The Game Place was the newest small business to open its doors in the historic downtown section of Benton. As the name of the business suggested, it was a shop that handled comic books and trading cards, it also hosted the Benton Branch of the Pokemon Trading Card League. The proprietor of the shop was tall, lean and if I may be so bold as to say this, handsome man with short cropped jet-black hair and deep, baby blue eyes. He was also very friendly and would often be seen leaning over the counter to swap a few words with the patrons of his shop. On the weekends his shop would be filled to the wooden rafters with people as they filed in to purchase the newest comic book release or to pick up the newest volume in there favorite ongoing manga series. Or maybe just to buy a booster pack of their favorite trading card game. The fact that such a business would not only consider opening its doors here, but would thrive in this small backwater town was considered proof enough for many that the town itself was not just changing with the times. But was indeed undergoing something of a renaissance.

Anyway, returning to my story, for the past fortnight the "The Game Place" had been advertising on there Facebook page that a grand Yo-Gi-Oh trading card tournament would be hosted there this coming Saturday night. The tournament held the promise of honor, glory and of course prizes for all those who dared to enter. There was also another rumor that had been going around Discord, Facebook, Text and just good old fashioned word of mouth that the proprietor of the shop had even rented out a gunge booth. I think the idea was to have a charity duel between two willing volunteers, the loser of the duel would go into the gunge booth.

I took a deep breath as I pushed upon the heavy wooden door, and I was greeted with a sudden blast of warm air. She was filled from the wooden floorboards to the rafters with people. As I released my breath, I started to scan the crowd. I was looking for one of my best friends, a pink eye girl named Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell who according to the latest email I received from her was supposed to be here.

You see Susan or Sue as I call her was the reigning regional Yo-Gi-Oh champion of Vicksburg. She was also the self titled "Princess of the Dragons" since her deck was focused solely on dragon type of monsters. I myself had been given the title of "Princess of the Spellcasters" since my deck focused solely on Spellcaster type monsters and most of my supporting cards, called "Spell Cards" focused on the raising of their attack and defense. And like Sue I was also considered by many to be the reigning regional champion of Benton and Yazoo City to a point.

And we'll not brag or anything, but my spellcasters always seemed to command the field of battle. A small grin crossed my face as I noticed eyes seemed to turn toward me. I was starting to enjoy the feeling of being admired by boys, admire for the shape and beauty of my body. I was not so body shy as when I came out as Jamie about a year and half ago.

Okay, let me say this before I go any further, I'm a transgender girl, my name use to be James Christopher Potter, its now Jamie Sarah Potter, my mother ha renamed me only a few hour after discovering me dressed in my sister old cheerleading uniform. She later told me that that name was the one she had picked out for me, if I had been born a girl. She also confessed that the name just returned to her after years of lingering at the edge of her mind. We'll the name must have been a good one, because it stuck to me like glue. And I'm quite happy with it too.

Any six months ago I had picked up a booster pack of Yo-Gi-Oh cards from our local comic book shop as a passing impose. My First impression was how high quality the artwork on the cards was, they were pretty and the brief description about the card was printed below the artwork was cool. Some monsters were "Effect" monsters, those cards were colored a deep orange color, while normal monsters were colored a yellowish color. Anyway reading the "Effect" of these certain monster cards really got me curious about the game. And so a few days later, while I was cleaning the backroom I happened to come across several boxes of booster packs of the cards that had been stuck back in the stock room of my families shop.

I showed the cards to daddy, who seeing no real market for him, decided to smell the cards by the box for like five dollars a box. There were about seven boxes all together, dad was to see them go, and I was glad for the major boost to my fledgling collection. Anyway a very long story made short, I started collecting and started to meet and duel local duelist. And slowly, very slowly, I started to acquire and refine my dueling skills and started to develop my own set of strategies. Then I started to slowly climb the ranks, till at last I was crowned the Queen of Benton!

