knew which was in the form of the giant superheroine that was standing behind him.

The creature quickly moved towards him but it did seem to notice Chrissie-Girl for the first time and stopped in its tracks. Rather than feeling intimidated by the sweet giantess it instead roared at her and this caused her to scream in terror. She quickly closed her eyes and squatted down to the ground. The fear that she experienced was almost too much for her mind to comprehend and she seemed to be simply shutting down.

"Chrissie-Girl!" shouted Mean-Man as he ran towards her. He expected to see the towering superheroine quickly move forward and take on the creature. Rather than cowering in the manner that she was doing. "What are you doing?"

"It's too scary," replied Chrissie-Girl. She shook her head and didn't open her eyes at all. "It wants to hurt me."

"This is no time for such things." He then saw the tail of the creature whipping towards them. "Look out!"

Mean-Man was able to dodge out of the way at the last minute. Unfortunately, Chrissie-Girl was simply too big to be able to get out of the way in time and it struck her. It caused her to fall to the ground and although it didn't really hurt her that much it was still enough to upset her.

Tears began to roll down her face as she was still scared. But something inside of her was telling her that she had to stand and fight. Even though she was a superheroine, fighting was something that she just wasn't good at. But with her life and that of Mean-Man on the line she knew that she had to do something.

Without thinking too much the giantess got up to her feet and grabbed onto the wrists of the creature as it tried to slash her. She seemed to be keeping it in position for a moment and it tried to scratch her with its long claws. Unfortunately for it, it couldn't make too much progress as its hands were simply being held too far away from it.

Seeing his chance, Mean-Man did try to make his way to the portal but before he could reach it, he saw the tail of the creature sweep towards him. This time he wasn't able to get out of the way as it struck him and sent him flying back. This caused him a small amount of pain and he could see that if he was going to get through this, that the creature needed to be defeated.

Unfortunately, he wasn't sure whether Chrissie-Girl had it in her to defeat the monster. Since he was her mortal enemy, he knew many of her strengths and weaknesses. That was why he had enlarged his employee Mean-Girl to match the superheroine's colossal height. However, this had not worked and had ended in defeat again.

This time he would have to use his mind to help Chrissie-Girl. He knew that there was no chance that he could defeat it in a fight. She was the only chance that he had but he didn't know how he could help her. Normally he would be routing for her defeat but now he wanted her to win.

Mean-Man was trying to think of a way to help her but there didn't seem to be anything that he could do. All his gadgets were back at his hideout and he didn't have any on his person whatsoever. Normally he would carry his disintegrator with him everywhere he went, but he had put it on charge earlier and hadn't picked it up. This annoyed him as this would be an ideal time to use it.

"Chrissie-Girl!" shouted Mean-Man. "You have to fight that thing for both of our sakes." Instead of fighting he could see the giantess get pushed back and she seemed to be very scared. She was still on her feet but she wanted all of this to be over.

"I can't," replied Chrissie-Girl. She shook her head and squatted down. "It's too scary, it wants to hurt me."

"But you have to..." Just then an idea did appear in his mind, he knew that it would be a longshot but he thought that it was best to try since the only alternative was the end of the both of them. "Chrissie-Girl, that thing isn't trying to hurt you."

"It's not?" She seemed to catch her by surprise, she continued to look at the creature which was slowly walking towards her.

"No, it's just in a very bad mood, but I know what'll make it feel better. You need to give it a really big hug."

"I-It wants a hug." Her face began to light up as the thought of giving someone a hug was one that always made her happy.

"Yes, so go and give it a great big hug. However, those things need can't feel a normal hug, you're going to have it a really hard hug."

"Ok, I can do that."

The smile was still on Chrissie-Girl's face as she quickly went up to the approaching creature. It snarled at her and it didn't expect her to suddenly grab onto it. The manner that she had grabbed onto the creature pinned its arms against its body. Normally she would give it a pleasant hug she gave it a very strong bearhug. This caused the creature great discomfort as it even felt itself get picked off the ground.

It struggled as best as it could but it didn't seem to be able to break free. The grip that the sweet giantess had on the creature was seemingly unbreakable. Whatever pain she was causing, she seemed to be completely unaware of it. Instead she just smiled and continued to hug.

"I love you," said Chrissie-Girl as she continued to hug the creature. It was shrieking out in pain as it could feel some of its bones beginning to break.

"You need to hug it even harder," replied Mean-Man. He was safely several feet away from the battle and he was more than happy to stand there and bark orders. "That's the only way that it can feel it."

