Crystal's Pool

Sunflower took a deep breath as she made her way down the narrow trail that cut through thick foliage that surrounded her. The going was roughly, she only had the light of the moon and her flashlight to help her pick her way down the narrow footpath. As she released her breath, she started to ponder why she was doing this. The hike to the pool was some five or six miles from camp. And she has been hiking for at least three and a half hours. On average she could manage a mile an hour, two on flat ground.

"There better be something waiting for me." Sunflower said as she paused to reach down and take a drink from her canteen. Despite the coolness of the Alpine forest. The heat of the summer is still shown through. Combined with the coolness of the weather, and the thick foliage of the forest and intense hike. And you would have a very tired and soaking wet Sunflower.

"Bloody." She said, stripping herself of the light woolen sweater. "It was cool when I left." She said signing as she balled the sweater up and stuffed it into her backpack. As she was stuffing her sweater into her backpack, she happened to run across the cool glass surface of her prayer beads. Taking a deep breath, she reached down and pulled out the deep, blue beads from her sack. The dim light of the moon, reflected wonderfully on the silver plated surface of the crucifix at the bottom of the string.

Since her conversion, along with the rest of her family from Anglicism to Catholicism, she had started to embrace the teaching of the church of Roman more fully than she had embraced the church of England. There dealing with the supernatural also sparked her curiosity, and caused her to study canon law and lore harder and deeper than before. One rite she had run into was the rite to please a spirit by offering a blessed object. The rosary she now had was one such object. One that had been blessed with the sole understanding that it would be offered to the ghost of Krystal in hopes of helping her move on.

Also, she hoped to write an article about it and publish it. That would be her second such article about the supernatural. She had written one before, one about a encounter with a ghost train, Rachel, her best friend and partner in crime, had tagged along with her on that little adventure.

A deep blush colored her puffing cheeks as she rubbed her bottom through the fabric of her thin, cotton, forest green skirt. Not only had her little adventure earned her some much needed coins, some fifty quid had been credited to her and Rachel's account each. Once taxes, fees and such had been taken out.

"Maybe, I could turn this into a story." She said smiling a hopeful smile as she started once more on her hike. Another hour passed, before she came upon the small, but deep running brook that would lead her to Crystals Pool. The brook, would later become a swift moving river, one that ran deep and cold.

"And so." Sunflower said bending down and filling her canteen with the clear, rushing water. "We find the tiny little stream that would turn into the swift flowing Willow River." `

For a good long minute, Sunflower stood there and peered toward the small, shall stream running before her. As she mused, she found it hard to believe that from this little brook, the mighty Willow was born, she also found it hard that this little brook would lead her to the broad, deep pool called "Crystal's Pool". The pool was the source of the River Willow. From it sprung dozens upon dozens of small offshoots. Trout Brook being one of those offshoots. All those offshoots where come together in a place called "River Meeting" that place was deep within the forest that surrounded the place. A place she had yet to see herself. But if rumors and legends where to be believed, water fairies and spirits where said to dwell there.

From "River Meeting" the Willow snaked its way through a thick forest of Willow Trees that dotted its banks, it would be in a bend of this section. One where the water was gentle, and bone chilling cold even in the middle of Summer that a party would be thrown the day before the last of camp.

Shaking her head, Sunflower cleared all thoughts of the party, of fairies and such vanished as she once more started the track toward the pool. The moon was now high above her head and the trees along the path where now marked with small offerings. Plain wooden crosses dotted the pathway. Old, moss covered teddy bears too had been tied to the trees. Offerings to the spirit of Crystal who was said to form the rocky shore.

"Hell's bells, and little fishy tails." Sunflower said taking a deep breath as she peered toward the moss covered teddy bears, where the color of their fake fur had been washed out by countless seasons of being exposed to the elements. Their black eyes seem almost hollow. Taking a deep breath she pushed on, till at last she came into a clearing of trees.

As she passed the last tree, she came into view of the whole pool. A large mile wide pool. In the pale moonlight she could see the gravel shoreline that ringed the pool. Beyond the gravel there could be seen soft, gray colored sand and in the middle, nothing. Nothing at all, nothing but darkness. Dozens upon dozens of large size shadows floated upon the surface of the sandy shore. Sunflower noticed those shadows first.

"So." She said, smirking a little. "Instead of walking up and down Trout Brook all day, I could have just hiked up her and caught the biggest fish in the whole camp. Dang, getting beaten by that little space cadet." She said signing as she shook her head.

Clearing her head, she started toward the edge of the pool, with each step she took, she could feel a sense of dread building deep inside of her, finally just inches from the waters edge, she stopped. Once she stopped, she reached down and pulled out the rosary. Balling the string of beads up in her hand, she tossed them quickly into the air, the beads traveled in a overarching manner through the air and landed with a loud splash. Waves, caused by the beads hitting the water sprayed out and rolled across the black surface.

