Front, center, step.

Watch the lines, clean them up.

Breathe, out, plie

Everything with purpose, everything with precision.

Relevé, en pointe, à plat.

The mirror is a guide, correct every imperfection.

Respirer, centrer, respirer

What you see is a fraction of what they see.

Attitude, demi-detourné, soutenu

Even a small shake can destroy everything.

Soutenu, breathe, soutenu

Don't allow yourself to come apart.

Tendu, soutenu, breathe,

Stumble and fail, doubt and fail.

En avant, jeté, en l'air.

Close your eyes so you don't flinch.

Glissade, en face, adage.

Back on your feet, back in the world.

Arabesque, sourire, salut.

Turn to walk away, don't stop smiling.

Breathe, step, think.

It's okay, everything's finished.

Breathe, breathe, shudder.

Let it out.