She was going to kill him.

There was no doubt in her mind.

Blood that was not her own drenched her clothes, her hands, delighting in the feral song that sang through her blood and bones.

Her rage took her to a place where she only knew two things: that she was a weapon forged to end lives, and this god wasn't leaving this temple alive.

She was a whirlwind of steel and blood. She outwardly laughed as she easily broke past the god's defenses, the tips of her blade striking flesh each time. Where her blade missed, her fist met countered.

She expected better.

But it would seem that the gods didn't think they needed such skills in their divinity.

His blood was nearly black even in the afternoon sunlight, and it had a more pronounced salty taste. He thrashed, cursing her again and again. After ripping out part of his neck – of which was already stitching itself back together – the warrior incapacitated him enough to pin him to one of the temple columns with her multitude of daggers.

She switched for her sword now, skillfully spinning between it between her hands. She aimed the blade at his throat. "May they grow drunk on your blood in Tartarus."

As she lifted her blade, a booming voice sounded from the heavens, accompanied by a guttural rumble of thunder. "Yield, young warrior!"

She paused, looking up to see the clouds have parted, revealing a large, darkened silhouette. It didn't take much guessing to know who it was. The rippling beams of sunlight dance the limestone and marble, setting the temple into a glittering dance.

And yet, she did not bow. Instead, she snarled viciously.

"You will spare my brother's life." The god demanded, leaving no room for argument. The arrogance made the warrior grit her teeth.

"How dare you command such a thing! Look at the pain and trauma he's caused upon this young priestess; one who has long been a loyal servant to your daughter, Athena!"

"It was not your place to interfere."

"Of course." She sneered, pointing her blood-tipped sword towards the sky. "How many times have you acted upon your contemptible willpower at the sight of a beautiful woman –?"

"Do not challenge me, you filthy ingrate!" The earth shuddered, rumbling like a Titan ready to rise from the depths.

She wasn't ready for the bloodletting to end, either. She wasn't ready to give in at all. In one smooth movement, chucks her sword straight into the sky. It flies in a stream of silver, straight as an arrow.

Just as quick a flash of lightning reduces the sword to dirt and ash. "Why you ungrateful, little –" She could feel the ire and aggression rolling off the Olympian King, hear how pinched his words were.

So she knew exactly what would happen when she turned to the sky and gave the lightning god a lazy grin.

Then spit a mouthful of blood and saliva toward him.

The world shuddered as the Olympian King growled. It rattled through her bones and set her instincts screaming to run, to bow, to plead. She fought it, hating that mortal part of her that feared the gods, that bowed their will.

"My dear warrior, do not let my husband anger you. He can be a stubborn fool sometimes." cooed a sudden, much softer voice as clouds across from the Olympian King open to reveal the voluptuous silhouette woman her hair undulating about her head on a phantom wind. She was no doubt unfathomably beautiful, even if her features were shrouded in shadow.

At the sight of the Olympian Queen, the warrior relaxed her muscles, but just barely. The god-king himself only offered a ruffled hum of disapproval before retreating back into the heavens.

"Even so, we must respect his wishes. Poseidon will be allowed to live." Upon hearing this the God of the Seas yanked his wrists free, scattering the daggers and slowly rose to his feet. He gave her a snake of a grin as his wounds begin to heal. He looked ready to unleash his own hell upon her, until the Olympian Queen stated, "And by my command, so shall you."

The warrior glared at the god as he looked to the sky in disbelief.

He opened his mouth to protest, but the goddess merely said, "Begone, little droplet." Waving him off like he was nothing more than a gnat.

The warrior couldn't hide her smirk as the God of the Sea gave her a look that could kill her three times over. With a childish huff, a wave broke over the rocks and enveloped him whole, carrying him into the sea beyond.

The warrior looked to the Olympian Queen. "While I praise you for your act of valor, young warrior, I'm afraid your attack, and disrespect of the gods and the desecration of Athena's temple, cannot go unpunished."

Her stomach sinks, but she keeps her chin up, "What is my punishment?"

"With what you used to witnessed, young warrior; now it is what you will be deprived of." Her insides turned to liquid, but the goddess continues. "But I will not leave you vulnerable. As reward for your valor, I will grant you the ability of enhanced sensory and strength. You will walk with Mother Gaia and listen to her whispers."

A fair trade, perhaps. The fact the Olympian Queen wanted to spare her at all was a miracle.

"And I leave you with a warning, young warrior. Poseidon will want revenge after his humiliation. I'd suggest you find some place safe. And know, that once you've reclaimed your purity of spirit, will your ancient prayer to see lifelong beauty, will finally be answered."

"What about the priestess?"

The Queen was quiet for a moment before saying, "I leave her in the hands of Athena."

The young warrior pondered the Queen's words, but only for a moment.

A strike of moon-white lightning cut through the sky toward her. The warrior could only cast her final gaze toward the marble and limestone temple.

Then a pain unlike any she'd ever encountered ripped its way into her bones, and she was swept into a black oblivion.