Baghtar and Jhogi came back to Frakstreit in order to investigate about the mysterious Xianxi, as well as assisting Henos troops in the battle. They went on a secret mission to spy on the Haxari generals. As they entered Haxari camps while hiding, they discovered that the Haxari were planning on a global mission to gain as many allies as possible to defeat Henos. They also discovered the person who was wielding a Chyan. The mysterious guy said to the general that his mentor would provide assist for Haxari to fulfill its plan. As the mysterious guy was closing his eyes, his energy sensed the presence of Baghtar and Jhogi. Immediately, Baghtar and Jhogi knew this and ran away. They activated the bomb that they secretly planted around the camp, killing the Haxari generals. But the mysterious guy dodged the explosions by jumping high. The mysterious guy was then chasing Baghtar and Jhogi.

They ended up in an alley blocked by a very tall building. Baghtar and Jhogi had no choice but to face this mysterious guy. The alley very narrow that only 1 person could fight against the mysterious guy. Baghtar went ahead of Jhogi and fought against the mysterious guy. "You fought well. Who is your mentor ?" said Baghtar to the mysterious guy. But the mysterious guy remained silent and kept fighting. The mysterious guy was using fire style. The narrow alley wasn't suitable for Baghtar's wind style combat, and so it led the mysterious guy to kill Baghtar. Jhogi was shocked, but he had to focus on his mission. He jumped against the walls of the alley to escape the place and threw a bomb against the mysterious guy. The bomb explosion killed the mysterious guy.

(To be continued.)