Once, long long ago, there lived a king. He was unjust and pure evil, disliked by all of his subjects. Many of the servants in his castle took to calling him the Evil King, but never to his face. Oh no, while he was unjust and evil, he was still more powerful than any past king and he ruled with an iron fist. He was young though, and like all young men, he yearned for the perfect bride that would give him heir's. So he sent his advisors to gather the most beautiful maidens in all the lands, near and far. So they went to the East and to the West, they went to the farthest Northern villages and the smallest of the South, gathering up the most beautiful maidens from each village. They were brought before the King and he inspected each one, like prize cattle. He sent off thousands, some were to blonde, to blue eyes, to skinny, one after the other he sent from his sights, each with a more broken heart than the last. Finally his patience ran out.
He thundered from his throne, his eyes a cold hard crystal blue. His advisor stumbled into the throne room and fell at his feet, his forehead touching the floor.
"Y-yes your majesty?"
His advisor stuttered and the king stood up, looking down at him disdain evident as he spoke.
"Did I not tell you to bring me the most beautiful maiden in the land?"
"Yes your majesty."
"And did you?"
"We did your majesty, the maidens you have seen have been the most beautiful maidens in the land. From the east and the West, from the farthest Northern villages and the smallest of the South. You have turned everyone of them away!"
The king motioned for the advisor to stand and face him
"None of them were right. Try again. Dismissed."
So once again the advisors of the king went out. But as fate would have it, the maiden he was looking for had been under his nose the entire time.

One beautiful spring afternoon the king was sitting in the study of the palace looking at the taxes of his kingdom. The floor to ceiling windows were thrown wide open to let in a breeze, for the study could become quite stuffy indeed. He sighed and closed his eyes, he was quite frustrated, more than he had been in years. That's when he heard the most beautiful sound in the world, light and beautiful almost like it was no effort at all. His eyes shot open and he got up from his chair, walking over to the window and peering down into the gardens. He saw maiden singing a lovely melody while tending to the rose bushes, that had years of neglect.

I must speak to her! She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!

Without a second thought he turned and ran down to the gardens,his crown and robes forgotten. He was out of breath by the time he reached the gardens, ignoring the confused looks from his palace staff, he walked to her side and listened to her sing the last few verses. She stopped and looked up when she realized she had an audience and who it was.
"Your majesty!"
She exclaimed as she stood up and curtseyed
"Please, there is no need. I heard you singing from my study and I must say you have the loveliest voice I have ever heard."
And she did. She was also the prettiest maiden he had ever seen, even more beautiful than the maidens that had been lined up in front of him to chose from. She had beautiful emerald eyes and long clay brown hair that fell in perfect waves. She wasn't in much more than a gardeners outfit but he didn't even care, he was overtaken by her beauty.
"Might I be so bold as to ask you your name?"
She smiled and looked down tucking her hair behind her ear she answered the king
The king smiled at her and held out his hand for her to take. She looked at him hesitantly before she reached out and took his hand, he smiled and was shocked at how beautiful and dainty her hands were dainty and tanned. He noticed that she was barefoot and he fell in love even more with her, if it was even possible.
"King Orion of Viran. But you probably already knew that huh? But I wanted to ask you... maybe you would like to...maybe...have dinner with me tonight? Allow me to get to know you."
Odessa nodded and the king led her inside to find proper clothes and to get cleaned up for the evening. Little did he know that his life was going to turn upside down and Odessa Darling would completely change his life for the better. And kingdom Viredenal was going to become a beautiful prospering kingdom. And it all started with a hello, two little prince's and beautiful twin princesses.