Chapter Seven (Teddy)

I walked into the room just as Jules was leaving the bathroom with June helping her back to bed. "I'm glad to be out of that damn diaper at least," Jules explained before she looked over in my direction and glared at me.

"If I had the energy, I'd launch myself at you and gouge out your fucking eyes," she said as she shakily was helped back into her bed by June. "But as it is right now, I'm in shit shape." It was true. Her face held a large number of bruises, and a few wounds that probably needed to have stitches removed still. Her arms, however, had fewer new wounds on them, and many older ones than a normal person would have. Scars thick and thin littered her arms… the dark circles reminded me of a case where a kid had been burned with cigarette butts. Jules pulled her robe sleeves down to cover her arms again, and when I looked back at her face, her eyes were closed.

"Can you get lost? I have someone coming soon that's supposed to give me information or some shit," Jules all but ordered as June started to strap her back into the bed. I noticed that her eyes opened and went to the scissors in June's coat pocket as she was getting strapped in.

"I'm Theodore, the person in charge of you," I announced getting it out in the open.

Her head snapped back to me, and she winced in pain. "You're Theodore. Well, I guess I am in hell." Jules then motioned her head towards the water next to her bed on the left side of her. "June, could you please? I'm thirsty," Jules asked, her tone taking on a more polite one. June grinned and reached for the water, over Jules's body, and I noticed Jules reaching for the scissors as June brushed against her.

Stopping this charade, I reach for the water instead and then take the scissors out of June's pocket, when she leans back away from Jules. "Don't bring these in here unless completely necessary," I order June who looks from me to Jules and sighs.

"Sorry, I've just been so busy chatting with Joo Li that I didn't realize she was plotting to kill me," June said her tone unhappy. June then looked back at me and then grinned. "Are you donating today so we can speed up her healing?" June sure knew how to cut right to the chase.

"For your information June, I was going to kill him, not you."

Ignoring her threat I answer June instead, "Yeah, I was going to discuss some more details of our whole situation while I did so." June nodded and then walked to the door.

"I'll be right back with the necessary equipment," she announced, closing the door shut behind her with a bit more force than necessary. I take the scissors in my hand and then place them in my inner jacket pocket near my chest. Water still in hand I take a seat on the right side of Jules' bed and hold out the cup of water towards her face.

"You still thirsty?" I ask her and she only glares in return shaking her head once. I then place the water on the tray next to her bed and lean back in the chair. "No more questions today?"

"What did she mean by donation exactly?"

"Blood," I quickly announce.

Jules looks at me, staring, "I feel fine, I don't need your blood."

Instead of arguing with her, I reach into my pocket and take out my phone. Turning the camera mode on, I hold it out in front of her face for her to see herself. "Are you sure about that?"

Jules looked at her reflection and looked genuinely surprised. Turning her head from one side to the other side she finally said, "Why don't I feel more pain?"

"That's thanks to Beeza's healing magic. She's numbed your sense to a majority of the pain, though you still feel something I'm sure."

Frowning slightly, she looked over to me, so I take my phone and put it back in my pocket. "Healing magic huh? What makes you think I'm buying this bullshit?" Jules asks me.

I only move to place my arms on the sides of the chair and stare at her brown eyes as they look back at me. Despite the swollen bruising, scabs and stitches—she still looks like herself. Without all the harsh make-up on, she looks less dangerous. It's hard to believe she killed 24 people.

"Because you've encountered the supernatural before, haven't you?"

Jules only furrows her eyebrows before wincing at the motion, the stitches across her face pulling awkwardly. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Let me tell you a… scenario Jules." I lean forward and place my elbows on my knees. "You've died before, years ago. But were brought back to life. You made a contract with a demon to do so. We found the demon seal on your body. And Beeza also noticed… that your soul is missing."

Jules only stares at me and then starts to laugh. At first, it was a small giggle but it grew wild as she leaned back, mouth wide as she started to laugh. "Oh, wouldn't that explain why I've killed so many people. Have you ever just considered that maybe I'm the way I am because it's who I am?" She then grins her evil grin—the same one she used before she sliced my throat.