And around the time I discovered Yu-Gi-Oh I also happen to discover something called "Cosplay" or the act of dressing up as your favorite anime, manga or comic book character. As I followed the trail of breadcrumbs left all over the internet, I discovered a lot of people had made costumes based on their favorite Yo-Gi-Oh cards. And we'll since I had the money to burn, I ordered myself one. And since I employ a lot of spellcaster's in my duels, I decided to cosplay as the always sexy, cute and flirt "Dark Magician Girl" who happens to be my favorite monster.

"Hey Jamie!" A high pitch voice cried from halfway across the room. The voice belonged to a cute brunette girl with sparkling pink eyes. The girl like me was also cosplaying in something that looked like a over the top formal ball gown with a wide hoop-skirt.

"Hey Susie!" I cried back as I waved to the girl. "You're looking really cute there! But honest what's up with the dress? You look like something that stepped straight off the pages of 'Gone with the Wind' Girl are you sure you did not get your directions messed up. I think the annual 'Southern Belle Ball' is down the road a bit." I said in a teasing tone of voice as I reached out and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Susan returned my hug with one of her own before breaking off. She was still wearing that cute blush on her cheeks. She then turned and looked into my eyes and then she started to pout, and I couldn't help myself, I just had to reach out and ruffle her hair and smile down at her. Susie was like that little kid sister every group needed. Though she had this really bad habit of sneaking out and exploring haunted locations alone and without the proper gear. It was my personal theory that the black mold, and other such hazards that are often found in the old, abandoned building she tended to poke around in, in her search for ghost and spooky encounters was one of the chief reasons she often ended up in the hospital with some nasty upper respiratory infection. Though being the hardheaded girl she was, she often shrugged off my advice and had the tendency to pout when I scolded her over voice chat on discord. Anyway I've chased that rabbit enough, back to the story.

"Oh! Like you have any room to talk." She exclaimed as she folded her arms across her chest and huffed a little. "Anyway, have you heard the rumor going around?" She whispered as she inched a little closer to me.

"Girl, you know I don't dabble in anybody's personal life. Man, mine is a tangled mess." I said gentle slapping her on the arm. "But I did hear about you and your boyfriend breaking up. Linda sent me a text, sorry about that girl, I mean, I know last time we voice chatted on Discord, you meant that his mom and dad were thinking about sending him to some really elite private school slash Catholic Academy up in Memphis. And we'll those Memphis girls they play for keeps up there. Their a totally different bread than us girls down here. And you gotta look at it, its roughly two hundred and fifty miles from Vicksburg to Memphis as the crow flies. And no matter how you slice it, that's just too far for some people."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward me, slowly she drew in a deep breath and then she quickly released it. A stray strain of her hair hanging down in front of her was tossed to the side by the force of her breath as she shook her head.

"Please, let's not talk about him. But thanks anyway. Mom said I might need some time away from Vicksburg to better cope with it. Anyway, so I might be spending Spring break down with her, hanging out with you guys. My cousin, Josephine is a new hire with the Benton PD. She even just brought a house down here too. I think her house is like in the Town Creek Area. I think the house number is like 133 or something." Susan said as she tilted her head to the side. "Come to think of it, you like live in that neck of the woods too, don't you?"

"Wow!" I exclaimed "That is like, just right across the street from me. So your cousin is the one who brought the old Richard house, you know that house has been for sale for like twenty years or so. Its been kind of abandoned since there daughter committed suicide by jumping off the towns water tower." I said biting down upon my lip. The tragic teenage suicide of Sterling Megan Richard in the year two thousand had really rocked Benton to the core and had lead to the birth of one of the towns more enduring and tragic urban legends.

"Yep! And I heard about that, anyway putting aside a rumor going around that the owner of the shop is putting on a charity duel between two willing duelist. The winner gets fame and fortune and the loser gets put in the gunge booth." She said, smirking as she pointed toward the gunge tank that sat in the corner of the store.

