She felt stupid
Wondering why
She had bothered

To pull out
Her mixed media pad
When all she could do

Was stare at it
And do nothing

She had the idea
And it seemed to have gone
Leaving behind the empty space

And a regret

She was a pragmatist
Little else and little more
Passions had little place

In that core of her being

Pragmatics helped her survive
Her passions did not, so
She cast several of them aside

It was necessary
She wasn't a child anymore and her passions
Wouldn't take her anywhere

Anywhere worthwhile

She felt stupid
Looking at that art pad
Berating herself for having not

Have left it alone

She had the idea
And it was gone, leaving behind

She should have
Left it alone, suppressed it
And stuck to more practical things

She felt stupid
For pulling out that art pad
And wished she never had

She did nothing
But stare at it, the idea was gone
Pragmatics won and passions lost

It was stupid
Stupid to have pulled out
That art pad