Talia (16)


The Regulators Leader's Son (Arrow, 16)



(Rose (6)

(Alia (11) (Siblings of Talia

(Xander (18)

Attackers 1, 2, 3

Leader of the Regulators

Black Market Traders

Regulator Soldiers

Young Talia

Hooded Black Market Trader


Act One; Scene One

Narrator: Talia is in the black market with illegally grown vegetables. Her home village is in the iron grip of the Regulators, who control the rations and forbid villager independent production of food. The food rations are meager at best, and many villagers have been victims of starvation. Talia has a secret garden where she grows food for illegal trading and eating. She will be killed if she's found out, but her family depends on her food.

Black Market Trader 1, eagerly: I'll give you two feet of the blue fabric for them onions and potatoes.

Talia clucks disapprovingly at the trader: Not good enough, these are freshly grown. How long has it been since you've tasted one of these?

Black Market Trader One, exasperatedly: Fine kid, six feet of the blue fabric for the peaches and potatoes.

Talia smiles tauntingly: Is that the best you can do, old (Man/Woman)? I've gotten better offers from my six year old sister.

Black Market Trader One, desperately: Fine! Fine! I'll give you the blue dress for the potatoes.

Talia, smiling mischievously: Throw in the matching ribbon, and we've got ourselves a deal.

Black Market Trader One, eagerly grabbing five potatoes: Deal kid!

Narrator: Talia smiles and places the dress in her backpack. She walks and buys a loaf of bread. She browses for a while until she stops cold. There is the amulet that her mother gave her the day of her birth. It is a rich green with an intricate design in the center. She sold it the first day she dared to come here, because she needed to feed her family.

Act One; Scene Two

The Stage goes Darks, Set up for Flashback. She flashes back to the scene.

Young Talia: Please Ma'am, How much will you give me for this?

Hooded Black Market Trader: I can give you two loaves of bread and a sack of potatoes. But are you sure you want to sell it? This amulet could be a priceless treasure.

Young Talia: I'm sure. My baby sister was just born, and I need food for my family.

Hooded Black Market Trader: I understand, dear. I'll keep this amulet waiting for you. Anyone can see that it is rightfully yours.

Young Talia: Thank you Ma'am. My name is Talia, but you can call me Talie. What's your name?

Hooded Black Market Trader: My name isn't important right now, young Talie. When you reach the age of adulthood you must claim what is yours.

Young Talia's eyes fill with tears, and she kisses the amulet. She whispers in a barely audible, broken voice: Goodbye.

Stage goes dark, Flash back forward.

Act One; Scene Three

Talia: Excuse me Ma'am?

Hooded Black Market Trader: Yes, dear?

Talia: Is that amulet for sale?

Hooded Black Market Trader: I'm sorry dear, I'm saving that for someone.

Talia: For little Talie?

Hooded Black Market Trader, voice sounds delighted: Wonderful! Wonderful! My you've grown since last we met. Now you can follow your destiny and save us all.

Talia, looks bewildered: I-I just wanted my amulet back.

Hooded Black Market Trader: No, no. Not until you know what is at stake. If you reclaim your birthright, then you are honor bound by the deepest magic to continue. Conceding would mean your immediate demise.

Talia: What?! I don't even know what you're-

Hooded Black Market Trader: Come, come, dearie. We must hurry, our enemies grow stronger by the minute.

Talia: I'm guessing I wouldn't get an answer if I asked you what enemies.

Hooded Black Market Trader: I swear in the name of the great Coelum that I will tell you everything when we are somewhere private.

Talia: Speaking of names, I never caught yours.

Hooded Black Market Trader: No names, not yet. Call me Xanadu.

Narrator: As the pair disappear into the nearby forest, Talia was bewildered and a little unnerved.