"Anyway, I'm hearing that the event might be canceled because the two duelist who volunteered for the event have gotten cold feet. So, I was wondering if you'll be brave and volunteer with me." Susan said smiling hopefully.

Susan's question took me totally by surprise. After a few minutes of pondering the question, I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head in agreement Why not? I thought, I figured if worst comes to worst, I'll just end up getting gunged and at this point in my life, I had been gunged a half of dozen times or so. Most of those had been forfeits, one had even been a prank my older sister had played on me.

"Sure," I said said smiling as I looked her up and down, a small playful smirk formed upon the bow of my lips. "It's going to be a shame though if by chance you happen to be defeated by the 'Queen of the Spellcasters' that pretty pink and white dress of your getting ruined by gallons and gallons of icy cold gunge? That perfectly styled hair, matted and ruined as well. All all that washing. Its going to require more than your a week bubble bath to get rid of all gunge." I said in a teasing tone of voice.

"Oh somebody being a total brat!" She said blushing. "Careful little Jamie, or else you might find yourself going over my lap if you keep throwing around that attitude!"

It was my turn to blush as Susan threatened to pull me across her knee. There was not a shadow of doubt in my mind Susan the strength to carry through with that threat. You see, despite her petite built and her gentle manners that no doubt have been handed down to her through the generations. Susan was something of a little-firecracker, she was a practitioner of Kendo, a style of Japanese swordsmanship that used heavy wooden swords, she was a girl scout, who I had assumed earned more badges than the law should allow. And at last but not least she could even rival me in baking. Her favorite thing to bake was a New York Cheesecake. To sum it up, she was perfectly well rounded. A perfect measuring of Sugar, spice and everything nice as the old saying goes.

"Right," I said taking a deep breath, "Anyway, I would love to test my skills against the fable "Queen of the Dragons' and send her into the gunge tank!" I said in a louder than I really should have tone of voice that turned the heads of everyone around me.

"Oh?" Susan said folding her arms under her breast and giving me a haughty look. "And I would love to test my skills against the fable 'Queen of the Spellcasters' in this backwater village and send her to the gunge tank in front of her subjects. So I will gladly accept your challenge." She said with a wink. Oh did mention that Susan was also an aspiring actress too.

"May the best duelist win then." I said closing my eyes and offering her my hand, I could fee it, we were holding the crowd in the palm of our hands, they were hanging on our every word. My heart was fluttering my breathing increased and my mind started to run with the speed of a steam mill.

"Oh trust me, I intend too," She said with another wink of the eye.

And so Susan and I both volunteered, we filled out the proper forms at the front desk and spent a few minutes just chatting while the owner filed the forums away and approved them. Once he had given those papers his seal of approval he put them away in his filing cabinet and then he stepped out from behind the sales counter. He then motioned for us to follow behind him, and we did so, we were then led through the crowds till at last we came to the center of the shop. Here in the middle of the shop a table had been set up. Susan and I then hugged, since we were kind of like best friends, we both felt like sharing a friendly hug before starting the duel was far better than the normal and required formal handshake.

And so the duel started, and from the draw it was one of the hardest games I had ever fought. As the crowds started to gather around us, you could almost sense and feel the tension starting to build. Try as we might, neither of us seemed to gain the upper hand on the other. Each attack launched was greeted with a quick and all to often effective counter attack, each spell card was answered with an counter spell card, each trap card played, was met with an counter trap card. But as the minutes slowly started to tick by, it seemed Susan's dragon monsters started to slowly gain control of the battle field. Despite me sending many of them into the graveyard.

Then at the thirty minute mark it happened, Susan had finally summoned enough fire power to her side of the field to launch her first power attack that shattered my defenses into a million and one tiny little pieces and drained away most of my precious few remaining life points. Leaving me near death. Leaving me near death and breathing very hard. But by some stroke of luck, I drew a few key cards that allowed me to quickly rekindle some of those lost life points and inflict direct damage on Susan while allowing me to summon a monster with strong enough defense to guard me while I plotted my counter attack.