The glass beads quickly sunk under the surface of the water. A sudden breeze blew down from the mountain peaks and kissed Sunflowers flaming cheeks, the hooting out of an owl broke the stillness. Then a loud splash, and feeling of something cold touching her shoulder. Sunflower quickly spun around and there in the darkness she met the glowing yellow eyes of Crystal.

"You dropped something." Crystal said taking a deep breath as she held out the string of beads. Her long, black hang hung in just above her shoulders. Her skin was tinted a deep blue color and her eyes were yellow like a cats. The forest green skirt she wore seemed to soaking wet, though no water dripped down from it, and her blouse seemed to hug her chest in dampness, though once more no water seemed to drip from it.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she peered toward Crystal. Quickly she felt the blood in her body turn to ice water as she peered into those deep, deep glowing yellow eyes. Quickly she took a few steps back, treading into the water, the cold water licked at her heels.

"Crystal!" She said failing around, she was about to fall, but Crystal's ghostly fingers reached over and took her by the hand and pulled her up.

"Maybe we should talk, I need to do something about you girls coming up here every summer and tossing things into my home." She said as she pulled Sunflower toward a fallen log.

"What are you going to do!" Sunflower said, starting to panic a little as she felt herself being pulled toward the moss covered log. "You're not going to eat me or anything are you!" She shouted as she started to struggle and pull.

Crystal blinked and blinked again.

"Hardly." She said taking a deep breath as she peered toward Sunflower. "I'm going to spank you for trespassing onto my land and throwing your stuff into my home, that's about it, and I'm going to politely ask that you, take all this stuff with you." And with that being said, she eased her bottom down upon the moss encrusted log. Once she was seated, she reached over and pulled Sunflower across her lap, with one quick tug of the wrist.

Sunflower blinked, and blinked again as she felt herself being pulled toward the log. Confused, and stunned, she could only allow herself to be pulled over the phantom's lap. Her feeling of confusion, quickly became one of panic as she felt her skirt being lowered. The cool, mountain breeze teased her soft, buttered creamed colored bottom.

"Now!" Crystal said taking a deep breath as she raised her hand up, and quickly brought it down upon Sunflowers bottom, sending a wave of sting, followed by a wave of burn. "You're going to listen to me!" Another cracking wave of sting and burn rolled into Sunflowers bottom.

"Yes!" Sunflower chirped as she felt her round bottom cheeks get slapped, a few good times. "Yes ma'am!" She said, taking a deep breath as she wiggled her bottom around in a vain hope of easing the sting. Being spanked by a ghost.. Was oddly more embarrassing than freighting.

"Good!" Chrystal said as she started to slap the bottom harder and faster, her pale gray palm, left a fiery kiss upon her bottom. The whimpers that reached her ears, made her chuckle and grin from ear to ear. She was finally getting her revenge on those pesky little scouts, who kept throwing coins and such into her pool!

Soon, Sunflower could feel the tension building in her bottom. With each passing second, she could feel the heat building in her rear. Soon, even the slightest touch would send burning, throbbing waves of pain through her body. Crystal's wrath was not something to try with.

"There, there." Crystal said patting the Sunflower on the back as she started to rub her shoulders. "It's all over." She said rubbing the girls back for several long minutes before standing up and bringing her to attention in front of her. Once Sunflower was standing ramrod straight in front of her. Crystal reached into her pocket. A few seconds later she pulled out a leather, drawstring purse. She handed the purse to Sunflower.

Sunflower, tilting her head to the side, stopped rubbing her bottom, as she reached over and took the leather, straw string purse from the phantom's hand. The weight of the purse surprised her. Puzzling a little, she tilted her head. Quickly she pulled the purse open and there much to her amazement was a collection of coins, quickly she turned the purse upside down, allowing the coins to spill out upon the ground. A shimmering waterfall of copper, silver and gold spilled out upon the ground in front of her.

Large, coppery two pence coins, lay piled atop large, round, silver, half crown coins, beside them, lay there larger more valued cousins a full crown coins, valued at a whopping six shilling. A few specks of yellow showed in the dim moon light, As the sunflower bent down and started to scoop off the coins she started to mental count the value as she slipped each one into the purse.

"Eighteen.." She blinked. "Eighteen pounds.." She said, tilting her head toward the ghost of Crystal.. Or she thought it was a ghost. Right now, she was really not sure what was real and what was not anymore. As far as she was concerned, all of this could be a twisted, fever dream. But the coins felt real, and her bottom felt like something had lit a fire under her thighs and calves.

"Yes.. Don't forget to take.. I think I will keep things." A little smirk crossed her lips. "Keep the coins and the prayer beads honey. I don't need them. They're pretty though, maybe praying them will help get you some divine intervention." She said as she stood up and started walking once more toward the pool. Soon she was wading, then she was up to her chest. And finally she vanished under the dark, blue waters.

"Bloody.." Sunflower said as she stood there and held the coin purse closely to her chest. "Not sure if I can make this into a story or not.." And with that, she quickly started to make her way back down the trail.