On top of a remote mountain lies a temple. The temple is a place where a a sacred art has been preserved for hundreds of years. The people who dedicate their lives to master this art are called the Xianxi. Only certain types of people can become one of them and many dream of becoming one as the Xianxi are highly regarded in the society. Each Xianxi possess a weapon called Chyan. On surface, a Chyan looks like a piece of metal pole. Only through the mastery of Xianxi art that the Chyan can truly function for what it's designed for. The Xianxi are trained to transfer their body energy to the Chyan, making the Chyan a deadly weapon. When energy is transferred to the Chyan, almost everything that touches the blade part of the Chyan will be destroyed. Only the handle remains safe to touch. It requires focus for the Xianxi to activate the energy, and the Chyan will lose its energy when the focus is gone. A Chyan attack can be blocked by another Chyan.

The levels of Xianxi consists of :

-Learner. This is the first stage of becoming a Xianxi. Most learners are children, but it is not exclusive to them. All learners are guided by teachers, where each teacher trains multiple learners.

-Student. After learners graduated, they will have to choose a mentor that will guide them to their next step of training. In most cases, the students will develop close relationship with their mentor and they will become partners after graduated.

-Knight/Teacher/Mentor. After students completed the training, they will have to choose to either become a knight, a teacher, or a mentor. Knights dedicate themselves to missions provided by the cabinet, teachers train multiple learners, and mentor teaches a single student.

When learners are about to become students, they have to decide of which combat style should they take. The combat styles are divided into :

-Wood - This is the most basic style of all. All learners must master this style before they get to choose a combat style. There are rare cases where people decide to continue mastering this style for the rest of their lives. The wood style is the earliest form of combat, developed by the time the Chyan was invented. Its simplicity in movements makes it the easiest to learn. However, the style lacks flexibility and it leaves too much weak spot.

-Water - Water style is designed for Chyan-to-Chyan duels. It is called water because the movement is fluidic-like. Water style users often wield their Chyan with one hand to maximize speed. Water style uses a lot of footstep plays and coordination. The weakness of water style is the lack of strength as it relies more on speed. Water style is also not suitable for fighting against multiple Chyan users, and it is not suitable for defending against arrow attacks. Water style is the second oldest combat style. It was developed as a response to the growing number of Chyan users where there was once a Xianxi civil war that involved many Chyan duels.

-Earth - Earth style is the most defensive style. The main emphasize is self defense and only attack when opponent's weakness is exposed. A skilled earth style user can have almost unbreakable defense system. Earth style users wield their Chyan close to their body in order to minimize possible weak spots. They like to waste their opponents' energy by keep defending themselves. The downside of earth style is the lack of attacking range. Earth style was developed as a response to the growing number of arrows. Earth style's defensive property is suitable for fighting against arched opponents.

-Wind - Wind style is the most range-oriented style. Like wind, the wind style involves a lot of physical movements. Wind style users like to wield their Chyan far enough from their body, which is why the attacking range is so wide. Because of this, wind style is suitable for shorter people, as the attacking range can compensate the lack of height. Wind style's weakness is at narrow places where its movements are limited. Wind style was developed as a response to earth style's lack of attacking range.

-Metal - Metal style is described as "the attacking shield". Metal style users convert defense into attack as soon as the opponents finish attacking. Metal style was developed as a response to wind's style lack of defense. It was based on earth style, but modified to make it more offensive.

-Fire - Fire style is a style that revolves around deflecting opponents' attack. It was based on metal style, but modified to be more deflective, more strength-oriented, and faster. The weakness of fire style is the lack of flexibility. After doing an attack, it takes more time for fire users to switch to defense mode than metal users.

Apart from combat, Xianxi also consider spirituality as important. They meditate regularly in order to remain calm, as calmness is the key to focus. Xianxi are trained to overcome fear as fear can distract their focus. Xianxi must also not be afraid to die as their sole purpose of life is to serve justice. Apart from the ability to transfer energy to their Chyan, Xianxi's energy is powerful enough to give their body extra strength. They can be physically stronger than regular people and are able to jump higher. Xianxi can also heal people, and a more skillful ones can do supernatural abilities.

The leader of Xianxi is the grandmaster, followed by the vicemaster. The Xianxi community is controlled by a cabinet, which consists of 7 Xianxi, including the grandmaster and the vicemaster. The cabinet members must keep secrets between themselves.

(To be continued...)