The next ten minutes passed with Susan and I just peering at each other. None of us dared to risk another attack. She was biding her time, I could tell she was starting to build up her forces for another all out attack, I too was building up my defenses while using varies spell cards to deal more direct damage to her. Neither of us could afford another all out attack right now. The crowded that had gathered around us now held their breaths and mentally they started to count each life point that was lost through either spell or attack.

Finally just as the duel about to pass the forty-five minute mark, making it one of the longest games I had ever played. Susan had finally mustered enough of her remaining strength to launch her attack. Her attack rolled over my defenses, sending all of my monsters on the field to the graveyard and draining away the last of my few remaining life points. And then it was over, I took a deep breath and folded my hands down and stood up. Susan was wearing a smirk that reached from one corner of her face to the other she also stood up.

Without saying a word, she reached out and took me by the hand, all eyes where hyper focused on Susan and I as we glided across the wooden floorboards of the comic shop. A deep, scarlet blush colored my cheeks as I noticed that in the crowd was a certain young man by the name of Ben. Now Ben and I are girlfriend and boyfriend. We share a special bond together, we attack all the town socials together and even on nights of a full moon we exchange stories with Madeline my other best friend forever and her boyfriend Matthew. The four of us have formed something of a society of storytellers if you will. I also kind of lost my virginity to Ben on a very special night a few weeks ago. But that is a story for another time.

"Is he the one?" Susan said as she pointed out Ben from the more than two dozen people who had gathered around the booth to watch the gunging. She eyed him for a few long seconds, longer than I would have liked. I love Susan to death, but the way she was gazing at him, made me think she was mentally undressing him or something. But she soon shifted her focus back toward me and then she leaned over and put her mouth close to my ear, she then whispered in a soft tone of voice. "He's handsome, you're so lucky to lose your 'V-Card' to a cutie like that, I bet he rocked your whole world all night long girl." She said in a teasing tone of voice as she helped me over the raised edge of the wadding pull that had been set up under the tank.

"Did I mention he's cute too? I bet he's going to love watching you get slimed. Such a sexy little cosplay too! I bet he's really going to enjoy this." She teased a little more as she helped me to the wooden seat that sat in the middle of the tank.

"OMG Girl!" I said laughing as I placed my hands over my blushing cheeks. "You really need to cut that out! Like I'm really thinking about pulling you over my lap right now and giving these people a show! I bet those boys would love seeing you get your pretty little bottom tanned by me!"

A few minutes later, my high cheek bones turned a brilliant scarlet red as I peered toward Susan with a pout. Her words were finally starting to really sink in. Slowly I eased my bottom down and then taking a deep breath, I turned to face the crowd. All two dozen of them were starting to huddle around the booth. Some jousting to get a better view. Susan who was now smirking just stepped off to the side, reached up and wrapped the pull cord around the palm of her gloved hand. She then took a deep breath and before I could blink she gave that cord a good hard tug.

A few tense seconds passed before a sudden downpour of cold mess rained down upon my shoulders. The gunge was thick and freezing cold, the coldness of the slime took my breath away at first and then I started to giggle as the slime started to run down my arms and soon it started to pool around my feet, the freezing cold gunge started to drizzle down my bare shoulders.

A deep blush colored my cheeks as I felt the gunge keep pouring down on my bare shoulders. The gunge I can tell you was freezing cold, and that coldness caused those tiny hairs on my arms to stand straight up as the seconds slowly started to tick by and the gunge kept rolling down the front of my costume, soaking my petite breast and covering them with icy cold mess.

A soft groan escaped my lips as I felt the gunge rolling down my back. Laughter, catcalls, cheers, yeps and giggles filled the air around the tank as the gathered crowd displayed their delight in seeing me getting slimed. Slowly I started to wipe some of the mess from my eyes, allowing me to see once more, I then felt the blush returning once more to color my cheek-bones. A flirty smile slowly formed on the bow of my lips as I waved toward the crowd. And there our story comes to a messy end.