Chrissie-Girl did as she was told as she instantly increased the pressure around the creature. If her hug wasn't causing it pain before, it certainly was now. Loud cracking sounds could be heard as the hug continued and with one more loud growl there was one final crack before it went limp and its head fell forward. This was noticed by Chrissie-Girl who looked at it and gave a disappointed sigh.

"Ah, I broke it," said Chrissie-Girl with disappointment in her voice. She let go of it and allowed it to drop onto the ground. "Is he alright?"

"Of course, it is," replied Mean-Man as he stepped forward. With the danger seemingly passed his confidence grew instantly. "He is just so overjoyed with your hug that he needs to rest. When he gets up, he's going to be one very happy monster and he'll thank you for it. You've done a great thing today Chrissie-Girl."

"Thank you." Any sadness for what had happened had been taken away completely as she thought that the creature was merely sleeping rather than the fate that it had just experienced. "He's going to be so happy when he wakes up."

"H-He sure will be." He then looked towards the portal that was still close by and the thoughts of betraying Chrissie-Girl was still there. However, there were other thoughts that were going through her mind. This was a small amount of guilt that he would feel if he did betray her.

Not just that but taking over the city without anyone trying to stop her was no challenge for him whatsoever. Also, he had seen how she had practically risked her own life to save her and because of this he simply didn't have the heart to leave her behind. Instead he began to walk towards the portal and he looked over to her. She was still standing there with a smile on her face.

"Actually Chrissie-Gil, I have another idea," said Mean-Man. He gave a small sigh as he knew in the long run that he would most likely regret his actions. "I just thought that it might be impossible for me to come back after stepping through the portal. So, I want you to wait for five seconds after I've come through before you use it, alright?"

"Ok," replied Chrissie-Girl. "I can count to five very easily. I only need to use one hand, or is it two?"

"Whatever works best for you. Just remember to go through after five seconds alright?" Chrissie-Girl nodded at him and still had the smile on her face. It was a look that he disliked but with everything that had happened it was the least of his worries.

With that Mean-Man stepped towards the portal and took a deep breath before stepping through it. He didn't know what was going to happen as found himself flying through it at incredible speeds. He didn't remember this when he was teleported away by his teleportation device. He couldn't help but scream a little as he did this as he didn't know what was going to happen to him as soon found himself rolling on the ground.

Above him was a normal looking sky and as he looked to his side, he could see a very tall woman looking down at him along with a puppy wearing a blue domino mask. They were people that he recognised as one was definitely his employee Mean-Girl and the other was his other archnemesis Remy Jr.-Pup.

He gave a sigh and a small chuckle as he realised that he was home. After everything that had happened, he seemed to be home safe without any giant monsters or bats trying to stop him in this quest.

Just then he saw a flash of light and moments later he felt something pressing down on him with quite a lot of force. There was something on top of him that was a light blue colour and felt like fabric. He was completely stuck where he was and he realised that it was Chrissie-Girl who was sitting on him and she didn't fully realise what she was doing.

"Hi everyone!" said Chrissie-Girl with her usually bubbly tone. "We're back." The next thing she knew she could hear excited barking and she could see her beloved puppy Remy Jr.-Pup quickly making his way towards her. She didn't hesitate in picking and giving him a cuddle. "I love you too Remy Jr.-Pup."

"Chrissie-Girl," replied Mean-Girl as she stepped towards the gigantic superheroine. "If you wouldn't mind, I think you're sitting on my employer."

"Your what?" This was when she lifted up her leg and realised that Mean-Man was beneath her. Quickly she got up to her feet and she watched as he did the same. However, his was at a much slower pace than her and he staggered once he had gotten back up to her feet. With everything that had happened it seemed like this was the icing on the cake.

However, when Mean-Man did get his mind all set again he looked over to where the mountain of Easter eggs had been. However, rather than seeing thousands of them, instead there were only two normal size Easter eggs remaining. His jaw dropped as he saw this and he looked around in disbelief.

"My eggs!" stated Mean-Man with great confusion in his voice. "What happened to my ill-gotten Easter Eggs?"

"That puppy pressed a couple of buttons on your device and they all went flying away," replied Mean-Girl. She didn't seem be too bother about what had happened. "If I had to guess, I'd say that they've gone back to their rightful owners."

"And you didn't try to stop him at all?"

"No, I thought you were gone and I wasn't going to eat thousands of Easter Eggs." She then looked over at where the Easter Eggs had been and she noticed that there were still two left. "I tell a lie, there are still a couple there."

