Dear Society,

Stop tearing us down

Stop telling us to conform

Stop trying to drain

The individuality from our bones

Go and make a difference

Stop being so difficult

Stop being so judgemental

Dear depression,

Stop tearing us apart

From the inside out

We will smile when we want

And cry when we want

Not for no reason at all

We will laugh

We will be truly happy

And you can't stop us

Dear Anxiety,

Stop making us so nervous

To get up in front of people

And say what we want to

Stop making our lungs

Close up and stop working

Stop being a jerk

And experience life

Dear Family,

Stop putting us under pressure

We will do what we need to

In our own time

Not yours

Stop forcing us to relive your life

We will live our own

It's under our control

Dear Grades,




Dear Teachers

When will we ever

Need to know what

X to the power

Of three

Is in correct

Essay format

(Don't forget to balance the equation!)

Dear World,

Fear us

For we are strong

We are proud

And we will not let you

Tell us to stay

In our suffocating


Dear Music,

Thanks for understanding us

Better than anyone

Thanks for being there

When no one understood

What we were going through

And giving us the words

We couldn't seem to say

Dear Classmates,

See us

We are proud

Of who we are

No matter how much

You may hate us

Your just jealous

We are happy

Dear Pillow,

Thanks for keeping our

Secrets and absorbing our tears

For helping us

Get a good night's sleep

For the next day

And thanks for

Helping us beat up siblings

Dear Cheating Ex's,

You're missing out

On one hell of a person

You should have thought

Your consequences through

And now you get to watch

From afar as they move on

Without you

Dear LGBTQ+,

You do matter

We do see you

We do love you

We will be here

We will protect you

You're not alone

So hold your head high

Dear Society,

Leave us the hell alone

Let us be happy

And laugh and live

And have a good time

Let us make mistakes

And learn

Let us be us


Today's teenagers