A blood-curdling scream pierced through the land of Darkness.

A beautiful woman with long silver hair laid on the ground, fresh red blood with light sparkles spilling out from the fatal wound inflicted upon her by an ornate black sword.

Her once bright and brilliant light aura was now fading as miasma enshrouded her.

Her Light Guardian, Xixa, lay motionlessly far away, slowly dissipating into faded light sparkles.

As she lay gasping for breath, a dark figure covered in evil miasma approached her slowly. As he neared her, she stared blankly into the eyes of the man that she had once loved with all her life.

His beautiful long black hair floated lightly around his back, his amethyst-colored eyes stared coldly back at her.

"…Phobius." A low growl came from his lips.

"…how… how could you…" Phobius gasped with great difficulty, as a lone tear fell from her eyes.

"If it wasn't for you who had betrayed me, would the Angel clan have had the chance to attempt to assassinate my beloved brother, Iridas!?" Ivis spat out in disgust, baring his sharp incisors.

"…what… no… Ivis… It was not me…." Fear clouded Phobius's eyes as she attempted to make sense of what she has heard.

"How could it not be you?! EVERYTHING POINTED TO YOU! The hired assassin, the dagger with your initials and scent, Princess Veritius's sudden illness after she came and hinted me of your betrayal!" Ivis roared in fury.

"To think that with our union, the Devils and the Angels would finally have an end to our never-ending war…" Ivis muttered, as he looked away from Phobius's dying body, sadness and despair spreading around the thick miasma covering his body.

As Phobius's vision started to haze, she mustered all her strength to utter her last few words.

"I wished we have never met…"