"Those are my eggs," answered Chrissie-Girl when she glanced over at them. They were the ones that she had purchased earlier that day and she quickly leaned forward and picked them up. She was glad that she had gotten them back as she thought that her friend Remy would be upset if he didn't have his egg returned to him.

"It's not fair!" shouted Mean-Man as he went down to his knees. There were some tears in his eyes as he looked down to the ground. "All I wanted was someone to give me an Easter Egg, is that too much to ask for." He continued to wallow in his self-pity but within moments he noticed a giant hand lower down towards him with an Easter Egg inside of it. As he looked up, he could see Chrissie-Girl looking down and smiling at him. With some caution he took the egg out of her hand and she was still smiling down at him. "Y-You're giving me this egg?"

"Yep." Her tone was somewhat childlike as to her it seemed like what she was saying was quite obvious.

"But why?" In his mind it was impossible for the superheroine to do something like this. "It makes no sense."

"I have an Easter Egg for my bestest friend and it left me with another one. You helped me earlier so I'm giving you this Easter Egg so that you can be happy this Easter. No one should be sad."

Mean-Man wanted to curse Chrissie-Girl for her actions. However, he couldn't bring himself to doing this as he simply held onto the boxed chocolate egg and cried a little more. For the first time in his entire life, someone had bought him an Easter Egg. This was too much for him to process for the moment.

He did feel a smaller but still large hand on his back. He didn't look up but he knew that it was Mean-Girl who was doing this. It was true that at times she strongly disliked him, but even she didn't want to see him like this. At least his tears of sorrow had been replaced with tears of joy.

Seeing that her job here was done Chrissie-Girl quickly scooped up her beloved puppy and made sure that she also had the egg. Then she began the walk back home so that she could see Claire and Remy once again. Although she had been frightened during her adventure, she was glad to be back and to be alongside the people that she loved.

Thanks to her gigantic size, the long walk back home was actually relatively short for her as she arrived at the door and opened it. The first person that she met there was Claire who quickly went down to one knee and hugged her younger half-sister. Even though she knew that Chrissie could take care of herself, she still always worried about her whenever she went out as Chrissie-Girl.

To the sweet giantess this was probably the best greeting that she could have gotten as being with her sister was always something that made her happy. There was another reason for why Claire was hugging her tightly, she was upset about the news that she was going to tell her and was trying to make it easy on the both of them.

"I love you Claire," said Chrissie-Girl as she still felt the embrace of her older sister's hug. It was one thing that she loved almost above anything else.

"I love you too Chrissie," replied Claire. It was at that moment when she broke off the hug between herself and her sister. "Now you and your puppy better get yourself changed; dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

With that Chrissie-Girl quickly made her way towards her room with her puppy and the Easter egg in her hand. Claire watched as she happily walked to her room and the larger giantess couldn't help but sigh. She always wanted to see her sister happy but she knew that there were times where she was going to be upset. In the very near future, it seemed like it was going to happen again.

Inside of her room Chrissie-Girl took off her cape and mask and simply became Chrissie once again. She did the same for her puppy as he reverted back to simply being Remy Jr. He was happy that his favourite person was back but it was still nerve-racking for him when she had disappeared. Part of him was afraid that he would never see her again. The fact that she was here with him right was more than enough to make him the happiest puppy in the world. He knew that Remy and Claire would still love and care for him if she wasn't around but it wouldn't be the same without the sweet Chrissie in his life.

In the kitchen Remy was doing his best to make the dinner. It was not an easy task for him as he was a normal size man living in a mansion designed for giants. Thankfully today he had Claire helping him and this certainly made his job easier. Neither of them had any idea what had happened to Chrissie during her last outing as a superheroine but since she didn't seem to be hurt and was still happy, they thought that nothing terrible had happened.

Instead they just carried on making dinner. Claire had already decided that it was around the time when they started eating that she would tell Chrissie the news that she had been dreading to tell her. It was something that she really didn't want to do but with everything else that was happening, she felt that she had to tell her now.

Eventually the dinner was ready and Claire carried it out to the table where they would all normally eat. There were only two giant chairs as there were only two giant occupants in the house. Remy had his own small table that was placed on top of the gigantic table and Remy Jr. had his own bowl that was placed near where Chrissie would eat.

