Chapter 3

"Your Highness!" Sir Mormon bellowed as the army of Devils finally arrived at the location.

All they could see was their lone King hovering in the air, wings expanded behind him beautifully as he stared into the distant horizon. The morning sun was starting to peak through the thick layers of clouds.

The bright sparkles that once dusted the Forest of Evil has now completely disappeared.

They knew that the being that they were supposed to retrieve had left.

"Your… your Highness?"

Sir Mormon approached cautiously, wary of the Ivis's unstable miasma.

After a moment of silence, Ivis spoke.

"Return to the castle."

"Yes, your Highness!"



Back at the Royal Castle in the Land of Darkness…

"Get me Prime Minister Lakris." Ivis spoke coldly as he disappeared into his study room.

"Yes, your Highness." His attendant bowed respectfully and disappeared down the hallway.

Within minutes, his attendant announced Prime Minister Lakris.

"Enter." Ivis answered.

The heavy oak door creaked open as a tall lean man with dark green hair entered the room, his head respectfully bowed. He was wearing a long ornated purple robe, with the royal markings of his rank as Prime Minister sewn in golden threads onto his sleeves. He was wearing an old yet beautifully crafted monocle on his left eye, and his long dark green hair was tight up neatly in a low ponytail.

"Your Highness." Lakris greeted.

"Lakris, prepare a contract on the governance of the Light Kingdom. I want the details of everything that our Kingdom has done for the Light Kingdom to support them during their King's absence to be included. Nothing should be missed." Ivis instructed.

"Your Highness? May I enquire… the need for this contract to be drafted?" Lakris was confused. The King of Angel was still down with his illness and did not seemed to be getting better. There should not be anyone that would be after the throne of the Light Kingdom as of now… So why is there a need for this contract?

"… and I want you to add the promise that the King of Angel had made with me before I assisted in governing the Light Kingdom into the contract as well." Ivis continued.

"Was that the promise that the King of Angel will grant any wish of yours that you desire?" Lakris asked.

"Yes." Ivis confirmed.

"Alright, your Highness. When do you need this contract to be drafted by?"

"As soon as possible." Ivis eyes narrowed as he was deep in thoughts.

As Lakris politely left the King's study room, Sir Mormon was seen walking down the corridor towards him.

"Sir Mormon." Lakris greeted.

"Prime Minister Lakris." Mormon returned the greeting.

"May I ask the reason for your visit?" Lakris asked, thinking that Mormon was about to see the King.

"No, I am here to speak to you." Mormon whispered urgently, as he glanced warily at the attendant standing outside of the King's study room.

"M…Me?" Lakris stammered in surprise, while frantically adjusting his spectacles. He was startled by Mormon's urgency.

"Yes, lets head to your study." Mormon urged as he dragged Lakris along with him.



Meanwhile, Phobius and Xixa journeyed towards the Land of the Light.

"My Queen, we are arriving shortly to the Land of the Light." Xixa informed politely to the sleeping Phobius riding on his back.

Phobius stirred slightly, before groaning slightly and stretching out her stiff legs and back muscles on Xixa.

"Urrghhhh….." She groaned further, feeling her tight and stiff muscles start to relax.

The air surrounding them felt lighter and easier to breathe. The heavy miasma that lingered around the Land of the Darkness has subsided significantly.

Phobius could feel her body absorbing the light energy greedily, as the bright sparkles that existed in abundance in the Land of the Light started congregating around her, healing her wary body.

"I'm back home." She breathed as she allowed her body to relax, the fresh gales of wind blew her silver luxurious hair backwards and ruffled her silk white dress.

She was a beautiful bright goddess of the sky.

As they approached the bustling capital of the Land of the Light, Xesca, something strange caught her eye.

Dark miasma was mixed with the bright sparkles of Xesca.

"Huh…? Why is dark miasma of the Land of Darkness here?!" She exclaimed in shock as they floated a distance above the capital.

"And what's this!? Dark sparkles?"

Dark obsidian sparkles were floating amongst the miasma and bright sparkles.

"What in the world…." She uttered in confusion.

"My Queen. The Devils have mixed with the Angels, after King Ivis started governing both lands." Xixa answered.


"Yes, My Queen. Both Devils and Angels have been allowed to roam freely within both lands. And this have resulted in the mixing of both races."

Phobius was stunned. She had always wondered if it had been possible for both races to mix, after the longstanding Holy War between both races, which had raged on for millenniums.

She had hope that the union between both Ivis and herself would help the merging of both races in the past.

She never knew that it would have been possible even without the union in place.

"Wow…" She breathed in awe.

"Xixa, lets walk in the city!" She exclaimed excitedly as she patted Xixa on its back, indicating for it to descend.

She wanted to see the changes in the city, her beloved Land of the Light. She wanted to see the exciting new changes in her people.

"My Queen, do you not need to disguise yourself before we head down?" Xixa questioned her with concern.

"I do not think that is necessary, since 10 million years have passed, I do not think anyone would remember how I look like anyway." She sighed as Xixa acknowledged her decision, slowly descending into one of the dark alleys of the city to avoid attention.