In the Xianxi temple, two Xianxi knights, Bagtar and Jhogi, had participated themselves to participate in the battle between Henos and Hasari in Frakstreit. Bagtar was Jhogi's former mentor and they both had been close partners for more than 10 years. Both of them used the wind combat style.

They were sent by plane to Frakstreit. As they joined a group of Henos army, they were placed at the very front position. They walked towards a the city center where they were surprised by arrow attacks from Hasari troops. Bagtar and Jhogi used their Chyan to defend themselves against the arrows, while the soldiers sought for cover. Baghtar and Jhogi went towards the enemies, while Henos troops provided arrow support from behind. They succeeded in the battle.

At night, they were resting in a building, then they heard screams. They went out from the building and saw a man, wielding a Chyan, running way from the scene while many of Henos soldiers were killed. Bagtar and Jhogi couldn't believe what they saw as Chyan could only be used by Xianxi.

They went back to Xianxi temple in order to inform what they saw. They were invited by the Xianxi cabinet for a meet. After explaining what happened, the cabinet members were in deep shock. The headmaster admitted that after the Xianxi civil war, in which members of the Xianxi were fighting against one another due to dispute of leadership, many Xianxi left the temple. This is contrary to what the common story told, in which all Xianxi finally became one again. For hundreds of years, after the civil war ended, the Xianxi never heard of any presence of another Xianxi outside their community.

(To be continued.)