Sighing I stand up, reach for her hospital gown and yank it down exposing the demon seal there. "Hey, if you want a ride, you gotta ask first," she commented, but I noticed her nostrils flare in anger despite the calm tone she used.

"It's exposed now, permanently thanks to Beeza's magic," I explain showing the demon seal beneath her left collar bone. It's a small pentagram, but dark red. So deeply dark red it looks black. Jules attempts to look at it and flinches as her neck protests the motion. Instead, I hold out my phone again in front of her. She frowns at me before looking at the camera and then her eyes flash wide at the demon seal above the left side of her chest.

She looks at it while blinking slowly. "I don't remember getting this tattoo."

Trying not to shout at her, I inhale slowly through my nose. "It's not a tattoo Jules, it's a demon seal. Your memory must be blocked by the demon, which is not unheard of…" I then take my phone and pocket it.

"But the problem with demon deals is that they end, usually within 10 to 20 years. So, one day your demon is going to collect your life since it already has your soul."

Jules finally looked at me after she finished staring down at the demon seal. "How do you know if you have a soul or not?"

"When you have no soul, your emotions are dulled, and crying isn't possible."

Jules chuckled, "Well there is your one flaw … Teddy," Jules says. "I cried just before you killed me five days ago."

"Oh, everyone in a five-mile radius could tell that was fake. When was the last time you cried, with actual sadness?" I ask her. Jules blinks once before frowning slightly.

"I'm sure it was recently, I just can't remember right now," Jules says with a bit of anger in her tone.

That was when June entered the room again with a metal tray in hand and a few instruments in it. "Glad to see you're both in one piece still." June then grins as she places her metal tray on the bedside tray, picking up a rather large 50-millimeter syringe with needle attached. Beginning to take off my jacket, June gets an alcohol cotton pad ready. I then hold out my left arm for her, and she quickly ties a rubber band around my upper arm. Cleaning the area, she then deftly sticks the needle into a vein and draws about 30 millimeters of blood from my arm.

"That was easy," I tell her with a grin and she only rolls her eyes at me as she removes the rubber band from my arm. She then grabs the IV bag connected to Jules and injects my blood into the IV bag causing Jules to look at June as if she is insane.

"Are you insane, how sanitary is that?" Jules asks June.

While raising her eyebrows at Jules, June explains, "Well vampire blood has amazing healing properties and carries no disease—so it's completely sanitary. Part of the reason they are hunted is for the medicinal aspects of their blood. Just this much, will advance your healing by about a week's work in only three hours." June then deposits the syringe and rubber band into the metal tray she brought with her.

"I got another question. You all expect me to train with you tomorrow, but how the hell is that supposed to go when I'm strapped to a bed right now."

"Whenever you are alone you will be restrained for the safety of all others," June says matter of factly.

I then add, "But out in front of others, especially multiple people, among them some of the most powerful agents in the pacific northwest—you will be unbound—but watched closely."

"So that means whenever I'm in my room I'm to be chained? What about the restroom?"

That's when I look to June and then back to Jules, and try to explain the current situation as best as I can. "You'll be moved to a separate apartment on the top of the Sanctum—there are three up there for visitors from other Sanctums. But yours is being remodeled to lock you in. You will have access to a bathroom, kitchen, even an entertainment area—just no Wi-Fi."

"So… kind of like a Swedish prison… but worse." Jules responds while nodding her head very slowly. June only looks at me silently before exiting the room.

"If you want to think of it that way, you can. But you'll be able to mingle with others during training hours—just keep the fact that you are a killer secret… it's for your good," I say just as I stand and head for the door to leave the room as well. Pausing at the threshold I look back and see Jules closing her eyes already, as though exhausted. Which was to be expected honestly since the healing would require lots of her energy. But as I glanced at her, I could see how this woman could be perceived as … fragile.

Despite her deadly hands, constrained to her sides.