CHAPTER 2: Where did the Party Go? || Fall out Boy

Oron Snowflake

The third ever resident of Candle Island was Elder Bunny. She was a girl that wore a white shirt, with a black tie and a leather gothic skirt. Sometimes she wore a black leather trench coat. When she played evil she used it alot.

She wore a top hat that had rabbit ears. She knocked on door one day and they talked about silly books together. She was so lonely. So invited her to stay with him in the island. Now they could always play pretend.

But it was on one condition. If she ever wanted to leave she would no matter who bullied her for it. She promised she would and only show her book to people who wanted it! Elder bunny had an illness that not even light switches could get rid off. She had dissociative identity disorder. That meant that when she was younger she had some bad things happen to her. So she became different people to handle it.

Anthony from smosh if your reading this in 2020 did some interviews with people like her. She was what called "multiple" or a "system" but elder bunny just prefer the term multiple. She was three whole people! Bunny the main. So normally elder bunny was elder bunny. Sometimes she became blain and on Candle Island she shapeshifts depending!]

She also does puppet shows on the island for some of Peter Pan's kids. Cus they accept refugees and travelers (like vikings and other peeps) from neverland on Candle Island. promised that the doors would always be open. Never closed. Never any stupid walls. Everybody was welcome here. Even elders just like Bunny! Just as long as you don't force your books on people who don't want to read them you can have them on Candle island! It's a really fun island to be on!

Elder Bunny was also super super pretty. She was like the prettiest girl there. She had scarlet red hair cus she was irish. She had no freckles though. She did baley and taught baley classes on the island. Her favorite band was fallout boy. She brought with her a walkman. Which was like a iphone or ipod but a cd player. She always listened to music on the island since it was such a weird place that there was no technoclogy ecxcept her soler powered walkman.

Soler power means the sun is the battery for the thing. Scientists remind the world that clean energy is ready to go whenever. Bunny cared alot about the envirement. But because Candle Island was magick the wheather was always what you needed it to be not always what you wanted.

They threw pool and lava parties on Candle island. Because in candle island volcanos are full of orange jelly. Its hard but you can swim with it. Latley Elder Bunny has been recruited by Ming to be a pirate. She traded her white shirt for a red one with a smile. But still kept the red shirt just in case. Unlike Foxy who was Black, and Ming whoo was Chinese, Elder Bunny was White. She jokingly called Foxy cutting ham but only some friends know why. Anyways that's all for this chapter. Meet the latest resident of Candle Cover. Elder bunny!

Elder Bunnies Secret Playlist

Death Valley || Fall out boy

Where is the love || black eyed peas

Fair whether fans || Ronnie Radke

I believe || Book of Broadway

One Last time || Hamilton

Beautiful || Heathers

C'e le Vie || Hi I'm Case

All the Kids are Depressed || Jeremy Zuker

Role Models || AJR