In a dark void, lies a man, in complete isolation. Voices filled his head, memories began to fade away from his mind, like a candle burning out. The man began to wonder where he was, what he was doing in such a dark place, alone where no one can hear his cries.

I looked around for any sign of life, this made me wonder if this was what death feels like? No, I am alive, I wouldn't be here if I was dead. Where is here? Is there anyone out there? Why am I alone? I tried to move around, my body feels frozen in place as if someone was holding me down.

Slowly, the darkness began to transform into light. I could feel warmth all around me. My eyelids opened, and I found myself inside of a glass tube. It was hard for me to breathe, the tube felt like an oven. I needed to escape from this unbearable heat. My fists pounded on the glass until it cracked. With enough strength, the barrier shattered all over the ground. I quickly climbed out of the broken tube.

My surroundings changed from a dark void to a brightly-lit room. All that was there was a light shining down on the glass tube. Directly from the tube was a door, my exit out of this room. I made my way to the door, placed my hand on the knob, and turned it to find a long hallway with many rooms on each side. The walls are made of concrete, and white lights on the ceiling illuminated the endless hall. I began to walk, searching for another exit.

The hall went on forever, each room was the same, this made me wonder if anyone else was in these rooms before me, and where did they go? My legs began to weigh me down until I could no longer stand. I fell to the ground, struggling to breathe, and the dark void came back to haunt me. The room kept getting darker, and darker. As the light continued to decrease, a pounding sound continued to become louder, followed by a muffled speech from different people. This continued on until the dark void captured me once more, and as soon as that happened, all the sounds stopped.

I shot back up from my sleep, how long was I out? Unlike my last awakening, my surroundings became more clear faster. My muscles were still sore, my throat was dry, but my pain eased over time. I looked around, the room I was about the same size as the room with the glass tube. The decorations however, were different. Machines surrounded me on both sides, one of them I could make out as a heart monitor as a faint high-pitched sound could be heard ever second. The other machines looked unfamiliar to me.

After about a minute of looking around, a door directly opposite of my bed opened. Two men appeared at the doorway, one dressed in a gray suit and the other wore a uniform with a blue strap around his right shoulder. The man in gray looked like he was in his early fifties, while the man in blue looked like he was in his early twenties. Both of them silently walked over to my bed. They stared at me for a while, speechless until the man in gray spoke.

"Welcome back, my name is James Kernel, how are you feeling?" the man in gray asked.

"I feel like I'm barely alive," I replied.

"May we ask, what your name is?" James asked.

"My name," I paused, "My name is John, John Rollis."

"One could ask how long you've been gone, too long is the answer. I'm sorry I never got the chance to tell you the truth, nor save you the first time," James said.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" I asked.

"I'm sorry if this sounds, unbelievable. I assure you, it is nothing but the truth. 30 years ago, a group of scientists began a program to make the human body stronger, faster, and more efficient at accomplishing tasks. They selected around 200 candidates to take part in these tests, and one of them was you," James replied.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"No, their original intention was to improve the human body through some sort of chemical. When they tested this chemical, the results weren't what they expected. The chemical ended up decaying the human body in the span of a few minutes. Instead of perfecting the chemical, they kept it as a weapon, continued to produce it, and use it on more people. They almost killed the remaining candidates until I found out about their plan. I armed myself with the strongest armor and weapons. Then I broke into the facility where they kept you. My rescue operation was successful, the facility became abandoned government property. I thought I rescued all the candidates that were left, until recently when we were given permission to raid the facility to destroy any remaining harmful material," James replied.

"That was when you found me," I finished.

"Correct, what made it mysterious, was that the remaining power was all generated to your tube, whoever done it, kept you alive. The tube used cryogenic technology, allowing your body to rest for so long, and for the most part, I'm fairly sure you've remained the same age.

"What are you trying to tell me?" I asked.

"That place was closed in 1989, and you're not in the year 1989 anymore. You've missed out on a lot since then. John, you must believe what I'm telling you. You're in the year 2019, the future, your future is today," James replied.

I thought to myself for a moment. I just met this man, barely remember anything from my past. Now he's telling me I'm in the future? What if he's lying about my sleep, there's no way it's possible for me to survive for that long. Then again, I have these fragments of my memories, I remember being frozen alive.

"Say that I choose to believe you, that I'm in the future, what happens now?"

"For many years, I ran a much safer program. The Soldier Project, a very old friend of mine gave me special stones that contain real powers. I created sets of armor to correspond and adapt to the powers of the stones. With the powers, you will be able to manipulate and sometimes create certain elements. A few of the candidates that I rescued, took my offer as a way to pay me back. If you join us, you will receive food, clothing, a place to stay, and you won't be a lone wolf. If you decline our generous offer, you will leave with nothing," James said.

"What other choice do I have? I'm in," I announced.

"Welcome to the team, thank you for making the right choice, before you go back to sleep, not for another three decades, a normal sleep, we need to begin a small process to make the stone connected to you," James said.

The man in the uniform then picked me up around the shoulders and walked me over to a wheelchair. Then he pushed me as we followed James out of the room. The two men escorted me throughout the facility. I know if I wander about on my own, I'm never going to be lost forever, but James has the natural instincts on where to go. Every hallway we went to stretched on as if there was no clear end to them. After many turns, we finally reached a flat panel. James placed his hand on the wall and slid the panel revealing a hidden room. There are two more men on the other side that wore the same uniform. One man wore a yellow shoulder strap, while the other wore a green shoulder strap.

I looked at my surroundings, the first thing that catches my mind was all the computers on the side of each wall. The technology looked far more advance than the computers I was used to, everything was more bright and flat. The next thing I spotted was an entire wall of glass that protected seven slots of human-sized armor. There may have been seven slots for a set of armor, but only five actually had suits in them.

All the suits are colored with distinguishable stripes on their shoulders, just like the uniforms. In front of all the glass cases were empty pedestals except for the one on the far left. The pedestal contained a small red stone that glowed like an ember from ashes.

"Each suit is built to correspond one stone, the stones all share different colors to tell them apart, so we colored the suits to match the stone. Many stones exist, a lot of them we haven't discovered, but we only have four with us now," James replied.

The men escorted me over to the red stone on the pedestal, the more I stared at it, the more tempting it felt to take it.

"Each stone has its own special abilities. For example the blue water stone allows its user to manipulate water, yellow thunder stone to create thunder, and the green forest stone to manipulate forest material. We have one stone left for you, the fire stone. With this stone, you will be able to manipulate fire," James said.

"How does this process works?" I ask.

"The moment you touch the stone, it ties to your DNA, the power consumes you, and it becomes yours. It's very hard to reverse the process as we get rare chances to do so, so this is your last chance if you're in or out, no turning back," James explained.

My hand reached over to the stone, the closer I got, the more it emitted a bright glow. Somehow it felt as if it wanted me to bond with it. I got closer and closer, determined to make it mine. I placed my hand on the stone, and for a moment I felt my body on fire. The heat was unbearable, too much for me to handle and everything went dark again.