A silent man known as Ben Sabre, arrives back with the rest of the small squadron from their escort mission.

I grew up living the farm life, and working in the fields was all I did for many years. Of course I enjoyed the peaceful terrain. We held a business selling the crops we produce, and in general it was great life. My family owned the farm for many generations. From what my parents told me, my ancestors were poor slaves who were forced to work under harsh conditions on farms. Sometimes I wonder why we decided to stay in the south. Our farm was passed down from generation to generation, but I was the one to break the tradition by becoming a soldier. If I wasn't a soldier, then maybe I'll go return to the place where I once lived, but I owe Mr. Kernel for saving my life, and I'm staying as long as he needs me.

When we were all rescued from the project, Mr. Kernel placed us in squadrons. He ran us through all sorts of training and even some missions. Then he logged in everyone's performances and records. When the time came, he selected the squadron I was apart of, and gave us the stones to become what we are now. Michael and Jason were with me with we got our stones, and that was 30 years ago in 1989. With the stone's youth powers, we only aged a little since then. For the next few years in the 90s, we fought in a war against the Dark Shadow Raiders. 1999 was the year we had our last battle in the war, victory was ours despite the losses we endured. I wonder why they're back after 20 years in hiding, I wonder if they're any stronger.

For the next 20 years after the war, we worked solely on covert operations, handling and private military operations the government wants us to take on. However, the missions slowly decreased overtime, and we received numerous budget cuts. Sometimes Mr. Kernel worries if we could stay in our base for any longer. By luck, we're back in business, maybe we'll be able to buy back some of our old equipment, only time could tell.

Speaking of time, that's the one thing I worry about. Well, not just me, everyone that's connected with a stone should always worried about time. We only age a little bit every year, all of us have remained in our late teens or early twenties since 1989. Sure we all look the same from 30 years ago, but that doesn't mean our families stay the same with us. For all I know, my parents could be elderly or even dead for that matter.

I haven't gotten any sleep since that night. We radioed Mr. Kernel for his word on the situation. A stranger unexpectedly shows up to the extraction with the air stone, and no information about our real passenger. The marines took the girl back on the jet while Jason and I went to go investigate the home of Katherine Malory.

We found the address Mr. Kernel gave us. The front door was almost completely obliterated, it looked as if someone chopped throw the door with an axe. Both of us armed ourselves with our pistols and moved into the house. That's when we found the body, of our former mentor and close friend. A wound was visible on her forehead. Her entire left eye was shot out, and parts of her head were opened up. It wasn't an ordinary gun that killed her, it was a blaster.

We did everything we could at the crime scene, the only evidence we had was the wound and the door, there were no other signs. No finger prints, foot prints, nothing. It's like they went in, and went out. We went back to the jet, and found the marines examining the air stone while the girl still remained unconscious.

Mr. Kernel ordered us to bring her back to home base. That night felt like the longest night in my life as I couldn't bring myself to getting any sleep. I stayed awake through the whole flight, when we arrived back to base, our paramedics escorted the girl to the medical bay. We did further investigation on the stone. Indeed it was the air stone, it also had Katherine's DNA locked on the stone, and it also had the girl's DNA. Both were a perfect match, and we concluded that the girl was Katherine's daughter. It wasn't until then when I finally got some sleep to be away from this drama.

The next morning we were ordered to report to Mr. Kernel's office. Michael, Thomas, and I entered his office after breakfast, and sat in the three chairs opposite of his desk where Mr. Kernel was reading a document. After around ten seconds of us staring at him from our seats, he finally placed the paper down on the desk.

"This was retrieved from the girl, Katherine knew that the murder was going to take place," Mr. Kernel announced.

We were confused by his words, as always Michael was the first to speak about the matter.

"I don't understand sir, how did she know it was going to happen?" Michael asked.

"The Dark Shadow Raiders have been stalking her before we made our call, she was at a dilemma where if she went instead of the girl, then the girl would have been killed, but if the girl went, then Katherine would be killed," Mr. Kernel explained.

"So she sacrificed herself? There was no other way we would have taken the girl unless she had something we want, and that was the stone," Michael said.

"That's correct, Katherine gave us a reason to take in the girl, she had her worries that she couldn't take her daughter with her, so she passed on the stone to her because she knew they were going to kill her at the exact same time during the extraction zone. The moment she died, was the moment the girl gained the powers of the air stone," Mr. Kernel explained.

We all took a moment of silence to comprehend the information sent to us. Katherine is dead. Her daughter took her place as the Air Soldier.

"What we do now?" Thomas asked.

"We have no choice but to train the girl when she wakes up, she has the air stone, and there is no way to disconnect her from the stone other than death, and we don't want to go to that measure, don't we?" Mr. Kernel asked.

"So is this it then, our new team? Me, Thomas, Ben, John, and the girl?" Michael asked.

"That's correct, plus a few of our allies, but that is the lineup for the squadron," Mr. Kernel confirmed.

After a few minutes of discussion, we left Mr. Kernel's office to go on with our everyday tasks of training and preparing our next move. We have our team now, the five of us will form together in order to fight an organization whose only purpose is to take our powers away from us. Of course I have hope for the veteran members consisting of Michael, Thomas and me. As for the new line up, I have a few worries. The girl has some family tie-ins with a former member, and we'll have to train her. John is another case where we no little to nothing about him. Maybe things will work out, only time will tell.