Prologue: Axis Academy

Years ago, a war broke out between two powerful Kingdoms within the Continent of Elphimin, the Kingdom of Exavis on the South West and the Kingdom of Jorouse on the North East. For a long time, these two nations carried an intense rivalry with one another that it culminated in several wars in the past. But perhaps the greatest one was the Axis Conflict, within the Axis region which served as the boundary between both Exavis and Jorouse and since then both kingdoms had waged war against it. While the Axis Conflict was best remembered as the last War between the two Kingdom, it was a war in all but name as it was led by two Great Generals that had been supported by both Kingdoms.

At Northern Axis was controlled by a Military Force known as the Crimson Wolfpack led by Andras Desper and at Southern Axis was another Military force known as the Azure Pride led by Arios Elpis. Both of them had been known as the greatest generals of both the Kingdoms of Exavis and Jorouse and it should be noted that despite being on opposite sides, both Arios and Andras were two great friends in their early years but eventually as they grew older and adopted their own ideology that greatly contradicted one another. And by the time the Axis Conflict had begun both of them had admitted that while they would remain friends after everything, they had accepted that their allegiance will prevent them from fully reconcile and turn back into the way things before.

But at the peak of the war, with the most decisive battle taking place on the fields of Axis, and should one side were to lose control over this territory then the outcome of the war will go into their favor. And yet the war ended in a stalemate after an unspeakable event had occurred as a massive blast of both Ki and Mana energy surged through the field, leading to the disappearance of the two Heroes of the Kingdoms of Exavis and Jorouse.

Losing their greatest champions, both Kingdoms mourned their deaths to the point of instead of continuing the war both sides had ended the war and negotiated peace terms paving the way to the creation of the Treaty of Axis, which finally ends the long-standing rivalry between both nations and instead work together for the better, as that, what both Arios and Andras had wanted prior to their deaths.

As a part of the Treaty, an Officer Academy was built within Axis with the purpose of training young men and women to become not as soldiers for both Kingdoms but as Officers meant to serve as a neutral force and by doing so they would teach the students to remember Arios and Andras, not as the Generals of a War between their nations. But as Heroes that through their passing had brought forth a new age. And to honor their memory, both the friends and allies of the two had been chosen and elected as professors and instructors to this great academy.

It should be noted that this academy, due to the nature of its main goal was to create Officers and Soldiers who are essentially worthy of inheriting the legacy that Arios and Andras had left behind in life and as a result carried a strict and borderline Darwinistic belief among students that only the strongest and influential students of the Academy can continue.

However even with the peace treaties in place, there are many who refuse to accept the Treaty and what it brought along for all parties involved. Jorouse is currently suffering from Political turmoil as some believed that the Treaty was unfair and that Jorouse deserved better terms resulting in the rise of various Ultranationalist Factions within the nation. Meanwhile in Exavis, many had developed an arrogant belief that due to being the victors of a longstanding war and rivalry against Jorouse and thus believed that they are the superior people paving the rise of many power-hungry and corrupt politicians all vying for political dominance within the court of Exavis. The war may be over but the scars and turmoil left behind are still present.

However on the 80th of Arcen and on the 5th of Veltur of the Elphiminian Year 702, two Children were born. These two children would eventually grow up becoming a young man and a young woman, and through them would pave the way for a new beginning for Elphimin.