My biggest regret is to you.

I wish I could have considered the long term. I wish I could have pictured the consequences of my actions and acted as if they actually had them.

Waiting at the end of the darkened hallway, hands unopened.

I think my biggest regret is to you. You and me and our vision of spotless eternity. In the beginning of the century you were yet unknown to me.

I think my biggest regret is to me. What can I say to my brother, my killer? What can I possibly say? I acted as if the end wouldn't come when I knew it was only ever two steps outside my door.

I have this dream of you and me now. We're living by the coast and we're raising baby chickens. We go to bed early and we always wash our hands. When we hear the storms on the horizon, you unwrap your arms to hold mine.

We are nearly the unbridled version of being happy. We are the people we were supposed to be.

I have this dream and at the moment I turn to see your smile reflecting in the whites of my eyes - I wake up.

In my sober moments we are seen walking shoeless along the water. I point to the horizon, and you wave.