Have you ever been torn to sheds? Ripped limb from limb, The breath stolen from your lungs, Heart pulsating out of your chest.

I write in beautiful blank verse, but my hands tremble at every letter.

Suck it up. He doesn't love you and he never will. Suck it up.

When taking a chance; they tell us, what do you have to lose?

A lover, a friend.


And yet, they could kill everyone I've ever loved crucifixion or burned at the stake

My love for them would remain intact.

Never mind.

Do not mind my silent tears, as you hold her hand.

For she is no good for you; you see her in a different light than how you see me.

She is your everything. And I am no longer your anything, but a shadow.

Someone to laugh about with your friends, whilst you hold her hand.

So, please, Do not mind my silent tears. And I shall try to not imagine you wiping them away.

I love you, you would say But I will never see that day.

Never mind.

I have been torn into shreds. Ripped limb from limb. The breath in my lungs has been stolen. And my heart no longer beats in my chest.

But, please, do not mind my silent tears. Just say, never mind.