The greatest ice crumbles, the mightiest snow melts, and the trees and grass are green again. The bears are out of hibernation and the squirrels are back to roam free. As the birds come back, the flowers bloom, and the four leaf clovers come out of the ground, you should come out of your ground this winter. Take Paul as an example. Throughout the depressing season of winter, Paul has been depressed, sad, and lonely in the cold of winter, and on its last day, a man named Paul is emotionally depressed after a hard day of work. He was yelled at by a passing driver about something he wasn't paying attention to. As the sun sets on the last day of winter, he is a man reborn, as the grass and trees are green the color of rebirth, he has chosen the finest green leather jacket at an affordable cost. By morning he is a man reborn, forgetting all about what happened yesterday, as a new beginning of a new journey.

Author's Note: This is a one shot story only done for a course. Do not expect more chapters. There will not be any.