If it doesn't bring you pleasure,

Is it worth the stormy weather?

Music and I used to go together,

But now, the melody's no longer a tether.

My head's come unhinged

A dose of waking dreams in a syringe

To escape reality on a binge

Living life straddling the fringes.

Nothing ever feels the same

Lost in the haze and chasing the game

Hating the spotlight and pressures of Fame

Look at the monster that I became.

Take a walk in the garden

As close as I'll ever get to Heaven.

Take a nap in the garden,

More peaceful than I've ever been...

I wanna Kurt Cobain to numb the pain.

Just another day in April

End of the world's got me acting like a fool.

I wanna Kurt Cobain to numb the pain.

Just a forgotten day in April

The years have just been too cruel.

I wanna Kurt Cobain to kill the pain.

Pocket full of shotgun shells…

Take me away from this living hell.