So this is inspired by horror superheroes, along the lines of Ghost Rider and Spectre, who have monstrous powers and use them to fight evil. I hope someone likes it.

Tim was going to die. He was actually going to die. Even as he desperately ran down an alleyway, hoping to find some place to hide though he deep down knew there was no where he could realistically hide, he couldn't get the thought out of his head. Because that's what was going to happen, as nobody has ever seen Necrotize and lived, except for the crazies who claimed they were saved by it.

Like everyone else Tim has never believed Necrotize to be real, because nobody with a working brain believed the monster to be real. It has rarely been seen on camera or in a photograph, and the few times it has the so called evidence was always assumed to be faked. Just someone trying to get attention by finding proof of a mythological figure, like with Big Foot or the Lock Ness Monster. Yes there has been crazy things going on in London for the last few years, gangs disappearing over night while crime slowly plummeted while those who committed crimes vanished as proven by many investigations. But despite everything nobody truly believed Necrotize existed since the stuff it was supposed to be able to do was impossible. According the reports the myth's so called victims had died because of their blood simply dying which often caused people to throw up the blood as they slowly died. There was no medical explanation for what caused it, only describing as necrotized which is how the monster got the name, and one doctor even said that he challenged his faith in medicine and the natural order of things. While certainly scary, not proof of a supernatural monster as logically they doctors simply hadn't found what caused it.

Now he knew it did exist. When he first saw it standing in the middle of his living room, he couldn't tell whether the figure hidden by a cloak was male or female. He had at first referred to it as they in his head before he realized it couldn't be human. It's cloak covered its entire body, and he couldn't see it's face as it wore a hood and had bandages which covered it's face. Tim had to assume the bandages covered its entire body as before things went straight to hell it's saw that it's hands and feet were covered by bandages. All that Tim could see was its eyes, which looked around at the teenager and his ten friends carefully. Even now, as the events of the last hour caught up with him causing him to stop and start throwing up onto the pavement, he couldn't begin to describe those eyes to anyone. They looked wrong, like they went against everything that was natural about the world. They were permanently embedded in his mind, whenever he closed his eyes he found them staring back at him. But there was something he could describe, and that was the cloak. At first he had believed it was black, before seeing that it was a really dark blue. At first he thought the wind was making it move, until he realised that they were inside. Then he saw those movements for what they really were, small faces screaming out for help. Like the eyes and the memories of it killing his friends, he can still see the faces when he closed his eyes.

David had been the one stupid enough to approach it and all the monster did was tap it's finger on David's chest. Next thing people knew David was on the floor, heaving out blood as he gasped for breath, before the creature pushed David further to the ground with it's foot. David was dead quickly after that, blood pouring from his eyes and mouth while a pool formed around his face while his skin had turned deathly pale. What happened next was a blur, but Tim's mind called easily recall the screams as his friends were murdered and the fear he had felt, the lack of guilt he felt as he ran away from that nightmare as fast as he could. He didn't know what do, but what he did know was that he would have died if he had stayed there.

"You are still going to die Timothy Wright." said a voice from right next to him. Tim looked and instantly fell backwards in fear as he saw it staring at him.

"Please. Please...I'll...Oh God, please don't kill me." Tim sputtered in fear, too afraid to move.

"You know why I am here Timothy." it told him as it slowly approached him, causing Tim to stand up and start running. It took the monster one second to just appear right in front of him, and Timothy skidded to a halt right in front of him. The next thing the seventeen year old boy knew, a cold and damp hand was around his throat.

It felt like his insides were turning into sludge as he started to find it impossible to breath, and it was while trying to pull the hand of his throat that he felt something wet slide down his face. As he became more and more confused, his remembered what him and his friends had done to that girl. He wanted to protest that it was David's idea, that James had gotten him so drunk he would have agreed to anything, that she had enjoyed it, that it wants his fault she killed herself, that he didn't deserve this.

"Don't lie to me Timothy. You should be grateful. One of your friends would have talked and I'm saving your parents from having to know what sort of monster you are. They will remember you as a better person than you actually were." the cloaked creature hissed as it tightened it's grip around Tim's throat, and pain shot through Tim before he went limp.

The creature called Necrotize looked at the face of the dead teenager before letting go of his throat, not bothering to observe the corpse hit the ground. Instead it looked at it's arm and observed the sleeve of its cloak as the faces made way for a new addition. Satisfied once he saw the face screaming away it was gone, leaving behind a corpse that will break the heart of Tim's parents, but not as much as learning what Tim had done to that girl would have done.

Please tell me what you think and if there are any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense. I won't lie the bandages were inspired by the Invisible Man as I really like that film. So in case no one knows necrotize means, when referring to cells for example, it is when they die or are caused to die by disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.