It was a dining arrangement that they had been using for some time since Claire had returned and no one seemed to have any complaints about it. Many would not allow a dog to eat at the table like this but since the table was gigantic and the puppy meant so much to Chrissie, they allowed it. Plus, even they thought that he was absolutely adorable and could probably get away with doing whatever he wanted. Thankfully due to Chrissie's influence he was a very good and happy puppy.

Once she was called, the sweet giantess quickly made her way to the table and sat down at it as Claire brought out her dinner. She also placed Remy down on the table and he sat on his own seat. He saw that Chrissie had already placed his Easter egg there and he was happy to see it returned. At that moment in time he didn't know what exactly happened when it was taken away and as of yet, the superheroine hadn't explained it. Even so, the most important thing was that it had been returned and as far as he knew, all the other Easter eggs too had been returned to their rightful owners.

After several minutes of eating Claire took a deep breath as she knew what she was going to do was going to be very difficult. Even so she knew that it had to be done and she looked over to her younger sister. She could see her stroking her puppy as he finished the last of his dinner. She giggled again and this only seemed to make the larger giantess's task that much more difficult.

"Chrissie," said Claire with some hesitance in her voice. This was heard both by Chrissie and Remy. He knew what was going to happen but said nothing as he knew that this moment would have to be handled gingerly.

"Yes Claire," replied Chrissie with her usual bubbly tone. In her mind there was nothing wrong and that she wouldn't be upset.

"There's something that I need to tell you." She gave a sigh as she tried to think of the best way to word this. She had gone through it in her head many times over. But trying to do it in practice was incredibly difficult. Seeing her sister's joyous expression only made the task that much more difficult.

"What is it?" She then realised something and this made her worried. "You don't want to get rid of Remy Jr., do you?" She then held onto her puppy who seemed a little confused about the situation.

"Of course not, he's a part of the family now. No what I need to tell you is very important." She gave a small sigh. "I need to go back to work again."

"What?" Almost in an instant, any joy that Chrissie had been experiencing was now gone. "But why, you like being here?"

"I need to go back so that I can earn the money that we need to live here." She could see the tears developing in Chrissie's eyes. "Look, we knew that it would only be for a little while. When I come back, we can have all the fun that we want. How does that sound?"

"I don't want you to go away!" stated Chrissie in a very loud and upset voice. "I want you to stay here we me!"

Before Claire could say anything in response, Chrissie picked up Remy Jr. and quickly made her way towards her room. She was crying the entire way there and Claire could do nothing to stop her. More than anything she wanted to go to her sister and comfort her, but for now she thought that it was best to give her some space.

Deep down she felt awful about this and she wanted nothing more than to make her younger sister happy again. But this was something that couldn't be fixed easily and would take time for her to get over. She remembered the last time that she had to go away and how upset Chrissie had become. It was difficult then and it was difficult now, all she could do was give a sigh and that was when she glanced down and saw Remy sitting there. He hadn't moved from his seat and he did seem to be a little nervous.

"Not a word Remy," said Claire with a disappointed tone in her voice. "Just please make sure my sister doesn't do anything alright."

"Y-Yes ma'am," replied Remy. He knew that he wasn't supposed to say anything but he was still lowered down to the ground and he walked away. This left the older and larger giantess in the room by herself.

The events had broken her heart just as much as it had for Chrissie. At no point did she ever want to be away from her sister like this but unfortunately there were things in life that couldn't be helped. That was something she was upset about herself but she couldn't turn down the money. The price of supporting two giant women and a house like this wasn't cheap.

Now that she was alone, Claire began to clear up the dinner. Not only because it was easier for her to do it but also to help take her mind off what had happened. This was difficult as she could hear Chrissie crying and this too put tears into her own eyes. But there was something else that was causing some discomfort.

Claire couldn't put her finger on it immediately but she could feel some pains in different parts of her body. She couldn't fully explain it but over the next several minutes she could feel it more and more. Not just that but it was also a sensation that she had experienced more than once before.

This was on her mind a lot as she tried to move through the house so that she could make her way to bed. However, she felt a surge of pain throughout her entire body and it caused her to collapse onto the ground. She couldn't help but grunt loudly as she landed on the ground and she hoped that she hadn't broken a bone.

The pain that she was feeling was something that both she and Chrissie had felt before in the past. It was something that was familiar to giants, she was going through a growth spurt. Standing at sixty-five feet already the thought of becoming even bigger was not a pleasant one for her.

Everything seemed to be going wrong for her. She had upset her beloved sister and now she was in the early stages of a growth spurt. Not only that but she was going to have to go back to work, unfortunately for her all this had happened at the worst time and she felt that things might not be the same again.