A young woman in her mid-thirties sat on a peeling white bench.

Her name was Rose Joy.

She once had a happy life…That is until today…

Today was a different story than how she once lived. However, it had to be done.

To truly begin this story, you have to start from the beginning to where it all started.

Everyone who knew her called her, The Garden Queen. She used to just care for her home's garden until her neighbors gave her a job in creating gardens for them.

She was happy to do so. Making the neighborhood beautiful was her dream.

A couple years later, however, everything changed.

New neighbors moved in across the street from Rose, two houses down. They were not very organized.

The last people who lived there kept her garden she created for them watered, weedless, trash free. However, these crazies did not seem to be into the pretty and up kept neighborhood.

So, what the hell were they doing here?

They were not very friendly and kept to themselves most of the time.

A month passed where Rose Joy could not take the disrespect any longer. She had to do what she thought and believed was right for her community. She had to put an end to it.

Rose awoke about two in the morning one Wednesday. She grabbed a shovel, a rake, and many roses she bought at a store the day before and jogged quietly over to the Crazies yard.

She dug up the destroyed flowers and threw them into the trash bin. Once she was done with that, still carrying the shovel she went up to the front door and picked the lock with a hairpin.

She went through the house searching for the bedroom. When she found it, she lifted the shovel over her head and swung it four times.

One by one, she dragged the two bodies out to where she undug the dead flowers. She dug some more to fit both of the bodies on top of each other then placed the dirt back over them before adding the roses.

As the sunlight came upon the town and people awoke to begin the new day, they slowly began to notice the new look in the Crazies front yard.

There in the yard were fresh roses painted black, lined in a straight row.

No one noticed the bloodstains that were speckled unto the ground by the butchered bodies that lied beneath.