Gloomy afternoon

Summmary :

A young eccentric was walking around the city, seemingly without any purpose. Suddenly he saw a visibly euphoric, well-dressed man standing in front of the shop an started a courteous conversation.

After a while the conversation turned into an unexpected twistIt. It ends with arrival of special army units that take the well-dressed man to Alphaville ...

The gloom at the end of that day attracted pretty colorful society to the city streets. In every corner of the city could be seen scattered groups of various people, from complacent businessmen cheerfully recounting their present day hits, exalted students with bottles in their hands screaming around, horny erotomans in search for their prey, frustrated married couples with children from hell to old people who still enjoy their unfulfilled lives…. Just in some gloomy corners could one see a loner, a madman, a dreamer or a careless rediculus.

One of the few freaks around the hidden corners of the city that particular afternoon decided to walk through the city streets. Young rediculus walked completely alone, aimlessly looking around. He was a man in his early thirties, with tousled hair, wearing tight black jeans and a gray sweater and seemed negligent, as if he did not belong to the moment. The people who noticed him in the vicinity mostly gave him contemptuous glances.

Walking around, seemingly without any purpose, he saw a visibly euphoric, well-dressed man about his own age standing in front of the window of a car parts store. Suddenly he gets up next to him and starts a conversation.

You are looking for shock absorbers for sure?- asked the disheveled man.

Yes. How did you guess?- the well-dressed man laughed sympathetically, adding that he thought they were cheaper in the northern part of the city, so he probably would still go to the southern part to buy the things he needed for his car.

Yes, the car must always be in good shape- the eccentric continued.

Of course, I'm not going to drive in a croft - well dressed man laughed brightly.

Don't you think people turned into molds?- eccentric asked with a laconic smile.

The well-dressed man shook a little and asked:

- What do you mean?

- Ha, what. So look around you. Everyone seems to be spinning in a circle and see nothing outside it. Look around you for a moment, the eccentric character continued.

- Come on, man. What are you talking about? I don't have time for quasi-philosophy. Come on, run away, weirdo. Look at your business - a gentle gentleman said in a serious tone.

- You see, I'm right- the strange man man laughs.

- Sir, I don't know who you are or what you want from me, but I just don't have time for such conversations- said the well-dressed man, turning to move on.

- Still not aware of what I asked you?- the eccentric asks.

The gentle gentleman turned back to the eccentric and, in an angry tone, shouted in his face:

- What do I have to be aware of ? Surely I'm not gonna to apologize to you, you fucking lunatic, you fool.

- Why such tensions, nice boy.

- You're totally crazy- replied the well dressed man. Why did you find me bullying? If you have any problems, and it is evident that you have, consult a specialist doctor.

-Is inhumanity and unkindness your characteristic?-asked the weird man.

- I don't have to be kind to parasites like you. You need to go to the madhouse, not to bother citizens who work hard to support freaks like you. You're embarrassed. You disgust me- said a prominent citizen.

- Why are you like that only because of one question. You didn't try to think about it for a second – asked eccentric.

-Come on man, sod off ... - said visibly upset Mr. Good clothes.

A good citizen paused briefly and than proudly said:

Are you talking to me about some molds?- the well-dressed man continued very haughtily.

- What do you even know about this? Do you know that I am a mechanical engineer with a PhD in industrial cylinder and mold production. If anyone knows anything about molds, then it's me, you ugly jerk- the well dressed citizen sneers.

-Blessed are you with your knowledge- calmly repulse unkempt eccentric.

- And who are you? Unemployed junkman? Ha, ha- a model citizen asked through laughter.

-You wouldn't understand if I told you- answered the weirdo.

- You know I realy don't like people like you. You are so patetic because you have accomplished nothing in your live, so you scoff at citizens who work hard and contribute to society. You must be jealous of everyone who has achieved something. What has happened to you so badly that you are so angry of normal people?- said the well-dressed man proudly.

- The worst and saddest thing in my life is - the man paused, put his hands on his cheeks and began to wrinkle the skin from his face. The skin that was actually a mask, and continued:

- When I positively rated PHD to a fool like you, said eccentric.

He was a man in his late fifties, with grey hair and sharp looks.

The model citizen, in wonder, opened her mouth and barely spoke:

- But ... Professor ... it's you ..

- Yes, it's me. Why do you have such surprised look? I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that you did not pass the test- replied the professor, a former eccentric, taking a cellphone out of his pocket.

- Hello- said the professor. We have detected a bunch of waste here. Are the cleaning units nr. 7 ready?

- Right away- says a voice from the other side the line.

- What is that, Professor? What is that?- asked the terrified citizen.

- I told you you can't understand. Everyone goes through testing at one point in their lives. Lately, fewer and fewer people have been passing. This means that the system is down. We are just trying to refine the system to function properly again and besause of that taking you to the dump Alphaville. It'll be a better place for you. You will meet the people just like you in there and leave this world to those who deserve it. The dump Alphaville is designed for everyone molded. You'll love it. Don't worry- said professor seriously.

- But why? I do not understand anything.

- I know. That's why you are going there.

- But my molds were useful- said well dressed man.

- That's what you think. You managed to wade in for a while, but everything came to light. We tolerate minor deviations, but the state of your mind was getting worse and you could no longer produce pure ideas. You're a man stuck in a cave and can't see the light beyond the shadows. You read Plato, didn't you? - replied the professor.

- Oh, Plato, it is just an useless philosophy, come on. But Professor, remember that award I received for those fantastic baby toy molds. Well, after such enviable success, you can't move me like this into some Alphaville. Well, I'm not an alien living in another world - a well dressed man cryed.

- Useless are obviously you and it is these molds that have ruled you. Our measurements showed an increased percentage of pure thinking deviations in children, which is simply unacceptable. You have no salvation. You're going to the Alphaville. - strictly said Professor.

- What about that dumbass who made the weather forecast simulator. Don't you tell me she passed the test?- asked the well-dressed man, who was being stripped down by his 7th unit staff and pulled on his black uniform.

- She passed. You have no consciousness to understand the true value of a pure mind. Get in the car. Goodbye, "said the professor.

- Nooooo ! Let out a screaming voice, growling as the transport truck moved away from the scene.

The professor pinned mask on his face again, lowered himself into crouching position, extended his arms, letting out the sounds of a flying plane and moved on to the gloomy afternoon's pursuit.