For decades, the Xianxi have pledged their alliance with the Republic of Henos. The Republic of Henos was a peaceful country that had never been in a war with another country ever since its formation. It is a very huge country in which most of its population descended from immigrants. The Xianxi had never been involved in a war ever since thy became allies of Henos. The Xianxi were hired for specific missions that regular armed force could not do alone, such as rescuing politicians from terrorists.

As a peaceful country with immigrant backgrounds, Henos had many allies overseas. One of its allies is the Republic of Korvski, and it was suddenly invaded by the neighboring Frakstreit Empire, which violated international law. Henos, alongside with other countries, condemned this act and were ready to attack Frakstreit if the expansion continued. Despite of the warning, Frakstreit continued its territorial expansion in Korvski. The Frakstreit's emperor had an ambition to rule the world and he believed the empire could do it. Frakstreit's military technology was among the most advanced in the world.

After successfully annexed Korvski, Frakstreit placed a line of tanks along the border between Korvski and its neighbor, Haxari. Haxari viewed this as a threat and was ready to attack incase Frankstreit wished to invade Haxari. Haxari's military technology wasn't as impressive as Frakstreit's, but the army population was 100 times more than Frakstreit's. Henos could only watch and maintained no intervention in the conflict.

Meanwhile, in another direction, Frakstreit invaded multiple countries. This made Henos worried if Frakstreit could become too powerful and could invade Henos one day, so Henos began sending military assistance to another countries. Frakstreit then responded by attacking a Henos' military port. And thus, Henos declared war against Frakstreit. The Xianxi were prepared to participate in a first ever war.

Frakstreit began invading Haxari. At first, they succeeded, but after 8 months, the Haxari began gaining momentum and withdrew Frakstreit back to Korvski. In another direction, Henos liberated the countries that were invaded by Frakstreit and were heading their way to Frakstreit's capital. Fraksreit was attacked by Henos and Haxari from both directions and its defeat was unaviodable. Knowing this, Frakstreit's emperor and his families tried to escape, but it was already too late. Frakstreit's capital was invaded by Henos and Haxari by the same day. Frakstreit's emperor was executed as a punishment for his war crime, alongside with other politicians and higher ranked generals.

Following the defeat of Frakstreit, both Henos and Haxari felt the need to lead Frakstreit into a new direction. Because they both had different idea of what the country should be, it led to a territorial dispute between two countries, and thus, Fraksreit became a battle zone between Henos and Haxari.

(To be continued.)